How to choose a VPN service

Read this article to know how to choose a VPN service for your needs. Know how to select the right VPN service provider, are free VPN service providers worth it and what to look for in a premium VPN service provider.

It is an established fact that VPNs guarantee online privacy and security. There are many VPN services on the market today and choosing the most appropriate for you can be quite challenging. This is because they offer divers options with their services at varying costs. Below is a breakdown of some of the things to consider before committing to a specific service.

Free vs. Paid VPN services

Most VPN services are able to offer a free service version to their clients. These free versions, however, come with some limitations. Some make use of free trials which allow clients to freely access some features from their paid services for a limited period, usually a month. This may come with limitations on the amount of data you can send and receive through the VPN service.

To access these free trials, users need to avail their personal and relevant billing information. This makes it quite similar to actually registering with the paid service. At the end of the trial, the client can cancel the account to avoid further billing. Failure to do so will see the provider start to bill you for their service. Free VPNs often do not block ads and may share your online activity with third parties for marketing and commercial purposes. They are also characterized by weak security and slow speeds. Paid VPNs guarantee impeccable network security through AES 256-bit encryption and have a variety of tunnelling protocols. They will also not share your private data and online activity for a payday.

Paid VPNs have no limitations on speed and bandwidth allowing you to fully utilize their connectivity. They even have in-built ad blocking and malware protection. If you want a reliable and secure VPN service, it would be ideal to choose a paid one. Free services may seem promising, but their reliability and efficiency can be put to question. And that's where you need a website like


Pricing is always a key consideration before investing your hard-earned cash in any service. As seen above, VPN services require money to maintain high levels of service delivery. VPN services have almost similarly standardized pricing, usually with monthly charges of between $9 and $12. It is key that you consider these prices alongside what services you are getting. A cheap VPN service may seem ideal but be lacking in speed or be utilizing outdated security metrics. Long-term plans also tend to be cheaper than monthly plans. Based on how long you need a VPN this could be the best consideration for you. When using price as a consideration for this choice remember to take into account other relevant factors such as security, speeds and compatibility.

Number of servers

The number of servers a VPN possesses will directly translate into its speeds and bandwidth abilities. The higher the number of servers they have the better. A good VPN service should be able to handle a lot of traffic for large data files. An overloaded server will slow down and make it difficult to stream or download files online. Go for VPNs with a large number of servers to avoid such inconveniences.

Mobile VPN support

We spend most of our time online through our mobile devices. Consequently, this necessitates the need to use VPNs on our mobile phones for various purposes. Not all VPN services offer mobile support. As a result, you should assess the compatibility of your mobile device with a VPN service before committing to it.

Number of supported locations

The location of VPN servers is a vital consideration. A service with servers in multiple countries allows you to flexibly weigh your options. It is believed that a VPN server closer to you will be faster and more stable in connection. A VPN server with many servers in your country would be an added benefit. These locations can also be used to overcome censorship blocks on the general internet or specific sites and apps. More locations give you unhindered access to even more sites and internet services that are blocked in your region. You can also use them to access services that only work in those regions.

Support for your OS

It is possible for a VPN service to lack support and compatibility for your operating system. When selecting the ideal VPN service, it is recommended that you check for compatibility with the operating systems on the devices you intend to use. Paid VPN services tend to tailor their services to work across all major platforms. Going for such a service guarantees you more unhampered utility even when switching devices.

Number of devices

You may need to use VPN on more than one device in your home. VPN services vary in the number of devices you can use for one registered account. Users should consider going for VPN services that have numerous or unlimited allowance for device connectivity. This allows you to tunnel all the devices you use through the same VPN simultaneously. With some VPN providers, there are different plans with varying capacities for device connectivity. This means you may have to pay more to accommodate these devices on your service plan.

Ad blocking

Pop-up ads can be a nuisance given their abruptness and lack of respect for internet privacy. These ads are usually tailored for internet users based on their recent searches. They are also time-consuming and maybe fishing expeditions by cybercriminals. They fill up your screen hindering visibility and also slow down your connection and use up valuable bandwidth. Some VPN services utilize ad-blockers to ensure they are not a problem for clients. This keeps them from draining bandwidth and speeds allowing sites to load faster and downloads to run at full speeds.

Data logging

An ideal VPN service should not be able to keep logs of your activity online. Paid VPN's guarantee this to show their clients they will not sell or share this personal data. Users prefer paid VPNs because of this added security. Free VPNs may sell collected data for commercial purposes as they look to make some form of revenue.

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