2021 Best Parental Control Apps Recommendations

Read this article to know about the best Parental Control Apps that you can use in 2021. Know what features they offer, how each of them score above their competitors and which option suits you best.

It is very interesting to observe how parents used to monitor kids before cellphones were invented, and after these have been invented. A possible way of monitoring what kids watch and learn before cell phones get invented was to get their report from their teachers or those taking care of your kids. Another possible way after the invention of the computer and the Internet was to keep only a single desktop at your home and place it in the room where you can always have an eye on him or her. But things have drastically changed after the invention of smartphones.

If your kid asks you for a smartphone at an age that you did not think your kid would, reasoning out that all of the friends have it, how would you deny it? And after granting your kid what he asks for, how would you monitor the information to which there is access to everyone? These are the two key questions wherein the parental control software comes in. These Smartphone applications are very affordable services that allow you to not only restrict the amount of time spent online but also develop and online fencing at browsers used by the Smartphone you are looking to monitor. 

Recommendations for parental control software

  1. Broadband providers are known to prompt by providing you content filters for your kids. Such filters provide the ability to set some level of content that can be usually broken down into age groups, so if you have a teenager or an adult at your home, you can set the filter accordingly. 

  2. Another recently discovered way is to restrict access from particular devices, rather than restricting the content from the connection itself. The market currently offers, not only Android parental controls but also for iPhone. There is also the Amazon Fire for Kids, etc. Below mentioned is information about applications such as Kidsguard Pro, Quostodio, Spyic, and Kaspersky Safe Kids. All four of them offer parental control along with other variants. 

  3. Kidsguard Pro: Primarily meant for kids, but also offers monitoring of any and every device of loved ones, Kidsguard Pro can spy on more than 30 applications and is proven to be 100 percent undetectable. Available for Android, as well as the iPhone, this application can get started in 5 minutes and can track the routes wherever the device is, conveying you the location of the person holding this device. By installing this application on your kids' phone, you would be able to record the phone calls, capture screenshots, and take secret photos as well.

    Read More Information About Kidsguard Pro Review : https://spyiz.com/review/kidsguard-pro-spy-app/

    Kids Guard Pro is known to collect data from your kids' phone and upload it to your account in real-time. Meaning that if there is something that your kid is currently doing on the Smartphone, you would get to know it straightway and not with a time delay. 

  4. Qustodio: Known for covering the greatest number of platforms, Qustodio is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, as well as Amazon Fire Devices. The basic idea of this parental control application is to download and install it on your kids' phone, tablet, or PC and then monitor it. Qustodio lets you set a time limit above which the operator of the Smartphone on which this application is installed cannot use that application. So, say if you do not want your kid to use WhatsApp for more than two hours, your kid would not be able to. 

    The location tracking feature of this application lets you know where your kids' smartphone exactly is all the time. Recently, YouTube monitoring is also available on this application.

  5. Spyic: Available for Android as well as iPhone, Spyic comes with specific features such as WhatsApp Spy, Snapchat Spy, Spying on Sms, as well as GPS Tracking. These features let you specifically spy on these applications which as parents you might be majorly concerned about. You do not need to jailbreak your iPhone if you wish to download and install it on it. And even apart from the above-mentioned features there are others like Call Tracker, Facebook messages tracker, Instagram Spying, tracking website history, etc. 

  6. Kaspersky Safe Kids: Offering similar features as Qustodio, Kaspersky Safe Kids claims of offering the most amount of parental control, any application in the market can offer. You can restrict the content specifying applications with respect to time, age, or other categories. It lets you control the amount of time each day your kid spends on a particular application. You can either start with a free version of this application or a paid premium version. The paid version allows you to track the location of the smartphone used by your kid. Also, how much charging is left on that phone, social media alerts posted by the school in which your kid studies. 

    Available for Android, as well as for iOS, Kaspersky Safe Kids offers a wide range of controls to ensure that your kid stays away from all the content that is not meant for kids. 

The Conclusion

Monitoring of your kid's smartphone is the newer way with which 21st-century parents can ensure the safety of their kids. Acknowledging the freedom provided by the Internet is the same for a kid, as it is for an adult, it is necessary in the times like this to have an application that tells without any bias, what is your kid interested in, what does your kid do all day long over the phone and what is your kid searching for on the Internet?

Apart from checking on your kids, many of these applications also offer general spying of any smartphone on which they are downloaded and installed. All you need to do is choose from the various plans that are available and decide which suits you the most. Not only do these applications prevent your children from spending too much time on their smartphones, but also from accessing the harmful content that travels any and everywhere freely. Your choice for a kid can define your kids' future.


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