Latest Mobile App Development Trends

Read this article to know the latest Mobile App Development Trends that will rule the year 2020. Know which technologies will rule the roost and what are innovations are in the pipeline and what are already standing on our doorsteps.

Mobile Apps has been in the digital industry for long and it's essence only seems to sparkle with time. The era started from having a walkie talkie to one that allowed short messages. Fast forward to the Twentieth century and mobile phones are a lot more than just a small device used for connecting with your near and dear ones.

Post the wave of digitalization, mobile phones turned into smartphones and with each passing day, newer trends add to the list of features and functionalities stuffed in mobile phones.

Though the new years seem months away but for the developer's that constantly keep an eye on the latest trends and technologies, capable of disrupting the ongoing economy, knowing what are different innovations is a must.

Before we dive deep into the sea of eye-catching anticipations, let us quickly walk down the mobile app development statistics, so far.

Key Statistics

  • According to research, the total mobile app user count is expected to rise up to 6 million by 2020. (Source)
  • Total app store spending increased by 75% to rise to $101 billion in just two years. (Source)
  • The in-app subscription mode witnessed a 120 percent increase in total user spending globally for non-gaming apps. (Source)
  • On average, a US mobile user has around 100 apps installed. (Source)
  • The total mobile app revenue is expected to hit the mark of $188.9 billion by the end of 2020. (Source)
The number is huge and these are only expected to rise. Now, if you are planning on developing a mobile app either to serve your clients need or for your own business, it is important to mind every step. As much high is the success rate of mobile apps, higher is the bounce rate.

Poor interface, absence of features, performance issues and above all, incompetency with market standards lead to abandoning apps. You need to tread cautiously, not only when ideating but at all levels of mobile app development. Companies like Apptunix make sure that such that such shortcomings are avoided.

One way to stay a step ahead of the competitors and shine in the global world is making your app at par with the industrial norms. Offering users something that is attractive and in trend would help you and your business grow.

Wondering what?

Top Mobile App Development Trends To Keep An Eye On - 2020

Blockchain Technology

Disregarding the fact that the history of blockchain technology dates a couple of years back, yet the last year saw tremendous fuzz for the same. Many investors took it as the opportunity to invest and pounce high in terms of money. It was mainly in their assets that some of the leading industries reaped benefits from the technology. In accordance with the Research by Transparency Market, it has been anticipated that the net value of blockchain technology would cross the mark of $20 billion by the end of 2024. Now, this is pretty huge.

Even if the industries do not match the figures, the technology is definitely the most trending term and would make headlines as a promising integration in the domain of mobile applications. As ideologized, blockchain technology aims at capitalizing the decentralized currency platform giving a whole new face to the digital economy. Added to the above is the feature of the technology being used as BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) allowing the mobile app developers to link their mobile apps to a back end space in the cloud and benefit from the offered functionalities.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

One of the most talked-about technology worldwide, AI and ML have been a trend since 2016. Nearly every industry that has been adopting the latest development trends(like the ones mentioned in detail by Apptunix) are aware of what the terms Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning exactly means. From creating automated bots to computer-driven assistants, AI and ML are pacing high in terms of implementation.

According to a survey by the International Data Corporation, the AI industry is expected to set a benchmark with its total revenue rising up to $40 billion by the end of the year 2020. Needless to opine that with each passing day, more and more businesses are investing in the duo to automate their workforce while streamlining tasks. Apps such as Siri FaceApp, Replika, Google Assistant, Cortana, and IRIS aren't new to the present day developers.

The AI technology has set newer standards for industries to provide real-time buying experience to the users. With the expectations of ML industry to grow at a rate of 42% and hit the global worth of $9 billion by 2022, it's time that you too go pro with your in-app features giving more power to the users.

AR & VR - The Virtual World

Did you happen to see or be part of Oculus Connect 6? In case you haven't, I would suggest watching it once. It brings a whole new definition to the terms of AR and VR. A couple of months before, if anyone would have inquired as to what do you mean by augmented reality and virtual reality, odds are you would either get to hear, Pokemon Go or Harry Porter Wizard Unite or any other VR embedded game, right? But that was in late 2018 and early 2019.

A few months and now, virtual reality isn't just about playing games in real-time. It is a lot more than you think and more more than you can ever imagine. Few stores in us have this VR based apps that allow customers to virtually trial clothes. Yes, you heard that right. No longer do you need to step in trial rooms, changes clothes and then come back to find another one for trial. All you need is an app. They are stuffed with all the in-store items, ranging between clothes to accessories, beauty products or footwear. And everything right within the app. This is what the Millenials call Virtual Reality.

The icing on the cake is the recent announcement made by Mark Zuckerberg at Oculus Connect 6 about Facebook Horizon. A virtual reality world where you can connect with people, play games, be anything and everything you like and all that you need to make this a reality is a VR Headset.

Another example of VR based app is IKEA. One that allows users to buy products by virtually placing them around their house and deciding which product to buy. Seriously, the world is transforming at an incredible pace and everything coils down to technology.

5G Technology

When it comes to using apps, the network is one of the most important aspects. If your app cannot withstand significant traffic, takes time to load and crashes often, possibilities are that the app would soon be dumped into the bin folder of the device. Of course, you would not want this to happen and so getting along with the recent mobile trend is essential.

We have heard a lot of AI, ML, Blockchain, and others but one thing that is new and would definitely affect the mobile app development trend in 2020 is the 5G technology. Manu developers are seen taking into account the onset of 5G technology prior to finalizing app design and development. Integration of 5G would not only keep the app updated with the market trends but also enhance the functionality of the developed apps keeping in mind the security of app data, the speed, implementation of augmented reality, 3D gaming, along with trending features within their mobile application.

When developing a mobile app with the best in class features, 5G support would have a huge influence. Having said that, it would be exciting to see how users react to 5G enabled mobile apps under the idea of a better and faster top-end speed for app usage.

Backing the idea of providing 5G support to mobile apps, AT&T has recently launched its AT&T 5G Innovation Program to continue to create and develop new customer experiences with the power of 5G. The program is for mobile application developers to bring 5G ideas into experiences of life.

Internet Of Things (IoT) - World Of Connectivity

According to Gartner, there would be more than 1 billion connected devices. Further, the total investment made in the IoT industry would reach $120 billion by the end of 2020. No doubt, connectedness is the new normal.

Every sector is now trying to get their hands on building smart, connected devices. From smartwatches to smart TVs, smart bulbs to the smart home, IoT is everywhere. IoT has given no IT equipment the power to be controlled via apps. No matter where you are, you can use an app to see what's happening in your house with IoT enabled CCTC cameras. Excellent right?

For developing IoT based mobile apps, you would require several viable platforms that would you seamlessly integrate the idea of connectivity within mobile apps. Few of the most reliable and frequently used platform's are:

Android Ubidots: This is one of the widely used Android platforms for creating IoT based apps. All you need to do is create an account on the platform and connect the same to Ubidots. This helps them to push their developed apps on to smartphones.

Xively: In case you are planning to customize and add significant features within the app, then I would suggest you go with Xively. It helps you add multiple features with the app development project.

Thingworx: It is one of those platforms that gives access to an advanced level of tools that can further aid the marketing of the developed mobile application. Apparently, Thingworx is highly popular owing to the benefits:
  • It is easy to segment and segregate products and services.
  • Provides optimization support in business activities.
  • Improve and enhances the overall experience of your mobile app user.
  • Help you identify and build channels for new revenue.


The medical field has witnessed a tremendous hike post the integration of wearables in terms of a technology-driven product to keep track of users health records. From the blood sugar level to heartbeat intensity, wearables are capable of identifying all. However, it was not just the healthcare sector that benefitted from technology.

As a matter of fact, developers saw this as an opportunity to build health-tracking apps that would be compatible with fitness bands and work in collaboration, enhancing the lifestyle of the present-day users. In case you are looking to start your business in the spectrum of mobile app development, wearables would be one of the most promising areas to invest your idea and money.


Gone are the days when you were served with a customer executive addressing your issues or helping you with your requirements. Time has rolled by and today, we see computerized bots replacing the human workforce. Taking into consideration the fact that industries today have shifted their focus from products oriented to product plus customer-oriented, chatbots would be the best thing you would integrate into your business. Real-time interaction, round the clock service and prompt engagement, chatbots take the business to the next level and having an app compatible with the same is something business organization would strive to attain in the coming year.

On-Demand Apps

Uber has embarked huge success with its ride-hailing services and following the legacy, there have been multiple players working to get there on-demand business in line. From booking a cab to ordering a portion of food, spa services or calling a plumber, the on-demand app has revolutionized the entire idea of developing apps and connecting it with business. No matter what the trend is years old but technical enthusiasts believe that the demand for on-demand apps are pretty high and they are gonna stay the same for the years to come.

Online Payment Technology

From Google pay to Apple Pay, pay to UPI, there are many in the race to emerge as the top online payment apps industry-wide. Owing to the fact that millennials are now pacing towards total digitization, mobile payment services are expected to be in trend for some time. One segment that has been dramatically affected is the banking domain as with the inception of online payment portals, users no longer need to visit banks and encash money. Moving towards a cashless economy, mobile payment services play a vital role.

Now that you are well versed in the top technologies trending in the mobile app development industry, you too can make you call. Assess and analyze each, determine which suits your requirement the best and then move ahead on the journey of developing an excellent app, one that is capable of driving profits and generating greater revenue.

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