WhatsApp Monitoring: How Monitor Your Kids' WhatsApp Activities

Today, teens may be using the WhatsApp app for sending inappropriate messages, pics or videos. So you need to monitor your child WhatsApp activity and here we discussing how you can monitor your child WhatsApp activity.

WhatsApp is one of the most used social messaging services that is currently being used by billions of people worldwide. While WhatsApp is certainly one of the best and instant ways of sending/receiving messages, small files, pics, videos and other data worldwide, it also may impose many potential threats to people, especially children, who are not careful enough when using the app.

What Kinds of Threats Can WhatsApp Impose on Your Children

If you think WhatsApp is an innocent instant messaging app and does not pose any threats to your children whatsoever, you couldn't be more wrong.

WhatsApp can be unsafe for your kids, in many ways
For one, your children or teens may be using the app for sending inappropriate messages, pics or videos. In this case, WhatsApp can be even more lethal than any social media app, as the receiving person may misuse the content for cyberbullying and similar purposes.

Also, WhatsApp is a common source of rumours. Since it's very easy to just forward or copy-paste a message to others, people don't think much or care to verify a message before forwarding it to others.

Then, there is the WhatsApp status feature, where people, especially teens and kids, keep sharing personal photos and videos without thinking twice that someone could use them for the wrong purpose.

How to keep your kids safe on WhatsApp

If you think about it, the easiest way to ensure the safety of your kids on WhatsApp is by telling them to just stop using it. Right? No.

WhatsApp has many positive benefits, including the facility to send/receive messages and files for free, which no other apps offer. However, this comes at the cost of compromising user privacy and security.

But, there is a better way to ensure your children's safety without asking them to use WhatsApp. You can use a good parental control app for monitoring WhatsApp activities on your kid's devices. Here is how it works.

Basically, as a parent, you must be worried that your children might be using WhatsApp for sending/receiving/sharing inappropriate content, so the best way to verify that is by monitoring their WhatsApp uses. The Titan Family Security app lets you do just that.

You can use the Family Security Android app to track the WhatsApp activities of your kids by installing the app on their smartphone or tablet device. Then, the app on your own phone (dashboard) will give you full details of whatever your kids are doing on WhatsApp, including who they are chatting with, what they are sending or receiving, WhatsApp status, and more.

In short, you can track all their WhatsApp activities to ensure they are using the instant messaging app for all the right purposes, and not for sharing any inappropriate things.

Best WhatsApp monitor apps

Besides the Family Security App, here are some other mobile applications that you can use to monitor or track your kid's Whatsapp activities:

Titan Family Security

The Titan Family Security app is a powerful and most trustable parental control app. This app will help parents to keep track of the live location, call logs, storage and also social media activity like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. You can sign up today for the trial version, or purchase the full app package from the website.

Highster Mobile

This is a complete WhatsApp and mobile tracking app that lets you see everything your kids are doing on their phone, including whom they are chatting with on WhatsApp and what they are talking about. You can also use the Highster Mobile app/website for monitoring the calls, SMS and browsing activities on your kid's devices.

Spy Bubble

The Spy Bubble is a comprehensive mobile monitoring solution that is available for Android and iOS devices. You can use the app for monitoring, not just WhatsApp but many other apps on your kid's cell phones, for call logs, SMS, GPS and other things.

The above WhatsApp monitoring tools should be more than enough to keep a proper and safe watch over your children's WhatsApp activities in order to better protect them from harm.



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