How to Unblock Content with a VPN

Living in a 'free country' doesn't necessarily mean being free of censorship. Many countries block some content for people using the internet within their geographical boundaries. Read this article to know how to bypass these restrictions and unblock content that your local Government has blocked.

Nothing can replace the joy of using the internet to get your hands on your favorite entertainment and content. However, many websites and services online use anti-VPN technology to prevent you from accessing content that you want to see.

In some countries, even government entities are using this technology to prevent internet users from accessing content that they deem inappropriate. Hence, you might not be able to access the most popular online streaming services due to geo-restrictions.

Fortunately, there's a way to get around geo-restrictions and censorship. VPN services help solve this issue by replacing your original IP address to a different one. However, anti-VPN software might detect your VPN and block its use.

Bypassing VPN Blocks

Bypassing VPN blocks is a lot easier if you have a reliable VPN service provider by your side. Not only will it allow you to circumvent those restrictions, but it might also ensure much faster streaming. If it's Netflix you're after, you have to find a service provider that regularly keeps their IP addresses up to date to avoid Netflix from blacklisting them.

VPN providers usually have a long history of evading VPN blocks. So, you can also set up a dedicated IP, which is a standard feature offered by the majority of the most reputable VPN providers. Choose a dedicated IP address and be prepared to pay a small additional cost for this service.

Dedicated IP addresses are an excellent way of bypassing Netflix restrictions. Since you're the only one using them, Netflix can't detect them. Connect to the streaming service of your choice and enjoy unlimited access to a variety of shows.

Bypassing VPN Blocks at Work

Some workplaces might prevent employees from masking their activities with VPNs. Luckily, there are two easy methods to bypass VPN restrictions at work:
  • By changing your VPN port – your ISP can identify and close the most used VPN ports on your network. To circumvent this restriction, change your VPN port by configuring your VPN.
  • By using the Tor browser – the most significant advantage of using Tor is that it hides your IP address. It allows you to bypass restrictions, access any online content, and share it anonymously. The Tor browser is one of the most effective ways to avoid any VPN block, and you can download this browser for free.
Just test your VPN to make sure it works with the browser and start surfing the net. If you're downloading Tor at work, you'll probably need an admin's permission to install it.

The Tor browser also allows you to prevent both ISPs and network administrators from tracking your online traffic, behavior, and activity. You can also use it to avoid DPI detection, by pairing your browser with Obfsproxy.

Finding Your Way Around Countries with Online Censorship

Countries like China and Iraq use online censorship to prevent internet users from accessing content the government doesn't want them to see. To bypass this censorship in these countries, choose a VPN that is compatible with Obfsproxy technology.

The majority of reputable service providers can easily bypass the restrictions, regularly practiced by ISPs and governments. So, do some research on VPNs with the Obfsproxy feature. This technology makes your encrypted data appear different when it faces restrictions. Instead of looking like you're trying to access blocked content, your data will appear like regular internet traffic.

Another method to get rid of the nasty censorship is to use Shadowsocks. It is an open-source app that transfers your data over an anonymous proxy server by using the SOCK65 protocol. You can easily bypass internet filtering and access content in any country. Shadowsocks pretty much behaves like a regular VPN with just one small advantage – it's much less centralized. Because of this feature, Shadowsocks is almost untraceable, making it harder for governments to detect traffic and block you from accessing certain content.


There's little you can't do with a reliable and top-class VPN. If you want to bypass VPN blocking quickly and easily, using a good VPN is the best option. Of course, you should get comfortable with VPN services first. Atlas VPN offers a free trial for you get plenty of time to test the service or use the free version if you do not want to spend money on a VPN just yet.

The most reputable service providers regularly update their servers' IP addresses, ensuring that each VPN service has a wide range of necessary features for overcoming any anti-VPN measures. You have the right to online freedom, regardless of what your local authorities think.

While complying with government laws is always the best thing to do, the internet should be available to all citizens. Luckily, top-quality VPN services are making this dream come true. So, use a VPN to surf the net freely and circumvent all surveillance and tracking practices.

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Author: Aman07 Jun 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Well, nicely explained. All I need to ask is that, is VPN really helpful in hiding IP address? Is it not possible to track someone if he/she is using a VPN (proxy network) .

Author: Webmaster07 Jun 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Yes Aman, that is the primary task of a VPN.

Author: Aman07 Jun 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

I agree with your point sir. But is it possible to track someone who is using a VPN (a proxy server)? Or is it completely reliable for a person to do cyber crime using a VPN server?

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