How To Grab The Best Deal While Buying Refurbished iPhone

If refurbished are the optimal options to save money, are they really worth the buy? Read this article to know how to grab the best deal while buying refurbished iPhone.

Acquiring gadgets of the latest technology is now a craze among people. Numerous new, hi-tech smartphones are launched every year. With the advancement in technology, the prices of these gadgets are skyrocketing. Not everyone can afford to buy a smartphone worth more than 1000$; therefore, the need for refurbished products arises. After comprehending the cutting-edge technology and specification of iPhones, everyone's eyes are on it. However, its hefty price crushes many customers' dreams. The best way to get your hands on these h-tech gadgets without putting a dent in your pocket is to buy a refurbished iPhone or other products.

If refurbished are the optimal options to save money, are they really worth the buy? Let's discuss each and every aspect of refurbished iPhones here:

What are Refurbished Products?

People generally think refurbished phones are second-hand handsets, but it is partially correct. Refurbished devices are those pre-owned devices returned by customers because of some manufacturing default about performance, safety, or quality. These devices were then processed and refurbed to fully working condition before selling it under the name of 'Refurbished Products.' Before putting these products into online stores, these refurb products are placed under various rigorous testing techniques to check the working condition.

The stringent testing process involves a thorough inspection of the software and hardware components of the product. If any defects or issues are detected in this process, then subsequent repairs are done. You don't have to worry about refurbished products' working conditions as they work similarly to new ones. And the good news is that they are far more pocket-friendly than brand new products.

iPhone 6

Does Refurbished iPhone Come With Warranty?

Yes, there are many dealers and distributors of refurbished iPhones that provide warranty as well as the guarantee of their products. Some offer 12 months warranty and others just three months' warranty, the period of warranty differs from dealer to dealer. Besides the warranty, some online stores also have a 30-days return policy if the products do not qualify the quality and customer satisfaction standards. All the dealers have different policies, so it's best to check the policy first before purchasing products.

In case you experience any issues or problems with the product in the first 30 days of purchase, you can return the products. Of course, certain rules and regulations are regarded as the return policy, and your return must fulfill specific conditions to be valid.

Understanding The Grades Of Refurbished Products

Depending on the quality of the product, they are categorized into different grades. If you know what refurbished products are and have encountered them earlier, you will be quite familiar with the terms like Very good, Excellent, Like New, etc. These terms or grades are not a matter of concern until devices' performance and functionality are compromised. These grades only define the cosmetic conditions of the refurbished iPhone. The grades will be convenient for you to decide and choose the smartphone you need. If you are concerned about your purchase, you can check some cosmetic conditions when your set arrives.

Usually, refurbished dealers' grading systems have five divisions. From Fair condition to Like-Brand New, the cosmetic appearance of refurbished products are segregated. Many categorize their products in five grades, while others in three categories only. The three grades are Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C.

Like New/Grade A: One of the cheapest ways to get your hands on the iPhone is buying A-grade refurbished iPhone. They are the same as the new one in appearance, as well as in functionality. Instead of spending a fortune on a brand new iPhone, you can buy a refurbished iPhone from Grade A category and save money.

Then comes the Grade B category as we go down in the system. They are a little different in appearance from Grade A devices. There will be some scratches and scrapes on the device. The cosmetic condition of products gradually drops as we come down to grade B. Don't worry. The products' working conditions will be perfect as they go through the same testing and repair process.

As we move forward to grade C, the scratches and marks will be visible to the recipient. The prices of products will be less as compared to the products in grades A and B. The best phones you get is from the excellent grading category as they are equivalent to the new ones. They are well-maintained devices with some hardly prominent scratches. In order to make it easier to understand, we have made a table categorizing each grade. See the table below:


Excellent Condition with hardly prominent scratches


Few cosmetic wear and tear


Visible scratches and scrapes

Now that you are well aware of the quality of refurbished products according to grades, you will decide which one is best for you. It is advisable to ask for the device's grade or condition beforehand to avoid overpaying or any confusion. Check the condition and price of the refurbished products and ask what you need to before buying a product. Some dealers fool people and give grade C products at grade A product prices. Beware of those fraudsters with this guide.

The grading system helps buyers get upfront and offer something that fits everyone's budget and preferences.

Advantages They Offer

Refurbished products made their way in this industry because of its advantages over the brand
new products. Numerous reasons make them apt for buying, which is why their sales are
increasing with a rate of 17.6% year on year. Apart from the cheap price tag, many other
advantages refurbished products offer, making customers agog over it. If you are not aware of
the benefits of refurbished iPhones, here are some:
  • Cost-Effective: If you were eyeing the hi-tech iPhones for years and couldn't buy because of the skyrocketing prices, you can keep your hands on the set you want and that too at pocket-friendly prices. One of the most talked-about advantages of refurbished products is they are affordable. The difference between the new iPhone and the refurbished one price is enormous, but the quality difference is minimal. You can get the iPhone you desire at the prices you will be happy to pay. Without paying too much, you can have a refurbished iPhone in excellent condition and functionality. Why compromise with your dreams when you get them at the price you're willing to pay.
  • Environment friendly: It is one of the benefits that most of us are not aware of; let's talk about refurbished products' goodness for the environment. The three R's are an essential part of sustainable living, which represents Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Among these three, two of them are followed by refurbished products, i.e., Reduce, and Reuse. Refurbished devices are a great example of reuse products. Similarly, with the emergence of the refurbished industry, smart devices' production is comparatively less, which has reduced raw material and energy consumption.

    If not refurbed, these returned products were dumped in the landfills, polluting the land or water. Because of minor dent or any other manufacturing issues, these products are irresponsibly dumped and cause pollution.
  • Offers Something for Everyone:With the economical prices of refurbished iPhones, there is something for everyone. In the economic crises, no one wants to pay for a phone, which is extremely out of hand. You get various price options in refurbished products as per their condition. You can choose one that suits your budget. Most of the websites offer great deals and discounts on refurbished products, which make them inexpensive. You can get handsets launched 2-3 years ago through to the latest one, which makes best for every buyer's preferences and budgets.
  • Premium Quality Certified: The refurbished products go through a rigorous testing process. If there are any faults or defects in the products, then it is fixed properly. After the minor tweaks, the products go through a full-working testing drive to ensure its functionality and operations. The refurbished dealers have certification for their work and offer premium quality products. However, certain dealers don't hold any certification and buy from them after a full inspection of products. Brands like Jem Jem, Refurb me, and SellCell who deals exquisitely with refurbished smart devices, make sure their devices go through rigorous checks and tests before presenting them to their online store. They vouch for their products' quality and offer return policies in case product quality standards do not match.
  • Rigorous testing process: The discussion about the testing process these products undergo is from the beginning of this article. Because of this reason, people rely on refurbished products. It is seen that many people avoid buying stuff that is lower in price as they think it won't be of good quality. But that's not true, and refurbished products are a good example. You get a fully-functional, operational, and hi-tech device, just like new, at affordable prices. The quality of these products is top-notch, and they all are certified and tested. Many people have a myth that refurbished iPhone doesn't function properly; that is a vague assumption. Being pre-owned doesn't mean they are not of any use. They go through various processes, including testing, functionality checks, and more.
  • Comes With Warranty: Many refurbished dealers don't offer warranty and guarantee of their products. Without any warranty policy, people aren't much convinced about purchasing refurbished products. However, some refurbished dealers like Jem Jem, refurb me offer upto 90 days of the warranty period for their products. The warranty policy attracts many potential buyers to purchase refurbished products and recommends it to others too. In case your phone has any manufacturing or software defects in the aforesaid period, you can contact the retailer for products' replacement or repair.

Where To Grab The Best Deal On Refurbished iPhones?

Choosing the right place to buy refurbished products is equally important in selecting the model to buy. Numerous refurb dealers are there in the market. You will need to research a little to come forward with the deal you desire. Let's discuss further what options do you have:
  • Retail Stores: Retail stores like BestBuy and Walmart also sell refurbished phones. You can buy it directly from there. The prices of their products are comparatively higher than other dealers, but some people prefer to buy from there as they can see the phone's cosmetic and working condition. Some other most popular online retailers Amazon and eBay, are not behind in the refurb game. They also offer a wide range of refurbished products at their store at competitive prices.
  • Refurbished Manufacturers:The monopolist of the smartphone industry, Apple, and close competitor Samsung also refurb their old products, which users return. They offer these products to the customers through their online stores at lower prices. However, they provide some limited lineups and don't carry a wide range of products. They have mastered the smart devices industry but still a rookie in the refurbished market. Their products work perfectly, but don't have enough options to choose from for the buyers.
  • Online reverse commerce Stores:The reverse commerce stores are not known to many people. The store that sells pre-owned or refurbished products is known as reverse commerce or re-commerce stores. Stores such as Jem Jem, Decluttr, and ItsWorthMore are among the most popular stores in the United States. These companies purchase used phones in bulk and test them. The ones which work perfectly are old at the online store. Other products which have some faults are refurbed and then sold.
  • Phone Carriers:Many of you might be shocked reading phone carriers also sell refurbished phones. Yes, they do. There are some cell phone carrier companies in the U.S that sell refurbished phones. Some of the phone carriers that offer refurbished phones and tablets at discounted prices include T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, and many more. They offer monthly installment plans for the buyers who cannot pay full price upfront.

Buying refurbished iPhones is more just saving money. Reuse and Reduce energy consumption
with refurbished products and Go Green.

Author Bio: Jeremy Hills is passionate about building brands for the long term and maximizing brand competitiveness to grow value for the business. He is also a copywriter with 3 plus years in B2B marketing and loves to write about emerging technologies and easy solutions for complex tech issues.

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