5 Ways you can grow your Creativity using Technology

Creativity has been the base of human evolution and in today's age technology is powered by creativity and creativity itself is powered by technology. Know how you can utilize the advanced technology of today to improve your creativity and get those creative juices flowing.

Creativity is a major part of life. It is a skill that has been encouraged by the presence of technology. It has even introduced the concept of creativity on the academic level. This is possible due to the availability and option of storing thousands of documents online. This allows the students to approach their projects and assignments with a more open mindset.

This is applicable in the case of both individual tasks as well as group tasks. It is due to this reason that even educational institutions care to encourage the use of technology. They believe that it is playing a vital part in the development of students and their thinking process. For more details about science or information technology, you can visit The News and Views.

However, some ways that are considered to help this growth have been listed below.

1. Photography and Video Projects

Smart devices and media are very widespread now. This is why professors have considered using these devices for the encouragement of creativity. Photo and video recording features are available in the devices that they have. The presence of digital media also makes it easier for professors to deliver their lectures.
They can pass on these skills in an improved manner by asking students to step out of their comfort zone. With the resources that they possess, they can find different approaches in the application of their learning. The use of technology in this process is inevitable. This idea is already beginning to take shape.

2. STEM Subjects and their Designs

STEM subjects sometimes require the use of technology and creativity to take place side by side. Information technology news has shown us advancement which provides further opportunities to these learners. It allows them to be even more creative than they have the chance to before. This is due to features that allow virtual models to be built as well as devices, programs, and even robots.
The gadgets make it possible for students to create and innovate the designs in ways that haven't been thought of. This makes way for a future that has robotic technology thanks to Generation Z. A generation that has grown up with technology and considers it vital for their career.

3. Development of Gaming, Animation, and Media

The presence of technology has helped the education system but also contributed to other fields. This includes the gaming industry which has experienced various growth opportunities. The advancement in technology has allowed the industry to experiment. This means that both game design and program development are taking place at a rapid speed.

The students of this field can use the technology for their benefit. They can create as well as innovate new ideas. This includes games and even solutions to every-day problems. The presence of technology and creativity in one field promises a future of success. This seems to be taking place in this industry where both are used avidly.

4. Makerspace – Creative Spaces and their Changes

Makerspace is a trend that has taken place due to the presence of technology in classrooms. These spaces are considered as the designated spots for artisans, scientists, and learners. It allows them to engage through space, materials, and supplies. These spots are usually found in libraries, college campuses, learning centers, and even labs.

Information technology news mentions that Makerspaces are bound to become a part of the learning process. This space would be used by the teachers and students for collaboration and learning. They would be able to use advanced technological gadgets like 3D printers and laser cutters. It may also involve simple tools, the main goal behind these being the promotion of creativity.

5. Social Media Opportunities

Social Media networks and platforms have grown in number over the last decade. However, it is not only a distraction that they bring for students but also creativity. These platforms include Tumble, Instagram, and Facebook. They are starting to be considered as places where students can combine technology and inspiration.

They have a vast amount of resources that can be beckoned at their time of need. Information that is taken from global sources yet simply a click away from us. These platforms are a place of interaction for the individuals. This means that the students can share ideas as well as partake in projects through collaborations. This will also keep their professors on their toes.

It is not farfetched for us to say that technology is slowly taking hold of universities. It brings with it opportunities that are important for the careers of the students. It encourages the use of creativity not only inside the class but also outside. The gadgets allow the students to experiment with their new ideas which helps them personally and professionally.

The 21st century has made all individuals learners. That means that we need to make the best use of technology that has been provided to us through creativity.


Author: Mohammad Mohiuddin10 Jul 2020 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 7

The Author has genuinely pointed out some salient features of modern-day technology that can be properly used to intensify our creativity. Creativity can emerge by utilizing these aspects of the technologies of this era. Firstly, Photography and Video Projects have made the teaching prospects a lot handful not only for the Professors but also for the students. Secondly, Stem subjects and Designs have developed so much that we are now becoming used to artificial intelligence technology. Thirdly, the Development of Gaming, Animation & Media has improved in such a way that a lot of Professionals are rapidly increasing in this field using this superb aspect of technology. Fourthly, with the advent of the technology creative spaces have been created in the various learning environment using ultra modern gadgets for gathering a vast knowledge to increase our creativity. And last but not the least, social media plays a good role in gaining creativity as the students can gather information using study circle which is in another way a tool for inspiration too. So, we can easily deduce that technology is playing a decisive role in the advent of our modern day creativity to a great extent.

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