How to connect Bluetooth speakers or headphones to TV?

Trying to connect your Bluetooth headphones or speakers to your TV? Do you find it a little difficult to connect your Bluetooth headphones and other audio devices to your TV? That should not be difficult task as such.

Connecting your Bluetooth headphones to TV has its own advantages. You will be able to watch your favorite shows without disturbing your family members. Connecting the Bluetooth speaker, on the other hand, can have other additional advantages such as enjoying an amazing sound performance on a big TV. Do note, however, that the Bluetooth speakers can have a few lip-sync issues. Check how does your Speaker work with your TV.

Step 1 - Check if your TV has Bluetooth Support

For a successful wireless audio communication, you would need two components -
  • 1. A wireless Receiver and
  • 2. A wireless transmitter

Your Bluetooth headphones are wireless receivers, and the TV is the wireless transmitter. Do note that while your Bluetooth headphones would act as a receiver, your TV may or may not function as a transmitter.

That is precisely why you need to check if your TV has the Bluetooth transmitter functionality or not before trying to connect your Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Unless your TV has the compatibility, you will not be able to connect your Bluetooth headphones or speaker to your TV.

How to find if your TV has Bluetooth connectivity? Well, you can check it out through the instruction manual that came with your TV. If you cannot find your instruction manual, you may need to check out the other options to find the Bluetooth connectivity. If your TV has a Smart Remote, it should have Bluetooth connectivity. That should be more so in case of a Samsung TV.

You can also check out the product page on the official website to know whether the wireless transmitter feature is available on your device.

Step 2 - Connect your Bluetooth Headphones to the TV

One you are assured that the TV does have a Bluetooth connectivity option, you can move ahead to connect the Bluetooth speaker or Headphones.

You can follow the steps here to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Bluetooth enabled TV. Follow the steps outlined here -
  • Put your Bluetooth Speakers or headphones in pairing mode. Ideally, a Bluetooth speaker or headphone will have a blinking blue light to indicate that it is in pairing mode. The exact option to enable the pairing mode would be dependent on your device.
  • Enable the Bluetooth search option on your TV. You will be able to do it following the appropriate instructions under your TV settings.
  • Your TV should now start searching for the Bluetooth devices.
  • Select your Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones when it is visible on your TV settings.
That should do it. Your Bluetooth speaker will be connected to your TV, and the audio from your TV will now be available through the Speaker or headphones.

What if your TV has no Bluetooth support?

Well, that would have been a sad situation. However, you need not fret because that's what we are here for. There are several options that can help you connect your Bluetooth speakers and headphones with your TV even when it has no Bluetooth connectivity.

Some of the best options from that perspective would include the following options.

#1. Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

In case you have a Bluetooth receiver, and your TV does not support Bluetooth connectivity, the Bluetooth Audio Transmitter is a great solution.

You just need to input it into your TV audio output, and that will make your TV compatible with Bluetooth transmitter functionality. That is the most simple and more comfortable option to connect your TV to your Bluetooth speaker despite the fact that it has no built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

Some of the right options in this context would be Taotronics TT-BA01 or Avantree Audikast. When buying a Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, ensure that you have a clear understanding of the ports available on your TV. Ensure that you buy a transmitter that comes with a compatible port. Also, check a few other factors such as audio latency, receiver/transmitter power supply, and operating modes.

2. Media streaming devices

The media streaming devices do provide you with an exciting opportunity to connect via Bluetooth. However, the option does not provide you with an option to connect with your TV, though.

A few exciting options that would be helpful in this aspect can be Amazon Firestick, Roku TV, and Xiaomi Mi Box. Media Streamers have been one of the excellent set-top box options you would find impressive enough. You can opt for one of such options and give it a thought to using Bluetooth headphones or speakers to your TV - although indirectly.

3. Dedicated Wireless TV Headphones

These are unique options that come with a separate base station that stays connected to your TV at all times. This base station acts as a Bluetooth transmitter and thus can connect with the headphones. They are also called dedicated wireless TV headphones due to the fact that the base station is always connected to your TV and thus forms dedicated connectivity.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, a Bluetooth connection is one of the exciting and great options that can help you get connected without hassles. In fact, it is the simplest and cleanest connectivity option. You do not need to make your connection a messy one with those tangles of wires to connect with the speakers and other devices.

We assume the options offered here would solve your TV to Bluetooth speaker or headphone connectivity challenge. In case your TV has built-in Bluetooth connectivity, that makes it one of the perfect choices. However, in case your TV has no Bluetooth connectivity, you can opt for the other options have outlined in the above discussion. We suggest the Bluetooth Adapter option as the best option that you can go with.


Guest Author: Aadarsh Roy21 Mar 2020

Hey Ankit ,

Great post with effective steps to connect bluetooth speakers or headphones to tv. I really like the steps
that you have suggested.

Connecting the bluetooth headphones to TV allows us to watch our favourite shows without any disturbance
and without disturbing our family memebers. Connecting the bluetooth speaker to tv allows us to enjoy an amazing sound performance. It is really essential to check that whether out TV has bluetooth support or not.

Your suggested steps to connect the bluetooth headphone to tv are simple, easy to understand and follow, whereas following these steps will allow several users to connect their bluetooth headphones to TV.

Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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