Top reasons to choose an open source ERP software

Are you looking for ERP software for your business? Here are the top reasons to consider open-source ERP software.

The ERP system has empowered success with its every walk-in business world, and thanks to its core functionality, which makes it more imperative and interactive for users. Furthermore, it is expected by the experts that the ERP market will reach $78.40 billion by 2026. So, it's obvious for everyone to get eager about the sudden recognition of this ERP system. Well, according to the observation and statistics, there are prominent reasons for its rapid growth in every industry, and not only in a few supply chain management fields like manufacturing, healthcare, etc.

ERP is employed widely and unbiased by every industry like manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, non-profit, hospitality, and a lot more. ERP is a system, accepted and implemented by the organizations looking forward to managing their entire business functions within one single integrated system.

Mainly, most IT leaders consider ERP for the commercial or open-source platform. As stats say, in the last 15 years, open-source has become more trustworthy for the programmers among the most Go To Market (GTM) strategies for software and hardware companies. The companies like Alfresco, RedHat and SugarCRM have commercialized the open-source business models.


Here are the top 10 reasons why it's time to seriously consider Best Open Source ERP software as one of the options for your organization.

Responsible Open-Source ERP

There are many open-source solutions available in the market for around 7+ years that are proficient in handling entire medium and large scale enterprises or different departments. In the global market, a considerable amount of quality and affordable open-source ERP solutions are available, which many organizations are already using for some time. Still, the CTO and CIO are unaware of this ERP system. Some open-source ERP systems are stable, mature, and have a formative support system that benefits the organizations.

A Unique Solution

Every business comes with different nature and functionality. While on-boarding with ERP solutions, many organizations need to refine the processes followed in the implementation of ERP. Open-Source can be used or tailored according to the requirements and endorse the fulfilment of the organization's needs.

Understand the Cost

Valuation of ERP system should consider not only the optimization of processes but also value-added services, the cost, employee time, and the removal or modification of any current process. ERP implementation is not a simple process, and it can become expensive quickly; make sure your business is ready and in need of such a solution. Hidden costs and heavy customization can make the overall costing of the product more expensive. If you can get the same capabilities at par with commercial ERP at a lower price, open-source ERP will emerge as a clear winner.

Code Accessibility

This could be the prime reason to opt for the ERP solution for your business, which provides the facility to access code remotely from anywhere. On the other hand, it is open-source and has the potential to operate the entire functionality of any organization with a single integrated system. You can easily access the code whenever you want with no restrictions.

Easy to Customize

Now that you have a benefit to access the complete code at any time, the customization can be handy for you. You can customize your ERP software at your place or inhouse, which definitely will lower down the budget or pricing by around less than 20-30% overall.

Vendor Independent

This is another benefit of choosing an Open-Source ERP that makes your decision more prominent and satisfactory for your business goals. You don't have to rely on vendors to move your data at your convenience and any other stuff regarding ERP integration and implementation. But, on the other hand, if you own a commercial ERP and later decide to switch vendors, you can do that, but it's a hassle that you have to depend on them for every task or at every stage. An open-source ERP system is independent of vendors.

Do Innovation

As the technology spreading its legs in every field, it is making a significant impact on innovation too. When you talk about open-source ERP software, which is genuinely customizable and proficient, making a modification and any change regarding its renovation, you can efficiently innovate it at ease. Of course, every system needs to fit all the requirements of the organization in the best possible way, and the ERP system is capable enough to replenish the needs alone.

Highly Scalable

The advancement in business, open-source ERP helps the company grow with the speed of a rocket, and also grows with it. It is highly scalable; it increases its capacity along with the improvement of the company and allows making more efforts to achieve unreached business goals. This way, you can integrate it with other platforms, give it more space, include more complex features, run advanced reports, and much more.

Easy Community Interaction

Get real support from real users within the community. Discussions, feedback, industry news on ERP technologies get all updates in ERP community forums. There are many free or paid add-ons available within the market to increase functionality. Many companies are open enough to share their innovations on GitHub for everybody to use for free of charge.


There is still a paradox to choose between cloud and open-source ERP; many companies or vendors are compelling customers to pursue a cloud system. Open-Source ERP offers them both to deliver the best experience. It is well-known that the cloud has its benefits, but still, it is not the best solution for all the companies.

On a serious note, this is a great time to consider Open-Source ERPs as one the best option for your ERP initiatives. Some companies use commercial ERP like SAP or Oracle in their code business and begin with open-source for one among the areas like accounting or HR.
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