Educational and Entertainment Android apps to keep children busy during a pandemic

With COVID 19, we have all been stuck at home as part of the lockdown and self-quarantine. But, this has also created a huge issue, where it has become extremely difficult to keep your kids happy.

Coronavirus or COVID 19 has become an enormous concern for humanity at large. Homeschooling, self quarantined lifestyle and working from home are a few situations that have been the repercussions of COVID 19 or Novel Coronavirus.

This has made us act as teachers to our kids, but do we really have it in us? Perhaps letting your kids use a few excellent apps for entertainment and education can be the right step towards achieving the best results. Here are a few great Android apps that would be helpful in educational and entertainment purposes.
Let us analyse a few excellent options you can check out.


Duolingo has always been one of the most promising apps, and in this time of quarantine, it assumes even more importance. It is a free communication app and has been widely used for learning different languages with ease.
The app works with multiple languages, and a few of them are Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Czech, Welsh, Danish, and Greek. What makes it one of the great choices is that it comes with a gamified functionality. It means that Duolingo works like a game and offers you rewards for achieving the levels.

The highly adaptable usage pattern and functionality help you quickly learn a new language. You earn virtual coins on each achievement you unlock which provides you with the much-needed motivation to keep you learning more from the app.


Zoom is one of the best know tools for meetings and conferences. However, it can also be used as a means of arranging a meeting between a teacher and a student. If the school of your kid is willing to arrange those digital lessons, Zoom does provide you access to unlimited meeting minutes for teachers and students.
You would need to provide your email address for signing up for this service. In fact, Zoom would need the email address of both the teacher and the student. Zoom undertakes the verification of the accounts before the account profiles are created. The account will be associated with the school domain so as to verify that the use is for education purposes and they can give their free services for this.


This is yet another excellent app or online tool wherein your kid can learn a new skill through online means. The app features a wide range of courses that will help you improve a skill that you already have or can assist you in learning a new skill.
You have a huge number of options to upskill in different fields like Calligraphy and photography. You can watch videos from the experts and acquire skills as per your preferences. The app also lets you create videos on the app. This means if your kid has experience in any of the skills, they can share the skills with the other users of the platform. The app comes with in-app purchases and offers a 30-day free trial option. If you opt for the premium version, you will be able to get access to offline videos as well.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is yet another excellent option for the high-end e-learning experience. It does let you learn a wide range of subjects and a few of them include Maths, Science, Economics, Humanities and History to name a few. You can even prepare for a few competitive examinations as well.
khan academy
Khan Academy hosts multiple assessment options such as tests, practice papers, quizzes, step by set answer papers. and several other resources. You can even get access to instant feedback. This makes it an excellent option for simple and smooth learning. You get access to a host of options for evaluating the children and their progress The videos, interactive exercises and articles related to the study materials are a few best options that should be helpful in the long way.


ExtraMarks is yet another excellent choice for the children in getting access to online study material. The app specifically covers both CBSE and NCERT syllabus. The AI bot built within the app helps you with your doubts as well as aids you in reaching the right resource for your learning needs.
Extra Marks
Apart from your study material, the app is also quite useful for other application areas such as essays, projects, homework, tests, and assignment. The app covers all the classes, and thus, you do not need to be limited with your approach. Artificial Intelligence helps the students learn at their own pace by customizing the curriculum flow according to the learning speed of your child. by learning the pattern of your child's feedback The mentorship, instant resolutions, and real-time problem-solving capabilities are a few prime features that make it one of our highly recommended option for online learning during this time of the pandemic.


This is yet another great online learning app if you are looking for your kids to gain some extra skills. The app provides more than 45,000 different courses that the kids can choose from. Right from improving your handwriting to photography to learning guitar, you name it, and Udemy will offer you a course right away!
Now that most of the examinations have been called off (except for a couple of the most important ones), your children can while away the time quite efficiently by indulging in the best possible activities ever. The best part with Udemy is that unlike most of the other apps featured in this compilation, the service lets your children learn practically anything and it need not be from the syllabus of your kids. Of course, all the courses are paid for, but none of them is unreasonable prices.

Talented and Gifted

Talented and Gifted
Talented and Gifted is an educational app for smart kids that has gained popularity over the past five years. It's organised in such a way that all you need to do is choose the appropriate grade level for a child, and the rest of the teaching job will be done by the app — leading your child through diverse structured courses filled with different types of activities. On completing the activities, the learner gains rewards that they can exchange for funny costumes for Eddy the Elephant. The weekly reports sent by the app will be extremely handy in keeping track of a kid's progress.

In Conclusion

Well, those were a few of the best choices you can check out if you want your kids to be indulging into some practical and useful activities during the time they are confined to the home. We assume that the list of the apps outline in this compilation should ideally meet most of your needs.


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