How to Delegate Responsibilities at Your E-Commerce

Read this article to understand what is the ideal way to take care of different responsibilities in your company. Should you do it yourself to better manage it or delegating work is the better way to go? Know this and more in this article.

If you imagine that all tasks are performed by the forces of one person - its owner, you can go crazy. You wouldn't wish such a fate on anyone. But many people start like that: everything is done by themselves. Not surprisingly, why 80-90% of new online stores are closed in the first year of its existence.

The key to success in the organization of business processes online store is the ability of the head to delegate duties to their subordinates or partners, as to cope with all the functions often simply impossible. But many still want to do everything on their own.

Why hire a courier? After all, one order a day you can take yourself!
Why hire an advertiser? After all, the network has many instructions for setting up advertising with your own hands!
Why hire an operator, because I myself want to know more about its target audience!
Why pay the designer? After all, I myself can draw a great logo!
Why pay the copywriter? After all, 100 products can be described and myself!
Why pay the accountant? After all, no one will count my money better than me!

Yes, many managers believe that no one can do better than them, even with such simple and routine tasks as order processing and packaging parcels. And make one of the most popular mistakes when opening an online store, which could eventually lead to its closure.

In order not to lose interest in your business, you must have the time and energy to develop it. After all, now you dream about how to start working for yourself so that then the business worked for you. To do this at the start you should try to establish business processes so that the most simple and repeatable operations to entrust their subordinates. When such large processes as strategic planning, demand forecasting, working with suppliers, attracting customers, order processing, parcel delivery, receiving and accounting for payments, performance analysis, you will break down into simple elements and assign responsible executors, you will be easier to manage the store, to control the actions of subordinates and analyze their effectiveness.

When the online store owner needs to look for new employees

To understand when to delegate responsibilities, take a little test:

It's time if:
  • You are your own director, accountant, designer, programmer, advertiser, consultant, courier and much more.
  • You work 20 hours a day and forget what healthy sleep is.
  • You just do not have enough hands-on everyday tasks.
  • You are buried in a routine, and you no longer have the physical or moral strength to develop a business.
  • You faced reality, and you realized you couldn't do it on your own.
It's early if:
  • You have a weak client flow, and you're still doing great on your own.
  • You really like doing everything by yourself, from niche testing and sourcing to packing and delivering orders to customers.
  • You have a limited budget, and you can't afford to pay your regular staff yet.
  • You really don't know what to do with future employees.
  • You have loved ones who take on what you can't handle and help you in your business for free.
As a rule, one person, even the smartest, experienced and successful, is not able to pull the developing online store. Because even if you think that you are doing well, you:
  • exactly do not use all the most effective channels or Mageworx extensions to attract customers, and the maximum twist contextual advertising, which is basically not bad for the start, but not everything that you could implement;
  • you surely can't break up to deliver at least three orders in one evening and have dinner with your family;
  • you don't know exactly what could be improved because you just don't have time to analyse and optimise your work.
There is only one scheme in which a small online store can serve one person, and that is under question. This is if you yourself are a manufacturer of a handmade piece of goods and sell it over the Internet. In this case, you usually have in stock no more than 100 items, handmade is not cheap, and the demand for it is specific. However, often even in such a situation, the creation of goods is engaged one person, and the online store - another.


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