How to use your smartphone as webcam?

Are you looking for the best options for turning your smartphone into a webcam? After all, smartphone cameras are usually better and offer you mobility as well during a call. So how about checking out how you can use your smartphone camera as your computer webcam?

With many people working from home, a lot of offices are coordinating over video calls. If your laptop doesn't have a webcam or it is not working due to some reason, it can really be a barrier in your coordinating with your team or your clients. If you have a smartphone, you can make use of its high-quality camera to act as a webcam for your computer.

How to use smartphone as webcam?

There are several ways you can use your smartphone as your webcam. While most of the methods are be free to use, a few of them come for a price. We found a wide range of the apps that would let you convert your smartphone into a webcam, and found a few of them to be truly wonderful in every aspect.

The basic need when using your smartphone as a webcam is to install the relevant app on your device. The app would work as a bridge between your computer and smartphone to build a connection. This is established usually with the help of a wireless connection or a USB connection.

1. Droidcam

If you are on Android, the free app labelled Droidcam can definitely do wonders for your needs in converting your Android device into a webcam. The free version offers you everything that you would need in a webcam, but you can even opt for the paid version if you are looking to get rid of ads. The paid version gives you access to 720p video and a higher frame rate.
To get it working you need to install the Droicam app on your phone and the corresponding Windows client on your computer. Once you have installed the two apps on your phone and desktop, ensure that both of them are on the same WiFi network. The Android app provides you with an IP address that you need to enter in the desktop client. This would set up the connection between the two devices.

Most of your video calling apps should be able to detect it as a valid webcam. It may be useful to restart those apps to troubleshoot any problem. A few apps such as Skype may create issue sometimes. We suggest installing an older version in such a scenario.

2. iCam

Available on both Android and iOS devices, the webcam app has a companion app on both Windows and Mac PCs. There is a free trial version available that is great to check its compatibility before you buy it.
The working principle remains the same as on the DroidCam. You need to install the corresponding mobile app on your phone and a companion app on your PC or Mac. Once they are on the same WiFi network, the smartphone should start working as a webcam without the need for any high end or complicated software. You can either connect the smartphone to your computer via a WiFi connection or through a wired connection with USB.

Most of the applications and instant messengers such as Skype, Hangouts and a wide range of other apps detect the smartphone as a valid webcam. The application is a paid app and hence you are assured of support in case you face any problem.

3. EpocCam Webcam

EpocCam is an excellent option for those of you who are looking for using their iPhones as webcam. The app is extremely handy and lets you install the software in a step by step manner. As soon as you install the app on your smartphone, you are directed to download and install the appropriate drivers and client on your Mac or PC.
Download and install EpocCam Webcam Viewer on your Mac or PC and connect both your smartphone and PC to the same WiFi network. The EpocCam app is compatible with the Android operating system as well. You can install it from Google Play Store and use it in the same way as you would use DroidCam.

When it comes to the usage and functionality, DroidCam takes a lead over EpocCam. The ads on the EpocCam are highly intrusive in nature. Once again, the free version is extremely limited and if you want advanced features such as Microphone support, HD video, USB connections, and zoom/focus, you will need to opt for the paid version.

4. iVCam Webcam

The app is available both in free and paid versions, but the free version provides you only a 640 x 480 resolution. The advanced features are available with the paid plans. The app is available for both Android and iOS, but the use of the client is limited only to the PCs. So, if you are a Mac user, you are out of luck here.
The app offers you access to best in class performance with high quality and real-time video experience. Ability to connect multiple phones to one PC is another advanced feature that makes iVCam a great option in the long run. It supports multiple video resolutions including 360p, 480p, 540p, 720p, 1080p and 4K.

The Concluding Thoughts

As long as you have a capable software on your phone and are willing to spend a little time in setting up your app and the web client, using your smartphone as a webcam is not a hard nut to crack. Listed above are just a few of the options to let you use your smartphone as a webcam for your desktop.

Check them out and share your inputs with us. As far as our experience goes, DroidCam is the best option for Android smartphones. In case of iOS, the vote goes to EpocCam. Check out the other options as well on your devices and do share your experiences with us.


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