Essential Medical gadgets you must have at home

Technology has been making inroads into every aspect of our life. Health services are not exempted either. In these times of pandemic, how about a few essential medical gadgets that you must have at your home? Have you ever thought of equipping yourself for the best medical gadgets that you can opt for?

COVID-19 has become all-pervasive and affected practically every aspect of our life. Most of the health checkups and tests that you were forced to visit the healthcare center can now be taken care of at your home. That has been the power of technology and how it has enabled you to get access to the best medical care ever.

Thanks to the best medical gadgets and technical assistance that they provide you, it has become rather easy and straightforward to take care of your family - notably, the children and senior members of your family, to be precise. These medical gadgets can be quite helpful in handling a wide range of medical emergencies - right from the simple pain to other chronic conditions. Let us check out a few good medical gadgets that can indeed prove to be handy enough.

Top 6 essential Medical gadgets for your home

There are several tools and gadgets that can prove to be quite handy in letting you focus on the health of your family. They may appear to be a luxury in many cases, but they do help you save on the unnecessary time and money that you may need to waste for your visit to the healthcare center.

1. Your Personal EKG

The EKG or Electrocardiogram is the first test that doctors do to figure out any abnormality in your heart. AliveCor is a well-known brand in this context, and the AliveCor Personal ECG Monitor is a nice medical device to have at home to do your EKG.
The device is approved by the FDA which means it is properly tested and certified. The gadget syncs with the Kardia Mobile and thus ensures that you can get a reliable ECG data right on your smartphone. You just need to place your fingers on the sensor points on the device and voila! You have your ECG result within 30 seconds!

The smartphone app can keep a record of all your ECG readings and of course, can print it as well. This historical data will be of high practical use to your doctor to diagnose any heart health deterioration over time. Of course, the case (or the device as it is called) is available for a few select devices. AliveCor also offers you access to a universal attachment to work with other smartphone models.

2. Portable Gluten Tester

The world is moving towards the gluten-free food options and the best options from that perspective would be to have a personal gadget that lets you check the gluten levels in your food. Nima has been considered to be one of the excellent options for Gluten testing.
Developed by 6SemsorLabs, the Nima Gluten Tester has been the first gluten tester in the world. You need to stock enough number of test capsules which can only be used only once. Of course, the tester comes with several of those, and you can buy additional ones rather easily.

The gadget also has a proprietary app that lets you calculate and compare the gluten level rather easily. You can even share the details of your finding with others. If you are someone who is allergic to gluten or suffering from celiac disease, the gluten tester is a perfect choice.

3. Blood Pressure Monitor

A blood pressure monitoring device is something I find an excellent option for ensuring a better degree of a healthy lifestyle. Nokia BPM+ and other manufacturers have developed a huge range of blood pressure monitors with the wireless and cordless design. The minimalistic design makes it one of the high end and portable devices you would want to go with.
pressure monitor
The device syncs well with a smartphone app referred to as Health Mate App. The app can keep the record of all your readings and work as a medical record of your regular blood pressure. It can double up as a good option to share your medical history with your doctor. The two-year warranty is yet another excellent feature that you would find attractive to select it.

4. Wireless Glucometer

Having found out the personal gadgets for measuring your blood pressure and electrocardiogram, the next best gadget would be to measure your blood sugar level. The smart glucometer helps you monitor your blood sugar level wirelessly. The Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System made by iHealthlab is one of the truly new-age technology gadgets for your health needs.
Taking your readings is similar to the traditional Glucometer, but it comes with a digital counterpart as well. The sales package comes with 10 lancets, a lancing device, and a set of strips for measuring your blood sugar. Buying additional lancets and measuring strips should not be an issue as such. One of the factors we found truly interesting is that it stores your test results on the cloud. This is an excellent option to share the details with your doctor periodically.

5. Air Pollution monitor

Air Pollution has been one of the huge concerns of late. The digital Air Pollution Monitor measures the air quality around you. A poor air quality can be something that can have a heavy damaging effect on your health. If you are susceptible to allergies due to dust or even suffering from asthma, the air quality monitor is a great device to keep with you at all times.
pollution monitor
You get access to a host of products that would meet your needs in getting access to a detailed analysis of the air quality ranging from the different gas level concentration to the concentration of particulate matter. A few other metrics in this list include the option to measure air temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity in the atmosphere as well.

6. Nebuliser

When one comes to think about a nebuliser, the first thing that would come to your mind would be the asthma patients and their constant need for a nebuliser. Of course, they are the best ones for asthma patients and can be carried with you wherever you go. But, they can also be a practical option for other respiratory conditions and can be used to relieve your nasal or throat congestion in other situations as well.
Asthma attacks are unpredictable and can hit you anywhere and at any time. If you are not careful enough, the condition can get severe. A nebuliser can prove to be quite a lifesaver in those circumstances. Like we said before, it can also be used for the kids who are not comfortable with the inhaler. It can be a good option for your needs in other respiratory conditions as well.

The Closing Thoughts

Well, those were a few of the essential medical gadgets that can double up as the real lifesavers. Do note that we have not included those gadgets that would need a professional to use them. The medical gadgets listed here are specifically designed to provide you with an easy to use functionality and access to a better degree of personalised healthcare.

While we have listed a few branded products, you should be able to find alternatives with similar functionality and features. We have listed the branded products as there are not many alternatives or it made explaining the features a little easier. For the rest of the products, there are plenty of alternatives available.
Stay Home, Stay Safe and Ensure that you are in the pink of health with those medical gadgets

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