How to Keep My PC Away From Online Malware or Trojan?

Here is the complete guide of how you keep your Pc protected from viruses and malwares. Read the quick tricks that will help you out. Here we have discussed 5 ways through which you can do the things

No matter how much your computer is capable of or is adorned with powerful and latest specs if you don't look after its maintenance then it will run slow or even start freezing and crashing down frequently. I am sure that you don't want to see your computer suffering like this, in fact, no one does. The only way for you to keep your system functioning like that is to stay rigid on the maintenance. But here comes the other problem and that is complexity. Now we can all agree here that a computer is a very complex machine and takes hard trained personnel to fully understand and troubleshoot lots of critical issues. Every computer user is not a professional and a lot of us use it for lighter purposes, even for entertainment.

A lot of the time the source of performance issues can be Malware, viruses and even trojans. So how can one fight against such forces without being a tech genius? Don't worry, in this article, I am going to share with you some of the ways in which you can protect your computer from Malware and other such threats. Have a look:

1. Say no to pirated content

Pirated content is quite sought by computer users and why not, it is free, without any restrictions. You can get movies, shows, games, almost all types of software, and whatnot, free of cost on the internet only if you know ways to get them. Apart from the fact that pirated content does not give any credit or income to original creators, it is also known to be embedded with malware, virus and other malicious programs which can potentially harm your computer and the data present on it. These kinds of malware work especially when you have the main program working on like when you are playing a full screen game it can work in the background and users won't know it.

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2. Don't download all the attachments

If you have been working online or even surfing the internet for some time now, chances are that you have already created an email account and are now pretty comfortable with it. A lot of users and even organizations exchange emails online on a regular basis. In most of the cases, it also works as online proof and documentation for office work. So receiving emails from known contacts and sources is okay and fine but what about an email from the unknown ones? Experts agree that emails from unknown sources and attachments that come with them can bring or carry malicious programs and as well as a trojan. The trojan is designed to carry malicious software hidden in it, for example, a lot of trojans are used to carry and spread worms, which then, later on, multiply small files into hundreds and thousands of copies, just to fill up your disk space. So, I would suggest you refrain from downloading anything from emails that you receive from unknown sources.

3. Use a paid antivirus software

Installing antivirus software is one of the best and most secure ways to get rid of malware, viruses, spyware, trojan, etc. effectively. A lot of companies around the world work hard to create the latest antivirus software and keep the mugshot database up to date so that their programs can scan and detect all such malicious programs and keep the user's data safe. Innumerous antivirus software is available to download easily and a lot of them are free of cost. However, I would suggest you go for the paid and best ones. Why you may ask? The answer is simple. Every company needs to generate revenue and generally, the companies that provide free antivirus software make profits by selling users' personal information to third-party vendors. Apart from low-quality service and an outdated database, you won't even get customer support and no quality assurance from the developer's end.

I would suggest you try out Systweak Antivirus, a leading application developed by Systweak Software that can protect your computer system from almost all kinds of malware and other such threats. The company also provides a free trial to every user so that he or she can use the application before purchasing the full version. After the decreasing popularity of avast antivirus software. This is the best avast alternative that you should try

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4. Switch OS

Windows Operating System by Microsoft is one of the most popular OS preferred by computer users around the world. But sadly, the most popular OS is also targeted by a lot of hackers. Even if you look at the numbers you will find that most virus attacks are targeted on Windows. I do understand that switching to Mac is not a feasible option for all and the lack of applications present for Linux makes it less preferable, but, these are also the least attacked OS. So you can use Windows for daily usage and use an old computer or boot your current one dually with Linux and keep your important data safe.

So these were some of the best tips and suggestions on keeping your PC away from online malware and trojan that I wanted to share with you. If you are still facing performance problems with your system then maybe it is not the virus. Check for updates on the OS. These releases contain bug and even security fixes apart from new features that can help your computer to function properly.


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