How to Compress Videos Using Online UniConverter

Read this article to know how to compress videos using Online UniConverter. Know the correct settings to compress your videos without losing as less as video quality as possible.

One of the most common problems people have when they store videos is the fact that they take up too much space. The file size of videos is a recurring issue, and odds are at some point or other your storage will end up filling up with videos that you've recorded, or even movies and TV shows.

Instead of being forced to delete videos or constantly buy more storage, there is another alternative: Compress your videos. By compressing your videos you can 'shrink' their file size so that they take up less space. That, in turn, will let you store more videos.

More importantly, although compressing videos may sound difficult – it doesn't have to be. It can be a bit technical, but there are ways that you can simplify it so that it isn't that difficult.

Ways to Compress Videos

To be honest most of the videos that you encounter on a day to day basis are already compressed. That is because uncompressed videos would simply take up far too much space, and it isn't realistic to use them unless you're involved in professional video production.

In order to compress your videos further, there are two main options that you can use:
  • Transcode to a codec with better compression so that the videos are compressed more efficiently while retaining the same quality. Newer codecs generally offer better compression ratios and are a good place to start. However as effective as this method can be, it does have limitations in terms of how much the file size can be reduced.
  • Reduce the video bitrate so that the video uses less data each second. While this can effectively compress your video to very small file sizes, it will also affect the quality of the video and various compression artefacts may start to appear. The optimum video bitrate is based on the video's resolution and frame rate and the lower it gets the worse the quality will be.

It should be noted that you can use both of these methods in conjunction with one another. However, you may also need to factor in other issues such as the compatibility of certain video codecs.

And more importantly, if you want to use either of these methods, you need to have a video converter that lets you use them. That isn't really hard to find, but it will help if you choose the right one.

Why Compress Videos with Online UniConverter

Video Compression option
In general most video converters are capable of compressing videos, and Online UniConverter is no exception. However what makes it stand out is the fact that it is more user-friendly than most other converters, and has a very simple approach.

Essentially Online UniConverter has its own web-based app designed specifically to compress videos. The app is straightforward and easy to use, and will not require an in-depth knowledge of video formats or settings.
Because it focuses completely on compressing videos, it is far more streamlined than most video converters.

To add to its appeal, the fact that it is web-based makes Online UniConverter more convenient. Rather than having to download and install any software, you can simply head over to the website and immediately start to compress your video. It doesn't even matter where you are or what device you're using.

Last but not least, a big part of Online UniConverter's draw is that it is free to use. It does have some limitations, but those can be lifted via the Premium option. If all you want to do is compress one or two videos, it will let you do that without paying a dime.

Compressing Videos Using Online UniConverter

Compression toolbox
Frankly, Online UniConverter is arguably the easiest and most straightforward way to compress your video files. It is so user-friendly that you should be able to get by without any instructions.

Still, if you feel that you want to know exactly what to do to compress videos using it – here are the steps that you should follow:
  1. Head over to the Online UniConverter website to access the file compressor.
  2. Add the video that you want to compress by clicking on the '+' icon and selecting it, or dragging and dropping the file into the appropriate area.
  3. Adjust the output settings depending on how much you want your video to be compressed. The 'Reset size' field will give you an estimate of the final file size, and you can also adjust the video resolution and the format.
  4. Start to compress the video by clicking on the 'Compress' button. If you want you can tick the checkbox beneath it so that you'll be notified when the task is complete.
  5. Wait while the video is processed as it needs to be uploaded and then compressed. The entire process may take some time depending on the size of the video that you're compressing.
  6. Download the video once it has been compressed, or choose to immediately save it to Dropbox.
Keep in mind that compressing the video in this way can affect its quality, so you may not want to compress it by too much right from the start. It would be best to compress it by as little as possible, and then check the quality to see if you can compress it further.

All said and done compressing videos is really all about striking a balance between the file size and the video quality.

Final Words

Now that you know how to compress videos, you should be able to tackle any issues involving the video file size. Although it may not be the perfect solution, it will definitely add to your options so that you aren't forced to delete any videos that you would prefer to keep.

Of course, before you get that far, the first step should be to try compressing a video using Online UniConverter on your own. That shouldn't take too long, and it'll help you to see exactly how easy compressing videos can be.


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