Vue vs React – Which is better?

Vue is easier to learn compared to React. Vue separates concerns in a way that web developers use to separate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This article outlines the similarities between Vue and React.

More than a decade or so ago, using the internet on phones wasn't as common a phenomenon as it is now. Back then, websites didn't look or function the same way as today. However, getting started with building a new site was relatively easy back then as there weren't too many choices available. Developers only had to learn CSS, HTML, and PHP to get the skills required to build a website that could be considered professional. However, things have drastically changed now.
Developing web projects now has become a lot difficult these days. Websites now are a lot more than they used to be. They are not just your product catalogues or work portfolios. They now feature advanced code that requires developers to acquire more and better skills to build them in a professional manner. The job of a project manager or business head has also changed from only having to put together a team of developers to choose the right technology for building the project. The two most popular options when it comes to choosing a development framework for a project are Reactjs and Vuejs. However, picking the right option out of the two for your project can be a very difficult task.

What To Consider When Choosing A Development Framework?

The choice of a development framework for a project these days is done on a project to project basis. You need to take into account the skills of your developers as well as the preferences when making this decision. Having said, the best way to go would be to consider criteria that one framework meets while the other doesn't. There is no science behind this. There is just a standard process that needs to be followed before arriving at a decision.
You need to measure the performance of the available options against different criteria and select the one that has the highest overall performance ratings. Different criterion may have different weights and that is why choosing the right criteria and then weighing them is considered an art. The criteria that most developers use when selecting a web framework include maturity, learning curve, speed, community support, and stability.

So when it comes to choosing between Vuejs and Reactjs, you need to make sure that you put both the alternatives against the test on the criteria mentioned above. This decision is not as straightforward as it looks. So it is very important to rationalize it by comparing the two options on different factors. And if you don't have the required expertise in-house, you should hire a Vuejs development company to help you out. Before we talk about their differences, let us discuss their similarities first.

Similarities between Vuejs and Reactjs

Both Vuejs and React use Virtual DOM. This is one of the biggest similarities between the two. The Virtual DOM is understood to be HTML DOM's generalization. It features different JavaScript objects as representations of different HTML elements. By following this approach, you can manipulate the DOM in a declarative way. At the same time, you can also have performance gains by going this way.

Another quality that works in their favour is that both of them are lightweight. In addition, their architecture is component-based. The performance of both Vuejs and React is quite similar too. Whether an existing application is a single-page application or not, both React and Vue can be plugged into it. Finally, both of them have a lot of tools and libraries to work. Let us now look at a few differences.

Vue vs React Differences

As we alluded to earlier, the performance of Vue and React is quite similar. There is just a little difference that you don't always have to pay attention to while choosing between the two. The very small difference in their performance is due to two things – their comparable size and similar architecture. The size of Vue is about 80 kb while that of React is around 100 kb. In this regard, Vue is slightly faster. However, this difference is not as big as compared to other frameworks. For example, the size of Angularjs is around 500 kb. Also, Angular uses a regular DOM. This is why its performance is slightly worse than the two frameworks in question.

Another difference between React and Vue is their learning curve. A lot of developers as well as experts believe that Vue is much easier to learn. Now if you have already worked with Angular and React, you will anyway find learning and working with Vue a lot simpler proposition. However, if you started with Vue, the learning curve for React will be comparatively more difficult.

Other differences include documentation, scalability, and active community amongst others. Whether you choose a Vuejs or Reactjs development company, make sure you work with a company that has developers that are skilled in both.


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