How Social Media Optimization Fulfils Digital Marketing Objectives

Social Media Optimisation can help your business fulfill its objectives. Read this article to learn how SMO can your business to grow.

Digital marketing is the process of building a digital presence of any brand. It involves many activities that drive customers' attention towards the brand. The main objectives of digital marketing are driving traffic to the website/app, generating customer responses to enable data mining and processing, which is used further for product enhancement, and also to manage brand reputation.

Simply put, being there where your customers are and deliver the solutions as expected by the customers while negating the effects of any damaging comments posted on social media are some of the achievements garnered by the digital marketers for their clients.

Social Media Optimisation

Search engine optimization, content marketing, blogging or video marketing, and social media management are essential activities that directly impact digital marketing efforts. Of these activities, let's concentrate on social media and find out how optimization keeping these networking platforms in mind can drive better results for the brands.

Enhances brand visibility

A social media page offers an excellent tool to increase brand visibility. The brands can use the header to share contact details, write punchlines, insert a logo, and make special announcements. All these facilities allow the brands to tell the customers about the nature of the business. In addition to these facilities, the brands can carry out functions, such as:
  • Reach to the relevant audience: When you develop a business page on a social media platform like Facebook, you need to select a category. Thus, you assign identity and define the characteristics of the business so that relevant audiences reach you, and more importantly, contact you the first.
  • Introduce business: Just like you introduce yourself on your page at FB, you can introduce the company by following the same procedure. What you do and what solutions you offer can make the primary information that you include in this part.
  • Drive instant lead conversions: Social media page builder allows the businesses to include CTAs relevant to the business. The restaurants can include a CTA like 'Book a table' or 'Order food,' NGOs can include 'Donate Now,' or jewelry businesses can use CTAs like 'Buy Now' or 'Book a trial.' It allows quick conversion of the prospective leads into customers. Once they land on the product page from there, the road ahead becomes a bit easier.
  • Share and invite: This is the most impressive thing that Social media pages provide. The businesses can invite all the contacts as well as the contacts of the contacts, creating a good network of prospective users in the process. The convenience of sharing the post or page, and inviting the friends and other network's contingents offer a cost-effective and quick promotion tool that can reach millions in no time.

The overall impact of all these features of the business page on a social media network manifests as better brand visibility.

Enables quicker customer response:

By writing a blog, or creating a social media post, you get one powerful tool to wield, and that is – comments box. The marketers encourage visitors to leave a comment. It allows uninhibited access to critical information like customer sentiment.

The comments section can make or break the situation. This box can damage the reputation in a jiffy, if not handled professionally. Thus, this box deserves all your attention and continuous monitoring. With the help of the comments box, you can:
  • Create a lot of data that will help formulate future strategies and enhance product features
  • Interact one-on-one with the customers and solve problem real-time
  • Maintain brand-customer relationship on a positive note by fixing the issues real-time
  • Stay motivated by positive feedbacks that tell what good your digital marketing efforts have done
  • Enable quick conversions by directing the prospective customers to product pages

Allows more real and relevant interactions:

Social media offers a sleuth of tools to support promotion activities. One of these tools is going live on the social media account. The businesses can directly interact with the customers through live chat and answer queries or provide solutions.

It is the most effective communications tool and allows the companies to engage the customers, re-target the potential customers, and leverage the chat tool to peek into customers' insights.

How to carry out social media optimization activities

Here is a quick overview of social media optimization activities you must do to boost digital marketing efforts.
  • Use best performing keywords in introductory sections of the profile page: Design the introduction page or profile page using content that contains keywords smartly. About Us, image text, video text, and introduction box are sections where you can play with the words and appear on the top of the social media searches.
  • Be very specific and relevant in furnishing information: Optimization works much better when you have enriched the process with intelligent use of business information. Provide details that give information correctly, succinctly, and in a user-centric manner.
  • Connect with influencers to maximize backlinks: Your page, and consequently, your business, will work much better when you have got the attention and support of social media influencers.
  • Reach out and interact with these influencers that enhance the reputation of the business by directing their audience to your social media page. Their mention of your business in any form can give the much-needed impetus to your business promotion activities.
  • Engage and re-engage: As a part of optimization activities, the business owners can create posts that engage customers better. The businesses can do so by creating very professional and quite easily relatable content. Also, including user-generated content in the promotion's merchandise can help customers have a sense of belonging to the business in some form.

Engagement can be done by:

  • Alerting the opt-in customers of new events and offers
  • Showing explainer videos
  • Writing thought leadership content
  • Communicating about offers and promotional activities
  • Organizing live chat events
  • Encouraging users to share their stories where your business played a crucial role
  • Take surveys
Re-engagement plays a crucial role when the customer has not completed any action due to a lack of time. The businesses can remind them of an incomplete action, offer better deals, or encourage them to opt for alerts to choose you over your competitor. So, by staying active aggressively, businesses can optimize their online presence and cash it for marketing purposes.

Design automated responses in a customized manner: Every social media platform offers a chat extension where the customers can instantly reach the businesses. With the help of customized automated responses to customer queries, the overall quality of communication improves. Using an automated response, the businesses can:
  • Invite customers to events
  • Inform about all and upcoming features
  • Build a reputation through sponsored messages
  • Deliver quick customer service
  • Alert customers about unused benefits
  • Schedule sending of information according to the buying pattern of customers
Digital marketing is a proven tool and works in exact accordance with the changing ways the businesses have adopted to stay in the competition. With companies facing financial crunch and uncertainties, they are pinning their hopes on online platforms. Therefore, social media optimization is a necessity and not an option if going digital is the new strategy adopted for survival.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Author: Umesh24 Sep 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

This is a good article elaborating the use of social media in business proliferation.
Today, people are present in social media, whether it is Facebook or Instagram or any other such popular place, in large quantities. While communicating with their friends or simply scanning the media for new information they stumble upon the business pages also which are an integral part of the social media and placed there in accordance with the digital marketing techniques or methods. The main purpose is to make the material or service obvious to the user and when he sees it and stays for a while and finds out what is it, it is obvious that the purpose is met. In a large population of social media users, it is natural that some people get interested in such offers made by a particular business house or individual seller. Individuals and business units can cash this great opportunity of expanding the customer base and can establish a good liason and rapport with prospective customers. It is also important to note that social media is going to be more widespread and powerful in its extent in the future and those who enter it in time can be benefited immensely in the longer run.

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