Shared Hosting Vs Managed Server Hosting - Which is a Better Option for You?

Is your business growing and you are wondering whether you need to take the jump to shift your business to a Managed Server hosting as suggested by experts? Read this article to know what advantages and disadvantages a Managed Server Hosting brings to you and if it is really required for your busienss.

One of the options to consider when you are creating a new website is shared hosting. Due to the relatively low cost of this type of web hosting service, many fledgling websites opt to go this route. How are you supposed to determine whether or not this is the right option for you? A lot will depend on whether your website is going to be used to promote your business, or simply something personal.

While personal websites can benefit from taking advantage of the shared option, business-oriented websites would do well to look elsewhere. Personal websites will most likely not be garnering large amounts of traffic. While a personal website can expect to grow over time, there is little chance that it will grow at such a fast rate that the resources of its host cannot adequately meet its needs. Personal websites are not bandwidth guzzlers and will be unlikely to overload the servers. Most personal websites will never have any need to take their business elsewhere. This makes shared hosting a great option for anyone looking for an affordable hosting service.

Business websites, on the other hand, should look for a larger provider from the start. Even if your business is tiny, to begin with, there is no way of knowing just how much it may grow or at what rate it could expand. Your business could take off and your site could garner so much traffic that the shared hosting service will be unable to accommodate it. Your customers could experience annoying downtimes and slow responses.

This could frustrate potential clients to the point where you lose business to a competitor with a more efficient site. If this happens, you will end up needing to move your site to a larger service provider that offers dedicated hosting. This process can be a hassle and your current web host may try to intimidate you into staying with them. It is better to avoid this inconvenience altogether by picking a site that can handle the needs of a growing business.

Shared hosting sites can be a great resource for small, personal-oriented sites. Larger sites aimed to promote an online business will eventually become frustrated and wish they had looked elsewhere. When picking a provider to host your website, be sure to think not only of what you need in the present but also of what the future may hold.

Instead of having benefits there are so many ways shared hosting legs behind with managed server hosting.

In Terms of Traffic Management and Server Response

Server response time is directly proportionate to the amount of data that is there on the server, Internet speed, and web traffic. Shared systems host various websites on a separate server, thus when any of the websites undergo heavy traffic server response time increases.

There is a generally lesser load on a Managed Server which makes the server response time minimum and increases the speed of your website drastically. The pages will load quicker, your site will operate better and of course, the users will keep coming back for the whole browsing experience.


Shared Server enables you to use only a limited number of features and there is a restriction on the kind of software you can install or scripts you can run. For every change that you want to make, you need to get in touch with a reputable hosting provider like HostingRaja or with the one you have chosen the services from. Managed server hosting or managed WordPress hosting offers an unlimited variety of features and complete control over your site. The server can be fully customized for your website needs and you can quickly install or run any application on it.


When you go for an upgrade in a Shared hosting plan, you get an expansion in the disc space, bandwidth and email accounts. However, when you upgrade in a managed hosting plan, it involves an increase in RAM, hard drive space, OS, high-end software and of course the disc space and bandwidth.


In virtual hosting, you either get a Windows or a Linux program and the various software are bundled with your hosting package. You do not have enough variety in terms of the OS or software. But with the Managed hosting option, you can have your choice of OS, Software, and Hardware and so on. A managed hosting package is entirely customized according to your choices and specifications.


All great web hosts give high protection for all their servers and this is true for shared hosting too. But the security in a shared arrangement is more hushed since there are various websites present on a single server.

Wrap up

I hope this article makes it quite clear that if you are seriously considering growing your business, getting customer trust and improving your site availability; them moving from a shared hosting plan to a Managed Server hosting is extremely important.


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