Solution: How to track your kids location and control Screen time on Android

Are you wondering how to control the online behaviour of your children? Ensuring that they do not spend too much time on smartphones has become a tough task. Want to know the best methods to help you find how to track your kid's location and control Screen time on Android?

With a smartphone and the digital life distracting us, we often find it difficult to stay focussed on the tasks at hand. Not only kids but consistent smartphone checking habit is a problem for adults as well who can't focus on their tasks for a long time.

If you are wondering how to track your kid's location and control screen time on Android, there are a few options offered by the Android ecosystem that help you achieve the task rather easily. We will discuss the native options available to you to put some parental controls on your child's smartphone as well as will talk about the Famisafe application that is a premium application to achieve this.

How to track your kid's location?

It is quite important to know the whereabouts of your children so that you can ensure their safety. The cases of missing kids and kidnapping have been rising in many countries. Understanding the whereabouts of your kid's location ensures their safety and security.

Android offers you an excellent option to help achieve the task of finding your children's location. You can find the location of the target device by following the simple methods here below.

1. Use Android Find MY Device option

Find My Device is one of the prime tools that assist you in finding the location of your kid's device. You will find the app on your phone pre-installed or can install it from Google Play Store. Once you sign up for the service using the Google account.
find my device
There are several options you can make use of to find your device. If you want to locate kid's smartphone, you can locate the exact place your kid is located at. To be able to do this, you can simply sign in to your kid's Google account on your computer. Once you do that, the phone will be located and you would be shown the location of the target device.

You can even get access to a wide range of options that include resetting your device, resetting screen lock, and locking your device.

2. Use a third party software

There are several parental control apps that can be quite useful in letting you get access to improved performance in how to take care of your kids and their activities. The real-time location tracking and location history are a few of the features that make it one of the practical solutions ever.
One of the good options you would find practical in finding the right location of your kid's smartphone is Famisafe. The tool lets you get access to your kid's real-time location in real-time. In addition to letting you find the real-time location of your kids, you can even find more about the location history of your kids as well.

You will also be able to create safer geo-fences. You will be able to set the scope for the kid's activities. If you set the geo-fences, you will get alerts whenever your kids cross the virtual fencing you have created. It does provide you access to a huge range of services for achieving the best location tracking and parental control options.

How to control screen time on Android

If you are on Android 9 and above, you can control the screen time of your kids as well. With the advanced technology and software options currently available on your Android devices, you should be able to control the screen time more effectively.

1. Use the Digital Wellbeing Tool

The Digital Wellbeing is one of the powerful tools that form part of the Android ecosystem. You should be able to locate the Digital wellbeing app on your Android settings. You can make use of the Digital Wellbeing with parental controls to track your kid's phone and track the time your child is spending with the mobile.
You can check your Android Settings and locate the option for Digital wellbeing with Parental controls. The app lets you find the screen times for different apps and analyse them as or your preferences. If you assume that there are times where your kid has been using a particular app the entire device for a very prolonged period of time, you can control it rather effectively.

The parental control options available on the software let you specify the access to the apps or configure the specific time for each of the apps. The software also has a couple of specific features such as Wind Down and Focus Mode.

2. Use a third party software

Exactly in the same way as in the case of location tracking, you can control the screen time of your kids with the right third-party software. The third-party software should be your best bet for achieving the best high-end features.

In case you are looking for the options to control the activities such as web browsing and apply web filtering, it may be worthwhile to invest in tools such as Famisafe to ensure that you have good control over the screen time of your kids.

These tools do provide you with a wide range of features in helping you control the screen time of your kids on Android. A few of the worthy features you would get access to would include
  • Web filtering against the gambling sites, porn content and even other types of adult content
  • Continuous monitoring of all the content on the target device
  • App blockers and activity monitor blocks to help avoid access to unauthorised apps

You can have access to the following features on most of the apps that control screen time -
  • You can check how much time has been spent on a particular app.
  • You may set up Restriction Schedule to block any single app.
  • You may also set up Time Limit for the app and block the app when the limit is reached.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, if you have a teen or underage kid at your home, and you want to control their digital life, there are several tools that can help achieve a positive result in how to take care of your kids. The tips and ideas shard above should definitely help you get access to an enhanced protection schedule.

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