Protect Your Android Phone with a VPN

Know how a VPN protects your Android smartphone by providing privacy and security for your personal confidential data. Learn the benefits and disadvantages of using a VPN on your Android smartphone.

When cell phones came out, they were all the rage. It didn't' take long for people to get so into them that the calls of "you're addicted to your cell" were heckled at every family member with eyes glued to the screen. Fast forward to now, and not much has changed, except maybe it's Mom WhatsApping you to tell you to put the device down.

Smartphones have become integral to everyday life, and it's hard to imagine a world where we're not using them. It's not just because we're addicted to them and are constantly staring at the screen to watch the latest TikTok videos. We use them to keep in touch with people, watch the news, even control the thermostat. So if you're going to use your Android phone for all those uses and more, you want to make sure you're protecting it too.

The rise of mobile cybercrime

Android phones would be nothing without being connected to the internet. You need it to get the most out of it – you wouldn't be able to use communications apps, stream videos or music, or surf the web. The downside of this is that there's also been a huge rise in cybercrime, with hackers targeting Android phone users.

Only at the beginning of this year did cybersecurity experts discover that there's been a 37% increase in phishing attacks between October 2019 to February 2020. Spoof SMS messages or emails are easy to send to Android users, and they're getting more convincing.

Not only do you have the threat of cybercriminals targeting you using this method, but there's also the constant threat of just being online. Browsing the web on your device opens you up to many other potential dangers, such as clicking on a wrong website or accidentally downloading software. The good news is, there are ways to protect your Android phone.

VPNs time to shine

One of the perks of having the best Android phone is that there are many different apps and software to download from Google Play. Of course, you can even turn the permissions on to download some apps which haven't been approved but be that at your own peril.

Using your Android like this can open it up to cybercriminal activities, as you never know what you've just downloaded. Obviously, you don't want to get something on your smartphone, which can cause damage. Likewise, there is endless security scanning software, so you could go on a crusade downloading them all in a quest to feel safe when using your phone. Some of these are just 'feel good' apps that give you a sense of confidence when all they're actually doing is slowing down your system and bombarding you with adverts.

On the other hand, a VPN is an efficient tool that's used by device owners of all types. We've found many benefits of a virtual private network and how it plays a crucial role in protecting your Android phone. The first is that it can prevent anyone from tracking your online location, and it can hide your complete digital footprint. By accessing a different server in a different location, you'll have the best security behind you to stop any hackers from gaining your personal information. This is a huge bonus if you use your Android phone for tasks such as buying things online or online banking, as your passwords and details will be hidden and kept private.

While security and privacy are the key components of a VPN, there are also many other benefits. This includes access to some super-fast speeds. By selecting a server, you then get to enjoy the speeds it has too, and you can always switch if it's not as fast as you like. However, dependable VPNs are known for fast bandwidth speeds to make sure your web browsing is as seamless an experience as possible.

You can also use a VPN to bypass geo-restricted content. It's great if you're on vacation and want to watch something on Hulu or new shows on HBO Max that you usually do at home. You just log on to the US server, and you can stream away on your Android. Likewise, if you're back home and want to see even more content on the biggest streaming services, you can try out different servers in different countries to see what's available.

A VPN is a great way to keep your Android phone secure from hackers and gives you constant protection when you're online. And if you use your cell as much as we do, that's only a good thing.


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