The Right iPad Mockup in Different Situations

There are different situations where a mockup can really help in professional presentations. Here are some situations where the iPad mockup can really help you.

The mockup is a great way to capture a digital output in a great light and present it to your audience. Creating a digital output entails a lot of time and effort and some capital. That is why you need an audience to capture and eventually a client who can back your digital output. There are many uses to the mockup. The main point is that your digital product design can be packaged in a way that will attract clients.

This is an opportune time to be a digital product designer because the internet is teeming with mockup templates. They are so easy to use and very convenient especially when you have an impromptu presentation. All you need to do is download the vector mockup and drag and drop your design to the screen of the device on template.

One repository of various mockups for Apple devices is Ramotion. Its latest lineup comprises free PSD mockup templates featuring the iPad. Why the iPad? Because it is a great device to work with when you want to showcase a versatile digital product. If your product works well with both the large screen—iMac and MacBook—and the small screen—iPhone—then the iPad is the best canvas for the product.

So what kind of presentations will the mockup work best?

iPad mockup for mobile game presentations

The iPad is the best tool to showcase your mobile game design. Even the smallest iPad, the iPad Mini, still has a bigger screen than the iPhone with the largest screen. The iPad Mini is the smallest of all of Apple's tablet line. Why is size the issue here? Because size always matters.

You have to approach this one from the gamer's point of view. If you are a gamer and you want to play whenever and wherever you want, the iMac and the MacBook are the worst devices for that. You can't just whip out your MacBook while you are on the bus or on a train in order to continue the game you left hanging while catching a ride. The iPad, though, is very convenient to take with you wherever you are. The same is true even with the iPad Airs—at least this type of device is very light.

If you are a gamer, you want the largest screen you can play your game on. But if you want to play anywhere, then you want the most convenient device with you. The iPad is the perfect device: it's convenient to bring around and it's larger than the iPhone. Besides, you don't want to be disturbed while playing the game. If you play on your iPhone, there is a tendency that a call or a text message will pause your game. You definitely don't want that!

Now back to the creator or designer's standpoint. The best way to showcase your app is through the iPad mockup. There are so many free iPad mockup templates available. Think of the best way you can showcase the game design. The iPad Pro PSD mockup, for example, will take advantage of the nuance that the iPad Pro has a technical complexity that is perfect for a more technically complex application like games.

On a side note, here are great iPad deals according to The Verge.

Digital marketing campaign

The iPad mockup will also look great when you are trying to present a digital marketing campaign. The perspective mockup seems like an appropriate choice considering that when you are trying to market something—whether it is a product, an activity, a company, an event, a person, etc.—you want all angles covered. You want every bit of the campaign material perfect.

Put your feet into the shoes of the client—you would want your marketing material to be about the subject in all angles. This is what a perspective mockup is about. It shows the different perspective i.e. angles about the campaign. This way, you can demonstrate that you have all basis covered when you proposed the marketing campaign. The campaign should be as detailed as possible. Even just the bottom of the digital screen should subtle hints about the subject. This way, even if people who just take a glance of the digital campaign will suddenly be curious.


When you are designing for an e-commerce company, you are going to rely on a photo-based mockup. You have to allow the photos to be the center of the attraction. So don't choose a mockup that uses too many effects and colors that might become too distracting. Allow the images to be the story. That means you have to use high-resolution images or the presentation will be for nought. If you have to use so many photos, make sure each image is of great quality.


The website can now be accessed in almost all tech devices. Before, you really have to open the desktop to access the website. Now, though, you only need an iPhone and you can already work—although not as comfortably as you should. But the point of saying this is that your web design should be versatile enough to look great in whatever device—from the large screen of the iMac to the small screen of the iPhone. The best way to showcase your website's versatility is through the devices mockup and the iPad and iPhones mockup.


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