Avoiding API Integration Mistakes for App Developers

Is your application not working as nicely as aspected due to the APIs powering your front end? Read this article to avoid the common mistakes that developers do when integrating APIs with their application.

APIs play a major role in the life of every developer today. They have simplified development and reduced the time developers take when building applications. They make it possible for developers to come up with applications that meet all their requirements without having to write code from scratch.

Now, if you are developing an application or you already have developed one, chances are that you integrated the application with a number of APIs. This makes sense since you can easily get an API that serves the functionalities you are looking for.

It also reduces the time taken during development making sure that developers are able to deploy applications quickly.

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However, developers tend to make mistakes when integrating their applications with APIs. Even though some of these mistakes might be simple, they can affect the performance, functionality, and availability of APIs. This might result in negative effects on the operations of businesses, leading to disruption and losses.

After integration, developers also need to keep a close eye on the APIs they have implemented. They can do so using web service monitoring tools that check different metrics of APIs and help in making sure that APIs meet their requirements. Having said that, let us have a look at some of the common integration mistakes that developers need to avoid.

Assuming Third-Party APIs Will Meet Your Requirements

When building applications, some developers implement third-party APIs and assume that they will meet all their requirements. They do not even test or monitor the APIs for any errors that might compromise the functionalities of their applications.

Some of these third-party APIs require developers to modify and add more code to make sure that their applications work as expected. However, some developers just assume that the API is good the way it is, an integration mistake that they should avoid at all costs.

Developers are supposed to modify third-party APIs and monitor them at all times to avoid errors brought about by things such as connection timeout, downtime, bad requests, and rate limits. As a developer, you should not assume that the APIs you implement will work well since they might have issues that might bring adverse effects to your application and its users.

API Use and User Data Legalities

Most of the time, developers tend to review the user policy of an API when they are integrating it with their applications. This is a huge mistake committed during integration.

API owners will always change the terms of use throughout the lifetime of their APIs. This does not mean that they have to notify the API users every time they do so. What does this mean? It means that you have to always check the user policies of an API you are using from time to time.

In a situation where you are using an API without following the user policy guidelines, you might find yourself getting banned from consuming the API or even facing legal action for violating the guidelines.

Furthermore, when using an API to store data, make sure that you follow the legalities involved. Different countries might have a different set of rules when it comes to user data. Make sure that you follow all set rules that apply where your application is being used.

API Changes

Even though most API providers will always notify you when they change their APIs, some providers might not inform you. This means that assuming that you will always be notified when there are changes to an API is a mistake that developers make.

When the design of an API is changed, it might affect things like calling methods or even the functionality of an API. When a new version is released, it might mean changing the endpoint URLs and so on. These are changes that if not addressed, will break your API and your application.


It is very important to make sure that you have integrated your APIs properly. You also need to monitor the performance of your APIs to make sure that your application users will have a seamless experience when using your application. Innovating brands that have created lasting brands not only use APIs but also make sure that they integrate and implement the APIs properly to avoid any future issues.


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