Clinc: Offering An Ultramodern Approach To Customer Service

Customer Service Like Never Before

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, companies like Clinc are capitalizing on these growing advancements. More specifically, they're finding ways to breathe adaptability, convenience, and transparency into conversational AI. Customer support is one area Clinc focuses on, and the tremendous strides they've made have reduced customer support costs and enhanced customer experience.

Introducing All-New AI-Based Virtual Assistants

Though virtual assistants are growing in popularity, no AI platform has managed to hit the mark. In most cases, these platforms fail to understand a customer's needs, resulting in frustration and wasted time. Limited capabilities and insufficient technology are often the culprits for this miscommunication. To provide the customer of the bank with relevant, quick responses, Clinc's world-class AI researchers have developed sophisticated technology that conversationally assumes a knowledgeable human customer service operator's role.

In addition to addressing customer issues, this conversational AI technology quickly and efficiently resolves problems. As a result, financial institutions can field more customer questions without increasing support costs. Moreover, thanks to the efficacy of this AI-based customer support system, it promotes customer engagement. Unlike older virtual assistant platforms, Clinc's AI technology encourages and inspires customers to voice their comments, questions, and concerns.

Clinc's AI Methods Get Results

With an impressive 95 percent resolution rate, Clinc's platform touts itself as one of the most successful on the market. Since human input is only required five per cent of the time, businesses can rest assured that their support costs won't rise. Plus, Clinc's AI technology has proven to deliver faster responses than when a representative is involved. Clinc attributes its remarkable track record to the efforts of its research team.

Other Ways Businesses Benefit

While Clinc's AI technology has demonstrated superior abilities, the biggest draw is that their technology is automated and can provide support on weekends, holidays, during meetings, and after office hours. There are fewer disruptions, allowing customers to receive the answers they need whenever and wherever. Automated solutions are also highly scalable, ensuring that a company's customer support team isn't overwhelmed with requests. In essence, with Clinc's platform, consumers can ask questions through virtual chats, calls, or emails, absolving human staff from these responsibilities.

A Look Into How It Works

Both streamlined and user-friendly, Clinc's platform is easy to navigate. Usually, customers begin by talking to a live virtual assistant via a chat system. From there, Clinc's platform directs users to another assistant who can help with their specific needs. The system is always working in tandem with staff members to guarantee that it's adequate to assist. This lets the customer know that their request is of paramount importance, and it also limits the time they're on hold.

How Clinc Is Evolving

Clinc currently focuses on appealing to the financial industry, and its software is advantageous to various sectors. But for the moment, Clinc is primarily fixated on becoming the go-to AI platform for financial institutions across the globe. They have created virtual assistants for businesses on several different continents, and they seem just to be getting started.

A Leadership Team Worth Noting

If not for their proficient, pioneering, and professional executive team, Clinc wouldn't be the powerhouse it is today. Since its inception in 2015, Clinc has employed a seasoned squad of industry experts.  Clinc's specialists are exceptionally diverse, ranging from engineering mavens to seasoned software developers. With their expertise combined, it sparks unprecedented, fruitful collaboration. Dr. Tang and Dr. Hauswald are two prominent members of their team with Clinc since its inception. Their aptitude for research, technology, and computer science has been invaluable to its growth. 

Recently, Clinc has seen new life infused into its c-suite. Jon Newhard was brought on in the late summer months as Clinc's new Commander-in-Chief, taking the CEO position to help move Clinc into a brand new phase of partnerships in the business world. John Lichtenberg takes his seat as the Chief Marketing Officer, ready to hone the message Clinc is portraying to the world. Check out Clinc's website if you have not recently. Lichtenberg has already given the conversational AI platform's marketing a fresh new look while refining and focusing the messaging. Finally, Clinc brought in a brand new Chief Customer Officer is Mahesh Baxi, whose 25 successful years in the technology space will certainly push Clinc in the right direction. The scientific and mathematical minds that have developed this technology from the beginning, coupled with a new level of smart, innovative, fintech-oriented, and customer and business-focused c-suite team members, give Clinc a truly unstoppable lineup as they move into 2021.

What The Future Holds

Clinc shows no signs of slowing down, which is why they're making continual attempts to expand their talent. Their product development team expects to see some new additions, and any extra funding will go towards computing resources. Clinc's stakeholders sit primed for future progress. With all these elements in place, this cutting-edge company hopes to continue making a real impact on customer experiences throughout the financial services industry.

About Clinc

Clinc is a global conversational AI platform provider deploying the next generation of natural language processing and deep learning technology for enterprises. Clinc has deployments in 6 countries and 80 languages and partnerships with some of the world's largest institutions. Clinc's groundbreaking technology is delivering new, extraordinary experiences for millions of users worldwide.


Guest Author: Jay King17 Feb 2021

Clinc's YouTube page really shines as it gets to show you the up-to-date technology use. Check it out to hear how Clinc creates the best conversational AI platform in the world.

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