Best methods to store and care your batteries

In this article, I have outlined some of the best ways to store batteries. Batteries are used on a daily basis and you need to ensure whether you get the most life of it. Good storage of batteries is highly recommended as their life will increase when your start using them rather than keeping them in closed container. The below mentioned some of the best methods will help you in storing your batteries in good condition and the life of the batteries will continue to increase.

About Storing Batteries

Batteries with good life are very essential for everyone including kids as batteries are required to play toys, etc. Batteries are used for everyday purpose and your need to see that every battery has a good life in it, so that you could play music, toys, electronic, radio, and light lamp etc. Batteries are grouped into many types such as alkaline battery, carbon zinc, nickel-zinc, lithium battery, Li-ion battery, etc. Storing batteries is very important to everyone due to the fact that it consist of more life in it, when you're ready to use them during anytime of the day. The life of the alkaline battery gets weaker when it is utilized in digital cameras, but when it is used in TV remote it will last for years together. People do keep stock of alkaline batteries at home and store them in good place. The prices of alkaline batteries are bit higher, and the main motive would be storing them in a better place and that will make a big difference on their life. Batteries such as alkaline and rechargeable may gradually end up their charge due to the fact that it is stored in a plastic container without any use.

Proper storage in the best place will surely increase the lifespan of battery. There are many ways to store and care your batteries; one has to pick the best methods which are outlined below in order to get the good life of each battery which are used at regular intervals.

  • Recommended Methods

  • Not Recommended

  • Recommended Methods to store and care your batteries

    Original Pack

    You need to ensure that your new batteries which are sealed and stored in their original pack shouldn't be removed unless it is put to use. This process will surely protect your batteries from dirt, dust and excess heat which may cause problem to its lifespan. This tip will also help in safeguarding your new batteries and will not allow them to mix with the other batteries which are already being used. Batteries which are mixed may affect the performance of other new battery and may also lead to leakage.

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    Source of Heat

    You need to ensure that batteries are kept aside from fire or any other sources which will explore to heat. Exposure of any battery types to extreme heat may end up in heavy explosion.

    Direction of battery

    You need to ensure that batteries should be faced on the same direction and also proper step is taken to clean the negative and positive ends of the batteries with some soft tissue or eraser.

    Non-utilization of battery

    In case if the batteries are not used on regular bases say for a month or more, then it is highly recommended to store them in a clean, dry and cool area which is far from heat objects. It is also recommended to use the batteries every two or four weeks rather than keeping them inactive for months together.

    Proper Temperature

    You need to ensure that batteries are stored in a cool place. The best practice of storing the batteries is to keep them at room temperature. The best temperature for any batteries can result to the same temperature range which will suit for everyone. Generally an Alkaline battery should be stored at a normal room temperature of 70 degree F. Proper storage with good temperature will change the lifespan of every battery. Keep your batteries out from direct sunlight and if you still continue this process by placing them direct with sunlight, then the overall performance of your battery will suffer or even swell or leak and bring down the lifespan of it.

    Maintenance of each and every batteries

    Before storing your batteries in a container or in the drawer, you need to ensure that it is kept clean and neat. It is highly recommended to clean your dirty battery with a cloth or cotton. This will help in maintaining a smooth connection between the battery and your devices such as electronic, radio, toys, and laptop.

    Removal of batteries

    It is safer to remove the batteries from your devices which are not used for several months in order to safeguard your devices from short circuits. A short-circuit may cause more damage to your life of the battery. You need to ensure that you should never drop the battery on the ground and by doing this; it may result in the exposure of the cell contents.

    Storage container

    The best and safe method of storing your batteries is to store in a container. You need to ensure that never store loose batteries in a purse or pocket. In case if the batteries get contacted with other objects in the purse or pocket then it may result in short circuit and may lead to leakage.

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    Plastic Battery Storage

    It is seen that many companies advertise on selling plastic battery storage. It is preferred to store them in plastic storage compartment so that it is kept far from direct sunlight and the lifespan of the battery will increase.

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    Not Recommended to store your batteries

    Refrigerator and Freezer

    You need to ensure that batteries shouldn't be stored in refrigerator or freezer. It is belief of many people that storing battery in the refrigerator or freezer may increase the lifespan of each and every battery. Storing batteries in such cold environment will harm your batteries and this is not recommended.

    Out from reach of children's and pet's

    It is not recommended to store batteries near the playing area of children and should be far from pets. It is very harmful if the batteries are swallowed by infant and pets.


    I tried my best to bring in few tips for storing and caring your batteries. Batteries are required at any time and proper storage is very essential to maintain the lifespan of it. It is recommended to choose any of the best tips which are outlined above for storing your batteries.


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