Everything you need to know about Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters

Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters are intended for industrial use.Polycarbonate rolling shutters are 70-80% transparent than other type of shutters. If you wish to know more about Polycarbonate Rolling Shutters then read this blog

automatic polycarbonate shutter

Since ages, doors have been one of the most experimented upon part of every home. From steel to aluminium to wrought iron to wood to plastic, glass and what not! Endless experiments have been done on the doors for their materials. Now, when it comes to the industrial doors, you have to think about the material as well as the utility. Further, the looks of the door should be good and the door must be durable with high value of ingress protection to serve you well.

This is why when it comes to the industrial doors; steel and aluminium are the most popular choices. But, there is another fantastic option that you can choose - polycarbonate rolling shutters. The polycarbonate rolling shutters have a long life, are durable and are easy to maintain as well. As an industrial door material Polycarbonate is one of the sturdiest options.

In the following post, we are going to discuss the polycarbonate rolling shutters at length so that all our readers can develop an overall idea about them and can make the right buying decision.

Before we dive into the rolling shutters' details, let us begin with an introduction of the polycarbonate. The polycarbonate is a thermoplastic substance that is durable, sturdy and can withstand the temperature and weather extremes, perfectly. Hence, the material is highly suitable for making industry doors in a large number of domains. The material is getting highly popular these days for making doors for shops, industries, factories, hospitals, offices, chemical labs, and many other commercial places.

Now that we are done with the introduction, let us move on to find out more.

Polycarbonate rolling shutter dealers in Kerala – Choosing the right one from the pool:

Because of their high demand and popularity, there are many Automatic Rolling Shutter dealers in Kerala that offer quality products. However, this has led to the emergence of poor quality stuff as well. So, we are going to share some of the must-know facts about these shutters that can help you make the final choice.

How to choose a Polycarbonate industrial door?

We have mentioned some of the characteristics of the Polycarbonate rolling shutters that you must know about before choosing the Polycarbonate rolling shutter dealers in Kerala.


Polycarbonate is a tough material that is extremely sturdy and can easily ward-off any attacks and collisions. The tensile strength of Polycarbonate material is high (950psi) which makes it resistant to deformation. The best quality polycarbonate shutter doors have anodized aluminium joints. These joints sit between the shutter panels and make the shutter immune to any kind of damages. Further, this polymer has a high temperature resistance and is perfect for exterior installation as well.

A large number of choices

As the Polycarbonate rolling shutters are available in many different colours, and look impressive, you can enhance the aesthetics of your spaces with them. They can also be used for store fronts and other such commercial spaces without any doubt. You can also use them to create see-through partitions in your work area and hospitals etc. Another amazing advantage of the Polycarbonate rolling shutters is that you can use them to guard your displays. If you have any items that you want to display in your shop or store, then you can guard the display by installing a polycarbonate door or shutter. A rolling shutter comes with a magnetic spiral that makes it easier for the shutter to go up and down and has a long life.

Automatic operation for ease of use

If you opt for the best automatic rolling shutters kerala, you can also find amazing automatic door options. They can open and close with a simple button and can instantly uplift the aesthetics and standard of your stores and shops. The manual doors are a problem in areas with AC and heat controlled rooms. If someone leaves them open, then you have to close them again and again to maintain the temperature. The automatic doors come to your rescue in this regard. You can close and open them easily with a button and keep the interiors at a specific temperature.

Reduce your electricity consumption

The Polycarbonate refracts light. So, you can change the direction of light that falls on it, and use the same to naturally light the interiors of your spaces. When you have an ample light inside, your expenses on lighting are reduced.

Easy to maintain

The polycarbonate rolling shutters are easy to clean and maintain. You can clean them with warm water and some mild soap. We recommend using soft rag or microfiber duster to wipe them as it will retain them in good condition for years to come.

Noiseless Operation

The best quality shutters come with nylon poly-guide. This material reduces friction and prevents any creaking noises. Hence, you don't have to lubricate the doors every now and then for a noiseless operation.
We hope that this write-up helps all the readers and that they can make an informed purchase by choosing the best Polycarbonate rolling shutter dealers in Kerala.
Thanks for reading!


Author: Umesh21 Sep 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

A nice article on the polycarbonate shutters. Traditionally, metallic shutters were used in the shops, workshops etc and though they were very strong and could bear excessive mechanical force, they were prone to rusting and had a tendency of getting jammed because of sand and dirt depositing in the channel. Polycarbonate shutters seems to be on a advantageous side from this angle as maintenence would be easier. They are washable and would give an elegant look also. One has to see all other factors like cost etc before going for them in place of the usual metallic ones.

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