The Best Way of Data Recovery From Corrupted Hard Drive

Are you unable to access your computer? Is the displaying messages like "sector not found" or the files of your system have become unreadable? Your hard drive might have got corrupted. Read on to learn the different symptoms and causes of corrupted hard drive, steps to fix it, and tips that can help you in preventing your hard drive from getting corrupted.

Losing your digital data can be a big problem. While Data Back is the precaution everybody should take, most of us don't realize its important unless a calamity has already occurred.

You must be wondering, is your data recoverable. Do not worry if you are in this situation. You can easily recover data with the best data recovery software – Recoverit.

Symptoms of Corrupted Hard Drive

When your hard drive gets corrupted, it starts showing the following symptoms:
  • Saved file names show unreadable characters
  • Drive name is displayed, but when you try to open it, it asks you to format the drive
  • Storage space is displaying 0 bytes memory
  • While trying to connect the external hard drive, you get the message – external drive not recognized
  • Sector not found error message
  • Warning messages like – disk not formatted
  • Invalid media type
  • RAW file systemClicking and scratching noises from the hard drive
  • The computer tries to boot but come up with an error message – file not found
These are the possible symptoms that can give you the idea about your corrupted hard drive. But what causes hard drive corruption? Let us learn this now.

Causes of Hard Drive Corruption

Various reasons lead to hard drive corruption. Some of the possible ones are:
  • Physical damage to the hard drive because of overheating, power failure, etc.
  • The corrupted file system on the internal hard disk drive
  • Virus attack on boot files also causes corruption
  • Corrupt boot sector
  • Abrupt shutdown of the computer or sudden power failure
  • Human error

Ways To Fix Corrupted Hard Drive

If you are dealing with the corrupted hard drive. Fix it with the below easy methods:

Method 1: CHKDSK

CHKDSK scan is a good way of running a scan to repair the corrupt drive and prevents corruption or loss of data. Proceed it with the below steps:

Step 1: Connect the corrupted hard drive with the system and open command prompt

Step 2: Type the command: chkdsk and press enter
If the corrupt drive is C, you can type chkdsk C: /f /r /x to repair the error in the drive.

Method 2: Run Disk Check

Disk check will scan your computers drive to check for any system errors. You can do it with the below steps:

Step 1: Close all the open programs and 0pen computer or this pc. Then right-click on the hard drive to select "Properties."

Step 2: Click on "Check" after following the below path:
Tools -> Error Checking - > Check
Step 3: Now click on – "Check local disk" and then on "Start"
Now restart the PC and check whether the issue is fixed.

Recover Data From Your Corrupted Hard Drive with the best software – Recoverit

If you fail to fix your corrupted hard drive or while fixing the corrupt drive if you lose your important data, then Recoverit is the one-stop solution to recover your all data.
  • Supports various media types – computer, laptop, SD card, hard drive, camera, USB flash drive, etc.
  • The software is compatible with all operating systems.
  • Recovers data lost under various scenarios – accidental deletion, disk formatting, human errors, and other data loss scenarios.
  • Supports more than 1000 plus file types and formats of office files, pictures, videos, audios, and emails
  • Deep scan to do a more in-depth search for recovering lost or deleted files.
You can begin the recovery process with the below three easy steps. Download the software on your computer and proceed with these steps:

Step 1: Select Location
After launching the software, select the location from where your files are lost. As you are performing recovery for the hard disk, click on "hard disk driver" and then on start to begin the scan.

Step 2: Scan Location
scan runnig
The software will begin with all-around scan. It may take from few minutes to hours for finishing with the scanning. When the scanning is in progress, you can pause and resume it any time in-between.
You can click on "Advanced Video Recovery" if the required files are not found. The option can be seen in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Preview and Recover
After finishing the recovery, the software gives you the preview of the recovered files. Click on the targeted files and then on "recover" after confirming the files.

Allocate the path where you need to save the recovered files. But remember not to save the recovered files at the same path from where these are previously lost.

Tips to Avoid Hard Drive Corruption and Data Loss

You have learned how to recover data from your corrupted hard drive. But why to come across such a situation. Learn here the simple tips that help you in preventing hard drive corruption:
  • Take regular backups to recover data in case of data loss scenarios.
  • Perform disk check regularly to analyze hard disk regularly
  • Clean the ventilation of the system periodically to avoid overheating of the system.
  • Frequently defragment your computer.
  • Uninstall unneeded software, the more files are stored on the system, the harder it needs to work.
  • Avoid opening your computer unnecessarily to prevent failure of the hard drive.
Though a hard drive can get corrupted anytime, you can maintain it and prevent damages with these tips.

Final Words

Hard drive failure can occur anytime because of any issue. We have discussed various symptoms that signifies hard drive failures. Whenever you see such a signal, you can fix hard drive corruption with the methods discussed in this article.

However, if your data is lost while fixing the hard disk, you can perform data recovery with the best software - Recoverit. It can recover your all data irrespective of its format and type.


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