What Is Salesforce? A Introductory Guide To Understanding Salesforce

Read this article to understand in detail about Salesforce. Know how this CRM tool is an inseparable part of all size of companies and how being a Salesforce professional can take your career to heights.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management system is a new heart to every business in any industry. Those businesses which adopt CRM, have seen a good increase in customer retention rate, revenue generation, and business productivity.

Today, when you explore the internet for buying such big software, you come across a plethora of options offering tons of functionalities to manage customer relationships effectively.

Growing a business these days isn't an easy task. Any business growth depends largely upon the lead generation, sales increment, sales profit, and investment done on marketing, product development, and many others.

For us, it is always exciting to know about the success factors of the competitors. A business can be successful only if it is run systematically and efficiently. In order to make the ways of doing business more smooth, an entrepreneur can use CRM to its advantage.

One such CRM is Salesforce!

In 2016 and 2017, Gartner named Salesforce CRM as the 'The Best CRM' for businesses due to its impressive performance."

Founded in 1999, Salesforce.com today dominates the CRM industry and has no competitor that can challenge it, in the middle of today's software ecosystem. Today, it is the reigning king among many business software because it offers everything to make the sales process fast and easy.
Around 15 years ago, CRM software solutions were offered as an 'on-premise' delivery model, where companies use to install business software on their servers. The software, system design, infrastructure, and servers, all were managed in-house.

Managing everything individually was a long time-taking process, and a shortcut was needed. To overcome this long process, a unique CRM was needed where vendors and companies using CRM can access data via the web, without any technical difficulties and miscommunication.

This requirement marked the idea of the Salesforce platform, a Cloud-based CRM which is #1 choice among business software! As a result, over time the Cloud-based Salesforce CRM became popular fulfilling every requirement of making business processes hassle-free.

Salesforce was the first company that launched a CRM on the cloud and quickly became a leader in the space of Cloud CRM ever since.

A Brief Guide For Understanding Salesforce!

In easy language, one can call Salesforce a home to the multi-solution platforms which are present in the market to help businesses running in any industry.

The official website www.salesforce.com puts it as a medium that is here to bring together the companies and customers closer to each other."

At present, the Salesforce platform is available as a SaaS, i.e., Software as a Service, whose aim is to manage customer relationships, building custom business solutions, integrating different business systems, and building apps, either web-based or the mobile applications.

Whether you want to sell a product, promote your business services, or are looking to organize a community/online event, etc. the Salesforce is here to track all your customers and clients.

Not only it limits to the tracking, but it makes sure to get their information. For example, you can use this software to send messages (targeting business services and products) to all your customers and clients.

In return, your engagement increases with them; thus, increasing more chances of generating business.

"Salesforce was founded In 1999, the former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez founded Salesforce with a strong vision of reinventing the Cloud CRM model."

Today, in the era of Cloud Computing, the Salesforce is the world's largest and leading cloud-based CRM software with which you can grow your business more effectively in a streamlined fashion across all bases.

On the other hand, companies who are looking to get rid of the messy mix up of multiple software, apps, and systems, Salesforce is currently the best option to adopt.

At this single platform, you can find many apps and software which you can use within your business to increase performance and provide better services to the customers.
Features of Salesforce

Features of Salesforce

If you start comparing traditional CRMs with the Salesforce CRM, then one major difference you would feel is in their work.

Actually, for Salesforce it is simple to equip any business with sales, marketing, customer services, etc. anytime. Also, in comparison to the traditional CRMs, Salesforce takes less time.

Furthermore, Salesforce benefits you with cost-effectiveness, high business productivity, an increase in speed & performance, and high security on a global scale.

On the other hand, your companies' members, employees, and other staff people can also work more strategically in a properly communicated ecosystem where data is always secure.

Due to the presence of tons of features, Salesforce can benefit all types of businesses irrespective of their sizes. Let's look at some of the Salesforce features:
  • It helps in customer engagement by tracking all the leads and their activities.
  • With the help of the Contact management feature, you can pull all kinds of customer's data such as activity history, communications, etc.
  • It creates more opportunities for vendors.
  • You can easily build innovative apps and scale up your business by managing them properly with Salesforce.
  • It can access data, create intuitive dashboards, & check on to business analytics.
  • It provides better integrations for customer services & experiences.
  • With the Salesforce's online community software, a company can connect to new customers, clients, business partners, and employees.
  • The Salesforce Engine focus more on making personalized contacts for the campaigns designed by the marketing team.
  • Salesforce provides sales collaboration feature which easily helps in addressing all the queries and feedback from the customers.
  • With sales performance management feature, you can set sales goals for your team.
  • Easily tracks the lead and their progress.
  • You can also make communities with partners to share your business objectives, aims & goals, and the related activities.
  • It gives power to the sales team for keeping an eye on every possible opportunity.
  • Finally, it gives you a real-time view of the sales ad also forecasts future sales & business growth.
Salesforce CRM Products

Salesforce CRM Products

Salesforce didn't become a top CRM overnight! Whenever the entrepreneurs and businessmen were in a need of new products to run businesses efficiently, Salesforce gave one by evolving its previous products.

As a result of all this, today it offers a wide range of products. And each product can do something for someone. Below are the Salesforce products
Industries that use Salesforce
Industries that use Salesforce to their advantages are Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Media & Communications, eCommerce, Retail Consumer Goods, Government Sectors, Manufacturing, Transportation & Hospitality, Automation, eLearning & Education, Nonprofit Organizations, and many more.

Top Salesforce Users: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Facebook, Twitter

Today, Salesforce offers you the right path of marketing, customer engagement, and let you easily focus on the core development processes to develop apps & software. Thus, it saves both, the time and the money.

As per the users and customers of Salesforce, all its products are Fast, Effective, Efficient, Affordable, and Easy To Use!
Salesforce Company stood first in the Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work in the year 2018. Again in 2019, Salesforce was featured at second position in the same list.
Not only this but the Salesforce CRM was awarded as the World's Most Innovative Company from 2011 to 2014 by the Forbes Innovators.

What Is Your Future Scope With Salesforce?

Now we have a full grasp of Salesforce CRM with its features, usage statistics, industries using Salesforce Cloud platform, its products, its business implications, top companies using salesforce, and how it is different from the traditional CRMs!

Understanding Salesforce is easy, but one question is unanswered, i.e;

What changes can Salesforce bring for you as an individual?
According to Gartner, SaaS usage will increase to 85% by 2025. Therefore, the demand for Salesforce applications will increase exponentially. Salesforce's implementation as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) are yet to come.

In the future, we can see Salesforce integrating to the big data and data science to fulfil the data-related needs of organizations in a specific industry.

Hence, I would recommend you to become a Salesforce developer because I see a massive increase in the demands of certified Salesforce job roles. Today, there are more than 2 lacs organizations using Salesforce 1 platform.

Additionally, we would see many companies switching themselves to this for enhancing business capabilities. At present, there are many types of Salesforce certification courses that you can learn and make yourself ready to get hired as a certified Salesforce employee.

Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Consultant, Salesforce Project manager, Salesforce Business analyst, etc. are some Salesforce professional roles that you can add to your work experience by working in the world's leading companies and organizations offering salesforce development services in USA.

Salesforce certifications are based on industry standards and qualifying these will be a difficult task. However, you can select one from Architects, Developer, Marketing, Administrator, App Building, Implementation Experts, Consultant Certification, etc. and start a new career.

It isn't necessary if you are a fresher or experienced in the IT industry. Salesforce CRM is the demand of the industry, running in the era of cloud computation, and entirely dependent on customers & their data.

Salesforce is at the edge of providing new business services and diverse cloud applications for mobile, desktop, and all types of screen sizes. Companies need new people like you to manage customer relationships and increase business exponentially.

Don't miss the opportunity! Grab it and welcome yourself in the world of Salesforce with our beginner's guide to understanding Salesforce easily.

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