5 Types Of Software Development Tools Every Developer Needs

Read this article to know which are the top 5 software development tools that almost all developers use. Know what is their use case and how the help in software development lifecycle.

Developers have been relying on various types of software development tools for years. However, throughout the last decade, the software development industry has changed significantly. This major shift has led to the emergence of new and advanced tools for deploying, building and testing applications. As an experienced developer, it can be difficult to identify which new tools are necessary for modern development. Fortunately, you can read this post to discover the types of software development tools every developer needs. 

IDE Tools

Firstly, an integrated development environment (IDE) solution is a type of software development tool that every developer needs. Integrated development environment tools consolidate writing and testing software solutions into one suite. Developers use IDE tools to create single frameworks out of multiple development-related solutions. You can store your text editors, code libraries, compilers and test platforms all in one suite. By keeping these tools together in a single location, you can find what you are looking for easily during projects. In turn, you can develop projects at faster speeds and meet your organization's standards. Hence, this is a type of software tool that every developer needs.

Container Registries

Another type of software tool that every developer needs is a container registry like JFrog Container Registry. If your development team has transitioned to using a containerization platform for development, this is the ideal modern tool for you. The main function of a container registry is to store images in a single location for access by authorized users only. Additionally, you can also perform vulnerability analysis and control accessibility using a container registry. Both of these features allow you to maintain a high level of security over your container images. These advantages make container registries yet another type of software development tool that every developer needs. 

Source Control Tools

Moreover, every developer needs to use a type of software development tool known as a source control solution. As the name suggests, source control tools manage access to source code for development teams. These tools can improve team productivity levels significantly. They assure concurrency so another developer on your team does not overwrite your work and force you to redo it. More so, you can build multiple variations of the source easily with this tool. If you see fit, you can even merge the changes between variations to create one optimal version seamlessly. In addition to these benefits, source control tools enable you to archive old versions of code so you never lose your work. Every developer needs this type of software development tool to boost efficiency.

Text Editor Tools

As a developer, you also need to download the kind of software development tool referred to as a text editor tool. The best text editor solutions on the market can support multiple types of formatting. With the right tool, you can use HTML, Java, Javascript and several other formats efficiently. You can use syntax highlighting pre-configurations to improve program accuracy as well. If you want to truly benefit from this type of tool, use a solution that also allows you to undo and redo your work quickly. That way, you can make changes without fearing that your work will be lost. This type of software development tool improves workflows by making your code easier to read and follow. 

Project Management Tools

In addition to the above types of development tools, you also need to use project management solutions for development. The best project management tools on the market allow you to customize features to meet your team's needs. For instance, you can customize your project reports so that they match your development goals. The top solutions also allow you to customize team communication portals so you can stay up-to-date on project progress. You can even personalize timesheets based on project deadlines. Look for a solution that allows you to add team-specific tasks such as bug tracking and software performance testing as well. Every software developer needs this kind of development tool to manage application projects effectively

If you want to optimize your development processes, you need to leverage the best types of software development tools. For example, purchase an integrated development environment (IDE) tool to store solutions in one, easy-to-access location. Security tools prevent cybercriminals from altering your code, making them must-have solutions for developers as well. Additionally, source code tools boost efficiency among development teams. Developers also need to purchase text editor tools that support several types of formatting such as Java, JavaScript and HTML. Finally, project management tools are necessary to stay on track during projects. Every developer needs these software development tools to optimize processes.

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