How to Turn all your Black and White photos into color images

Do you have a good collection of those vintage photos in Black and White? You may be looking to convert them into color images and make them immortal and share them so that you can enjoy them for eternity. In such a case, you may be looking to find a good Colorize app that offers an outstanding performance standard.

The first-ever photograph was taken in 1826. The growth of digital photography technology since then has made everyone which a mobile phone a photographer. While black and white photographs have their own beauty, it will be nice if you could see how they would look with all their original colours restored.

Since centuries, there have been multiple attempts to colourise a black and white image through several means. In fact, the recent growth of Artificial Intelligence and other digital technologies have made it all the more straightforward and simple to colourise an image with ease. The Image Colorizeris one such great app that has been designed to provide you with a truly wonderful, yet simplified option of how to convert your black and white images into color.

Image Colorizer - An Overview

Image Colorizer is a cloud-based graphic solution that enhances your experience in converting your black and white images into color photographs.The tool makes use of the AI technology to convert your images into color photographs. The software comes equipped with a vast number of tools within and lets you get access to the best outcome in reviving your old photographs or even black and white photographs.

The Image Colorizer app has not only been designed for the freelancers and hobbyists alone. It also serves the professional photographers as well in a wide range of ways in achieving the best standards in a perfect Image Colorising requirements.

Multiple platform support is another advantage of this multifaceted tools. While the software works in an online format, it lets you download the standalone application on your Windows and Mac devices. You have specialised mobile apps as well, which are excellent for your on the go working with the tool.

The Best features on Image Colorizer

The Image Colorizer app comes with a host of advantages and benefits. Before you can move ahead to understand how to use the tool for colorising your images, it may be a good idea to understand a few features that are offered by the tool.

AI Technology

One of the best advantages offered by Image Colorizer lies in the fact that it comes with Artificial Intelligence. Technology can go a long way in improving your experience further in converting your black and white images into color photos.

In essence, there is nothing you need to worry about handling the tool. You can simply upload your images and download the colorised image right away. Your images are downloaded within seconds! That does not need you to have any thorough knowledge of how to convert your images or how to colorise them.

Photo editing tools embedded

The desktop and mobile apps offer you an extended service with the focus on optimising your videos to meet your exact needs. The options to change and configure saturation points and exposure can double up as an excellent option for most of your individual needs.

The video editor functionality within the tool also lets you make use of the hue, sharpening and radius features as per your preferences.

Quick and accurate result

Colorisation of your old image can be a little difficult if you are new to the concept. Image Colorizer app makes it relatively simple and easy to go with. It provides you access to multiple shades that you can work with. The algorithm and AI technology offered by the tool can provide you with a truly enhanced experience in getting access to a very easy to follow features to colorise your images.

The app is relatively fast and accurate. It provides you with access to a very high degree of rendering speed. The results are available within a couple of seconds. In comparison, you would find that the high-end tools such as Photoshop take around 30 minutes for a similar task.

Image Support

Image Colorizer comes with extensive support for different images. In terms of the image size supported, you will find the platform support for image sizes of up to 3000 x 3000 pixels. However, do note that the image size does not go beyond 5 MB. The images formats supported would include JPG, PNG and JPEG.

How to use Image Colorizer to convert your images from Balck and White into Color?

There are multiple ways you can use the Image Colorizer app. You can either use the online version of the app or use the standalone app for converting your black and white images into a color image.

Here are the steps you can follow -
  • Launch your browser and visit the Image Colorizer official website.
  • homepage
  • Drag and drop your image that you want to colorise
  • Once the image has been uploaded to the site, click on START.
  • add file online
  • Wait till the process to convert your image is completed.
  • Click on Download to download the converted image.

You can find the differences from the image comparison here below -
The tool handled the conversion faster enough. But, we did not find a huge difference with the final image. It improved the look a little though, but not to the extent a professional coloriser would have done.

If you are using the Windows Application or similar other desktop clients, you will have more control over the configuration and final image.

Here is how it will look like -
  • Download and install Image Colorizer
  • application
  • Click on Add, and add the image you want to colorise.
  • add image app
  • Click on Colourise Option.
  • Wait till the colorisation is completed. You will be shown a progress indicator to understand the status.
  • colorise

A few Pros and Cons of the tool

  • A simple to use interface
  • Supports a wide range of image formats
  • Faster conversion speed.

  • No batch file processing
  • It may take a while if the file size is larger enough
  • Manual correction may be a little difficult

The Closing Thoughts

An old picture can provide you a whole lot new story when new effects are applied to it. Colorisation can provide you access to a great way to lighten up and optimise the old image and provides you access to a better degree of performance standard.

If you are satisfied with the features offered on the standard feature, you can choose to opt for the Pro version of the tool for gaining access to an enhanced experience.


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