How the Internet of Things will shape the future

Internet of Things market is already booming and now with 5G making inroads in many countries, IoT is expected to go through anther revolution. Read this article to know how IoT will impact our future and what technological advancements to expect in coming future.

We are all conversant with the internet and the role it plays in connecting humans to a vast amount of data and to each other. However, tech visionaries are predicting a period were the internet won't just connect humans and data but will connect all our devices and infrastructure via the internet.

The Internet of Things(IoT) will bring life to numerous types of transformative innovations, from a tiny chip implanted in the body to inform us about our health status to digital sensors that allow plants to communicate when they lack an essential nutrient. The growth in the use of IoT is expected to be so rapid that, according to Statistica, over 50 billion IoT devices will be used around the world by 2050.

Animal Farming

In the United States, farmers lose billions of dollars in hard-earned money to animal infertility, illness, reduced productivity, and death. If IoT reaches an appreciably high production rate, it will diminish the rate of animal mortality and make them produce at their optimal capacity.

IoT enables farmers to install sensors in water and feeding troughs, conduct aerial surveillance on the animal farm, and make animals wear portable sensors that can track sick animals, after which they can be isolated to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Some wearable sensors can help farmers figure out the best time to milk cows.

Driverless Cars

Autonomous electric vehicles (AEVs) and Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) can significantly help to lower the rate of traffic congestion, and improve traffic management, thus, limiting the probability of the occurrence of an accident on highways. Also, CAVs can enhance the mobility of the disabled and elderly persons, and also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Once all electronic devices and buildings are connected, adding driverless cars will be smooth and logical. The system design of AEVs and CAVs will consist of some highly intelligent components such as RADAR and LiDAR sensors as roadside units. The sensors will gather information from road users like cyclists and vehicles, while the roadside unit will monitor and ensure that there's proper communication between the infrastructures and automobiles.

Smart Cities

The rate at which people migrate to cities is leading to a rise in demand for energy and water, which may result in a shortage of those commodities in the nearest future. By placing sensors in strategic places in the city, the government can come up with a model of the city that will help them understand the demands of the populace. IoT also impacts the appliances in our homes, and not just outside it.

The vulnerability of IoT

The primary concern of most industry experts about IoT is that they are effortless to exploit for hackers—this is due to the lack of proper production guidelines, and anti-hacking software. Apart from keeping your password safe, the only security you can add is to install an antivirus.

Fortunately, some antivirus vendors have rolled out innovative security solutions to protect IoT devices. With the capacity to encrypt data and monitor network traffic, antivirus does a great job of protecting you from the prying eyes of hackers. For more information on how antivirus protects your IoT device, kindly visit this page.


The future is techier than you imagine—technology will be inculcated into our daily lives, which will make our day-to-day tasks easier. However, just like any other technological development, it takes time to become sufficiently impactful.


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