The Insider's Guide to Truly Wireless Earbuds

What are the truly wireless earbuds? Basic guides for truly wireless earbuds. When the earbuds come to market. What is the meaning of truly wireless earbuds?

As we enter 2021 the Earphone market has evolved since 1910 when the first headphone was invented by Engineer Nathaniel Baldwin. Since 1910 the headphones have taken many shapes and sizes. The year 2001 revolutionalized the headphone industry when the iPod was launched with wired earbuds. Since then earbuds have become a growing market, And now the earbuds have advanced into a new form known as the "Truly Wireless earbuds".

Since the introduction of Truly wireless Earbuds, people have been sceptical about their performance, sound quality and durability, in fact, if a few years ago someone would tell me that they are interested in investing in a pair of Truly Wireless earbuds, not only me but a lot of people would give that person "The Look", as earlier the Wireless earbuds were lacking sound quality, build quality and often disconnected over long spaces. Back then according to many tech enthusiasts and electronics consumers wireless earbuds were not worth the buck.

But now, in this very present age, Truly wireless earbuds have outgrown the whole Earbuds market. The best Truly wireless earbuds you can buy right now have the most sophisticated and advanced technologies present in them, making them at par with their wired counterparts.

Some of the Truly wireless earbuds even rival the mighty category of Headphones and are not much afar from competing against them. Even if one is coming from a professional IEM background, the Truly wireless earbuds won't disappoint much. The wireless earbud is a green category for audiophiles and the best part is that they are still evolving and getting better with every advancement in technology.

Let us recap and get to know what actually is "truly" wireless.

While talking about wireless earphones people might not be able to differentiate between True wireless and just wireless. First, we talk about the similarity of the two which is, both of these categories do not have a cable that connects to your phone.

Now the difference is that truly wireless earbuds do not sport any cable whatsoever, the individual earbuds are not connected to each other via a cable like in the Wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds are connected to each other in some way either over the head or around the neck. This slight difference vastly differentiates the two categories of earphones.

How do truly wireless Earbuds work?

Bluetooth has changed the way we wear and listen to the audio. It has freed us from the struggle of wires. These truly wireless earbuds can be used for active listening and also during workouts. They have changed the whole wireless experience. Both truly wireless and wireless earphones might seem to work in the same fashion but that's not the case. The new truly wireless earphones work in a slightly different manner.

All of the truly wireless and wireless earphones work on Bluetooth and in a fairly simple manner. The Bluetooth sends signals between the source devices i.e. your phone, laptop to your earphones. The truly wireless earbuds work like a TV dish, which catches the signals and plays it.

Now Bluetooth has its own versions and Bluetooth 5 being the latest has slightly changed the interactions between the devices. It has made it faster, efficient and smoother.

Nowadays every pair of truly wireless earbuds have a master or primary earbuds which acts as a bridge between the source device and the secondary earbuds. This creates a small network termed as "piconet". The master earbud is responsible for the formation of the piconet, audio transmission and preventing any lag.

The primary drawback for truly wireless earphones has always been latency. This latency is prevented by the master earbuds. This is done by calculating the time taken by the data to travel around the piconet. Once this is calculated the earbuds optimize themselves to prevent any latency aka audio lag.

Should you really invest in a Truly wireless earbud?
Reasons to switch to truly wireless earbuds.

As time progresses we are constantly developing new technology and are slowly entering into a world of wireless products. Truly wireless earphones are becoming a part of our daily activities.

Convenience - complete freedom from wires.

If a person has to commute via public transport he need not worry about the wires on his earphones once he switches to wireless. Truly wireless earphones are great for working out and also to be worn while doing daily activities without needing to care for the wires getting tangled.

Easy access - easy to carry around

Once you slip your wired earphones into your bag or pocket there are very low chances that t comes out without getting tangled. But such is not the case with truly wireless earbuds as they come in a convenient case that doubles as a charger and one need not worry about the cables as there are none.

Cutting Edge Technology - quick pairing

All the truly wireless earphones are packed with advanced technologies like active noise cancellation, audio transparency etc. There is no need to plug in as once the truly wireless earbuds are paired to your device they automatically sync with your device once in use.

Battery life

People are always worried about truly wireless earphones having low battery life, but in this age that's not the problem, most of the truly wireless earphones boast a decent battery life of around 7-8 hours of playback at 75bB. Also, every truly wireless earphone comes with a case that doubles as a charger which nullifies the problem of low battery life.

Truly wireless earbuds are a groundbreaking technology that has changed the way people listen to music or interact with audio. It has very quickly become an essential accessory for many of us. We can only see the demand for truly wireless earphones going up and the truly wireless technology constantly evolving.


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