How to optimize 4k videos for upload to your YouTube channel

In this article, we will discuss how you can optimize your 4k video to get the best SEO on YouTube and Instagram. Know the things you need to keep in mind while doing 4k video editing, what all tools you will require and how to best utilize these tools to make your channel one of the best online.

Internet speeds are rising and so is the quality of screens of the digital gadgets in the market. The market can be currently divided into gadgets that support 4k video playback and those which don't. Companies are catering to the needs of these videophiles who consider it an insult to the art of filmmaking to watch 4k videos on small screen sizes of smartphones.

While hardware companies are giving their best to satisfy this need for high-quality resolution screens, the content creators are now expected to create similarly high-quality 4k content which can go with these high-resolution screens. Whether it is a travel video, stand up comedy, wildlife documentary or cooking video, creators are expected to upload 4k videos to YouTube using VideoProc or Instagram.

YouTube has mentioned in detail the encoding settings it suggests for the 4k videos:

  • MP4 Container: No Edit lists and moov atom at front of the file for quick start.
  • Audio Codec: AAC-LC with Stereo or Stereo + 5.1 and sample rate 96khz or 48khz
  • Video codec: H.264 with no interlacing, closed GOP, GOP of half the frame rate, CABAC, Chroma subsampling of 4:2:0 and 2 consecutive B frames. While other formats like AVI, WMV, MKV, MXF, AVCHD are supported as well, it is better to upload YouTube's preferred format of H.264 High Profile video.
  • Frame rates: The common frame rates used on YouTube are 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60 frames per second but other frames rates are supported as well. Upload the video in the same frame rate in which it was recorded. And, make sure to deinterlace an interlaced video before upload. For example, 60 interlaced fields should be deinterlaced to 30 progressive FPS.
  • YouTube provides bitrate recommendations but they are optional to follow. For 2160p (4k) videos, the suggested bitrate is 35-45 Mbps for videos with Standard Frame Rate of (24, 25, 30) and 53-68 Mbps for High Frame Rate of (48, 50, 60). You can check the recommendations for other video types here.
  • Resolution and aspect ratio: YouTube suggests keeping the aspect ratio of 16:9. In case your video is in a different shape, including square, vertical etc., the player will automatically take the share of the video.

However, as you will already know as a content creator or from tutorials of other YouTube content creators, you can rarely even upload an unedited video on YouTube directly. Video processing forms an inescapable part of your content creator job which will take no less time than the length of your video itself. Utilities like VideoProc help you edit 4k videos professionally.

Let's see what are the very common video editing tasks that you can perform using this tool that you are often required to do when preparing videos for YouTube or Instagram.

Cut, Crop, Merge

Cut Crop videos
It is a no brainer that you need to cut parts of the video or crop out portions of it before making it publication-ready. Parts where you forgot what you wanted to say or have stuttered need to be removed and the cut portions need to be merged back again.
Resize compress video

Resize or Compress

The resolution in which you have recorded the video might not be the optimal resolution for viewers or the website you are going to upload it to. For instance, as mentioned above, YouTube suggests uploading videos in 16:9 aspect ratio. Further, it might not make sense for you to upload a video in its original quality due to its size. You will need a good tool which reduces the size of the video while maintaining the quality to your satisfaction levels.

Rotate video

If you have taken the video with a smartphone, it is highly possible that you have taken it in a wrong angle and now the uploaded video will also play with the wrong orientation. A 4k video editing tool helps you to quickly fix that by rotating the video by 90°/180°/270° or horizontally and vertically.

Change frame rate or bit rate

As we discussed above, YouTube mentions a suggested frame rate for 4k YouTube videos. It is a must that you adjust the video frame rate and audio bit rate to the suggested levels of the platforms to get the best possible ranking for your video. VideoProc lets you select both these values from the drop-down making your task extremely simple.

Fix Noise, Shake and Fish eye

A video with the above issues just shows an amateur video maker. A professional will never let these flaws to flow in the videos they have published and neither should you. Start with the best that you can give and edit your 4K video using VideoProc to remove these flaws during the video processing stage itself. After all, a 4k quality video shouldn't have such basic flaws in them.

Convert format

The best format to upload a video on any platform is MP4, period! So, if you don't have your video in MP4 format, use the software to convert to MP4 before you upload the video. It makes your video web-friendly by reducing the size and quality that suits best for a web interface.

Wrap up

A lot of talent and effort goes into making videos that click on YouTube and Instagram and you should not compromise on making sure that you use the best video editing tools to make the video ideal for these platforms. VideoProc offers you a complete video editing studio that is sufficient to give you the best SEO required for YouTube and Instagram. And yes, you also get a DVD Converter and Backup tool, Video Downloader and most importantly for you as a video blogger - a Recording tool. Do go ahead and check out the tool.


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