How to Play PC Games on Mac

Want to play PC games on Mac but don't have its Mac version available? Read this article to know how to play your PC games on Mac withouts a Mac installer. Know the tools and utilities available for this purpose and get started with your gaming.

Playing PC games is one great activity that you can engage in and break the monotony of playing phone games. However, many Mac users often complain that their machine is not efficient for playing games or that playing PC games on a Mac is not achievable. However, we shall break that misconception that PC games are a no-go zone for Mac users. In this article, we shall discuss how you can enjoy playing PC games on your Mac.

Getting Started on Playing PC Games on Mac

Since the release of Windows 3.0, all PC users have had the upper advantage of playing games such as solitaire, which comes pre-installed on all Windows computers. Mac users, however, do not have it pre-installed as chess is the only game that comes installed on their devices. However, this does not mean that you cannot play solitaire on your Mac as you have the option of installing it via the Apple Store. Better still, here is a link where you can play free solitaire for Mac.

Virtualization Software

Over time, virtual machines have become quite famous for playing PC games with software such as VMware and Parallels desktop being among the most preferred choices. Virtualization software allows you to run both Windows and Mac operating systems simultaneously on your Mac. It does this by creating a virtual desktop for you, meaning you do not need to switch operating systems whenever you want to play PC games, unlike Boot Camp.

Virtual machines allow you to play PC games in 3D but are limited to those that are not power intensive. The software already takes up a lot of resources on your Mac by having to run your MacOS and, at the same time, run Windows in the background. This essentially means that your Mac's processor performance is already limited. That said, playing games that require lots of processing power can quickly become a challenge. Besides the performance limitation, it is wise to keep in mind that virtualization software can be quite pricey. However, if money is not a hindrance, then the gaming world is your oyster.

Boot Camp Assistant

One of the biggest complaints that Mac game lovers have is that majority of the games can only be found on Windows and not on Mac. Fortunately for you, this is where Boot Camp comes in handy. Boot Camp is a utility that comes already built into your Mac. It allows you to run Windows operating system on your Mac on a separate partition, which means you can comfortably switch between windows and MacOS. This also means you can access all the Windows PC games you previously missed out on. With a little research, you can quickly learn how to install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp.


Besides Boot Camp, you can also play Windows PC games on Mac using WINE ("Wine Is Not an Emulator"). WINE simply allows your Mac to "understand" software made for Windows. The good thing about using WINE to play PC games is that it will enable you to minimize errors while running Windows. On the flip side, WINE does not support all games that you can imagine. So before using it, make sure to research whether the PC game you want to play is supported.

Cloud-Based and Third-Party Application Stores

If all else fails, you still have the option of playing PC games on Mac by downloading third-party PC game stores such as Steam, Good Old Games, and Epic Games Store. All these are available for download to Mac users, and all you have to do is sign up and enjoy all the available games. Another alternative is to use cloud-based services such as Shadow, GeForce Now, and Google Stadia, all of which allow you to play pc games even on older Macs.

May the Games Begin!

With all these options, you surely have no excuse not to enjoy playing PC games on your Mac. Some of these solutions work better than others, depending on your Mac's specifications. With some experimenting, you should be able to find the optimal solution. Get started today, and enjoy the world of PC games at your pleasure!


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