Advantages Of Virtual Instructor Led Training That Businesses Shouldn't Overlook

Read this article to understand the benefits that Virtual Instructor Led trainings offers to employees, the companies as well the trainers themselves. Know the advantages of these trainings and what to expect from them.

With a travel ban applicable across most countries in the world, travelling for business is nearly impossible these days. While some people, particularly those engaged in essential services, may be able to travel, non-essential employees have no choice but to work from their homes.

As a result, many business functions have been affected. One such business function is employee training.

Instructors and employees alike are confined within their homes. This isn't just true for employee training but has put the functions of universities and schools on hold.

However, web conferencing software has emerged as a feasible solution to this problem. Businesses and educational institutions alike are delivering training to learners in a virtual environment.

Virtual instructor-led training is especially advantageous for businesses that are training their employees. Even before the pandemic overtook the world, businesses would have to spend a considerable amount on the travel and lodging expenses of instructors, along with the infrastructure required to deliver instructor-led training sessions.

Monetary savings aren't the only benefit of virtual instructor-led training. Here are a few others:

Train even those employees that have missed a session

Most web conferencing tools offer built-in video recording features. With these, instructors can simply hit record while delivering their session and later make it available for learners that were unable to make themselves available during the live session.

In fact, with a little bit of time spent on editing, instructor-led sessions can be turned into training videos that may help organisations reduce their dependence on instructors.

However, it is important to remember that you will probably need the consent of the instructor to turn their session into a reusable video.

Even if that means paying the instructor a bit extra, it will be more cost-effective than hiring them for repeated sessions in the long run.

More efficient learner-Instructor interactions

While student problems like the inability to watch what is being written on the whiteboard or crowding as a result of the instructor asking learners to "gather around" them or the whiteboard may not seem like pressing issues, such issues may result in inconsistencies in the learning experience of different learners from the same batch.

With instructor-led training delivered virtually, organisations can ensure all their learners are treated to a consistent training experience.

Moreover, when it comes to addressing the doubts of learners, web conferencing software is extremely efficient. When students can post their questions or doubts in a common instant messaging chat room, there is no confusion that is usually caused by different learners shouting different questions at the same time.

Moreover, the questions posted in a chat room are never missed as they are available for the instructor in a written format. Even if an instructor decides to address doubts at the end of the lecture, they will be able to see all the questions posted by learners and address them one by one.

This also means that during a virtual training session, learners don't have to hold on to their questions for the entirety of the lecture. They can simply post their questions as an instant message and focus on the rest of the lecture being assured that their question will be addressed at the end.

Flexibility to hire world best instructors at a lower cost

You don't have to scour for a good trainer living within a fixed radius. Since the trainers as well as the students are attending the session virtually, it gives you the freedom to hire trainers from across the globe without worrying about their travel charges. Your employees in the US can be trained by trainers in India.

The cost saved in traveling can be used to provide your employees with the best trainers that are available.

Track the effectiveness of the training easily and quickly

Such training can be complemented with quizzes and feedback forms during or after the session is complete to help the trainers as well as organisers get feedback on the session quality. You don't need to take prints on papers and then wait for their evaluation to get the feedback. The results are available to you as soon as the session ends.


As you can see, virtual instructor-led training is even better than real classroom sessions in many aspects. The best part is, the advantages mentioned in this article are not limited till the time social distancing is a need, but can be enjoyed by organisations even after it is safe to return to the office.


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