Top 10 password managers in 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where you have forgotten your passwords and are forced to reset them frequently? In such a scenario, a password manager is what would help by keeping your passwords safe and easy to fetch.

The world today belongs to passwords. Our entire life revolves around them. The online frauds and data breaching incidents have made it extremely important and essential to configure a different password for each of your sites. However, creating a different password for each of the sites you sign in to can be quite daunting.

That is precisely where a password manager comes to your rescue. Most of us tend to use a simple password such as 12345 or simply "password" for several of our sign-ups. A few others create a highly random and powerful password and use it for practically every site or service that you can think of. Never ever do that - go for a Password Manager and it can make your life quite easier with the option to remember each of your site-specific passwords so that you can remember every complex password that you have created.

Top 10 Password Managers in 2021

Having understood the importance of a password manager and how they can be useful in providing you with enhanced security, let us now check out a few options for the best password managers you can check out in 2021. The listing here is purely in random order and does not necessarily have been arranged in any order of preference.


1Password is one of the most popular and world's most loved password managers. One great feature of this password manager is that it can be useful in sharing your passwords between friends and family, and even share credit card information.
Of course, it is a paid service and provides you both individual and family accounts. The AES 256 encryption makes it one of the strongest and secure password managers. In addition to remembering your passwords, the password manager can also help you create passwords when signing up for a site or service. Automatic form filling is yet another feature that does away with the need for a manual task.

  • Compatible with every browser and platform
  • High-end AES 256 encryption
  • Password syncing and auto syncing across devices

  • No free version available
  • An user interface that isn't attractive

2. Dashlane

Dashlane has been one of the best and prominent password managers currently available. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best overall password managers you can ever think of. You can get access to both free and paid options for managing your passwords.
The free version lets you access to use it on one device alone and let you remember only 50 passwords. The premium account lets you use it on an unlimited number of devices and saves an unlimited number of passwords. The password manager comes with an AES 256 encryption, safeguarding all your data saved on the tool. As with 1Password, you can create complex passwords with the random password generator.

  • Password audit option to check vulnerability of your passwords
  • Automatic Syncing across devices
  • Includes VPN protection

  • May not work with sites that have multiple login pages
  • No storage upgrade options

3. Keeper

Are you looking for the best protection for your high-security passwords? Keeper possibly provides the best possible protection for passwords. It offers you both free and paid options for getting access to one of the best quality password managers in terms of performance. You can rest assured of a host of advanced security options that include AES 256 encryption, biometric authentication, and a secure password generator.
Keeper provides you access to an effective password sharing functionality that can help you achieve the best results in sharing account access without the need to share the passwords. Syncing across multiple devices lets you access to your passwords on virtually any device or platform you are currently on. It also provides you access to browser extensions across all browsers.

  • It uses Qt toolkit that lets the developers make changes to the apps without affecting the source code
  • It lets you access all features for free.

  • A little confusing for the newbies and those without much technical knowledge
  • There is no dedicated support team available.

4. NordPass

If you are looking for one of the best password managers with an easy to use and simple user interface, NordPass is what would appeal to you the most. It comes with both free and paid options and both the versions support unlimited password storage. However, the free version works only on one device, while the Premium version works on up to six devices.
The password manager also provides you access to advanced features that include biometric authentication and a secure password manager. Coming from the makers of NordVPN, as you might have already guessed, the password manager provides you access to enhanced performance characteristics. One of the powerful - "no frills attached" password manager, it provides you access to password sharing and syncing across devices.

  • A simple and easy to use user interface
  • Two factor authentication for an enhanced security
  • A high end customer service

  • May not be a good option for the business users

5. RoboForm

RoboForm is another enhanced option for remembering your passwords without hassle. In fact, it was one of the earliest password managers to have been launched. Initially launched as an automatic form filling tool, RoboForm has now become a full-fledged password manager solution. The military-grade AES 256 encryption makes it one of the prime options, to begin with.
Both free and paid subscriptions come with unlimited password storage. In addition, you also get access to features such as a secure password generator, password sharing, and device syncing for premium accounts. The password audit feature is yet another prime feature that improves your online security.

  • An efficiency and effective password sharing capability.
  • Audit functionality lets you detect the weak passwords.
  • A robust form filling functionality.

  • User interface is a little difficult to use
  • Steepr learning curve.

6. Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault offers you a very simple and easy to use interface. You can get access to a very high degree of efficiency with free and three paid options - Standard, Pro, and Enterprise option. The password report functionality offered by the platform is one of the thoughtful functionality that lets you plan the improved credentials.
zoho vault
The password manager comes with powerful and military-grade AES 256 encryption. The support for an efficient secure password generator and biometric authentication provides you a high degree of efficiency. The business features offered by the platform are quite outstanding in their own right. The personal password locking too is impressive.

  • The free version comes with a host of advanced features
  • A powerful password audit and reporting
  • Support for non website passwords

  • May not work on all websites
  • No import option for passwords from other browsers

7. Bitwarden

Bitwarden password manager is for those among you who are looking for a free password manager. The open-source password manager for individuals and their personal usage. The service also has special options for business users. Even the premium version is extremely affordable at just $10 per year plan charges. The free version, however, lets you save only 50 passwords.
The AES 256 encryption and protection makes it a secure option despite being an open source tool. You also get access to a secure password generator that helps you create powerful and strong passwords. Some other features that would make it one of the prime options include device syncing, password sharing, and automatic form-filling.
  • It is supported on a host of platforms and devices such as iOS and Android devices.
  • An uncluttered user interface
  • Plenty of browser extensions for all popular browsers.

  • Free version cannot save images and attachments.

8. Enpass

Enpass has been rated to be one of the prime options for a perfect budget-friendly service provider in terms of the best password management. You have access to both free and paid subscription options. The free version provides you access to up to 25 passwords and works only on one device. The premium version on the other hand provides you access to unlimited password storage options.
If you are looking at the security features, the Enpass password manager provides you access to an AES 256 encryption. In addition, you also get access to a secure password manager, biometric authentication, and password audit functionalities. The password sharing feature is yet another thoughtful option that lets you share your account details with friends and family.

  • The password manager saves the passwords on your local machine
  • Setting up the password manager is quite simple and easy.
  • Syncing option across devices and platforms

  • Sync between devices needs a third party cloud storage
  • Features on the free version ae extremely limited

9. F-Secure

F-Secure is one of the latest entrants among the password managers worth the mention. Support for a wide range of platforms such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets makes it a powerful password management service.
f secure
As with every other password manager listed here, F-Secure too comes with AES 256 encryption making it a secure platform ever. The built-in password report functionality is yet another plus point that lets you know of the vulnerability of your passwords. Some other features offered by F-Secure include biometric authentication and a secure password generator.

  • Offers remote account management
  • A built in device locator
  • Parental controls offers the kid friendly functionality.

  • No free version available
  • The license may be expensive

10. Password Boss

Last, but not least in our top 10 best password managers, Password Boss is offered with three plans - a free plan with unlimited storage, and two paid plans viz Premium and family versions. The paid plans provide you access to unlimited password storage across an unlimited number of devices. The easy to use password manager, it also provides you access to the best security check feature.
password boss
The password manager is compatible with macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, and Internet Explorer making it a practical solution for almost all your password management needs. You also have a password audit feature that lets you take care of your passwords and change the ones that may be vulnerable.

  • Built in dashboard rates your passwords and alerts you of any security issues.
  • Online form filling capability
  • Sync across multiple devices and platforms

  • No major cons

The Closing Thoughts

If you are looking to improve your online security, a password manager is a primary tool for your needs. While some of us may consider it an expensive option, it may be noticed that even the paid password tools come with a free option making it a good option to go with.

Pay special attention to internet security and opt for the right options for the best password manager for your requirements.


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