Interview with Parmveer Singh Sandhu, a Digital Marketing Expert and the Founder of Quibus

In this article, you will read about our one-on-one conversation with Mr.Parmveer Singh Sandhu, founder of Quibus and one of the best Digital Marketing Experts in Jaipur and India. Read till the end to know what he has to say about the growth of Digital Marketing in India, how he came into this field, and what future does he see for the Indian Digital Marketing landscape.

Parmveer Singh Sandhu is the Founder and a Head of Growth at one of the best Digital Marketing Agency in Jaipur - ​Quibus Technosys ​and a Trainer at Digital Marketing Training Institute- ​Quibus Trainings​.

He started his digital marketing journey 10 years ago. Till now he has helped various businesses in planning & implementing digital marketing strategies, identifying new business opportunities online, and increasing business revenues. Along with local clients, he has dealt with many international clients too.

He has also trained more than 600 students at ​Quibus Trainings​ from all over India. His passion for educating people and taking Digital Marketing to new horizons made Quibus one of the leading brand name in Jaipur.

So, let's begin the interview with Mr.Paramveer Singh to know more about what he does, his digital marketing journey, and some more in general about digital marketing.

Q1: What motivated you to get into digital marketing?
​10 years ago, I used to teach physics. Just to teach physics online, I came into the digital marketing field. After that, I realized that Digital marketing has a broad scope in the future and hired a team to provide digital marketing services in Jaipur. Since I was new in the industry and didn't have much knowledge of the industry, I lost 18 lacs. Then I decided to learn things on my own, so I started reading blogs, joined various discussion forums, surfed videos, etc. I wrote a few blogs, too, which not only helped me to get paid $100 cheque by Google but also motivated me to stay in the industry and grow the business.

Q2: Did you joined any institute to pursue Digital Marketing course?
​Simply, no. because at that time there was no Digital Marketing training available in Jaipur. But I would like to mention that I joined an institute to learn to code.

Q3: What do you think, will Digital Marketing take over Traditional Marketing in the future?
​According to me, Digital Marketing can never eliminate Traditional Marketing as TV ads still have their value. But due to the vast reach of the internet, i.e., from kids to older, urban to rural areas, and penetration of 5G in India in 2020, we can expect more and more growth of digital marketing in the future.

Q4: What are some major challenges faced by digital marketers?
​ Being a digital marketer, I have observed the following challenges faced by people working in this field -

  • ​The common myth ​- Still, many people consider digital marketing as an overnight money-making scheme. You begin writing a blog today and start earning a handsome amount tomorrow. Absolutely no, it never happens. You need to work hard, and you have to make efforts and also give some time for results to come.
  • ​SEO Competition ​- Nowadays, the competition to rank on Google's first page is very intense. Everyone is applying their SEO strategies to achieve top rankings. So, in such a situation, it becomes essential to develop quality content.
  • Dynamic Industry ​- Digital Marketing is an evolving industry. Every year there is a significant update and changes in the algorithm. So you have to be a keen observer, those who keep an eye and identify these changes get the benefits of early birds.
  • ​Developing proper plans and strategies ​- To be a successful Digital Marketer, it's essential to create appropriate plans and strategies. Though these days, digital marketers are very focused on doing proper research and executing of the idea, there are still digital marketers, who do not focus on driving results. It is important to keep your eye on the result with a plan, which you keep on reshaping according to the circumstances.

Q5: Why Quibus Trainings is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur?
  1. First of all, we have limited seats.
  2. We scan students before giving them admission.
  3. I personally take classes; there is no faculty system.
  4. Students are motivated to implement everything practically and study from various sources.
  5. We prepare them for the future, not just for jobs.

Q6: ​According to you, what are the minimum skills or education required to join a Digital Marketing course?
​Actually, there is no minimum education required to pursue this course; all you need to have is passion. But with passion, you need to have these 3 skills too:
  1. Basic knowledge of computers and the internet.
  2. Good communication as well as writing skills.
  3. You should be a keen observer with excellent analytical skills.

Q7: As a digital marketing expert, how do you think Digital Marketing is going to evolve in 2020?
​According to me, digital marketing will see vigorous growth in the coming years, especially if I talk about India. With the internet so accessible, there is a rapid rise in the number of smartphones and social media users. Businesses also understand the importance of online presence. Even students and professionals have a great career opportunity in the field of digital marketing. Especially if I talk about 2020, the following trends I expect -
  1. Video marketing will continue to rule
  2. Interactive Content in the storytelling format with personal experiences will gain importance.
  3. 2020 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence.
  4. Voice search will gain more popularity.
  5. Chatbots will play an important role in 2020.

Q8: ​Why do you think it's essential for students, entrepreneurs, and professionals to learn digital marketing?
​There is no hidden fact that digital marketing has taken over the traditional marketing. Currently, it is the booming industry with lots of growth opportunities. According to, digital marketing is expected to generate more than 20 lakh new jobs in India by 2020. So I guess it's the perfect time to start learning digital marketing -

For Entrepreneurs - ​You may attract a new set of consumers who are looking for your product or services online. You may also increase the footfall to your outlet by running specific ads through Social Media and Google. Even you can increase your sales by getting higher rankings on Google. By doing in-house, digital marketing entrepreneurs can also save a lot of money.

For Professionals ​- Get the benefit of more career choices and improve your CV with the in-demand skill. Professionals could also work as a freelancer or start their own business.

For Students ​- Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing fields offering numerous opportunities for newbies. In the past few years, the demand for skilled professionals in the field of digital marketing has seen a tremendous rise. So, students who are looking for a course to start their career-in may go for digital marketing.

Q9: Have you ever promoted Quibus?
​Not yet. We didn't feel like to promote what we do since our happy clients themselves recommend us to others. Moreover, we believe in retention rather than new acquisition.

Q10: Being running a Digital Marketing Agency i.e., Quibus Technosys, do you think this market will saturate in a few years?
​No, not at all. If you do some research, you'll find that in India, there are more than 51 million registered SMEs, while there are only five million domain names and approx. one million websites registered in India. So, you can see the vast growth opportunities lying only in India. The need for professional marketers will increase rather than saturating. Even these days, regional languages are also getting promoted. You must have noticed that the Hindi search is getting popular on Google, and there are various popular YouTube channels in local languages. So, the future growth is beyond limits. While at Quibus, our focus is always on retaining the existing clients if, with our efforts, the client generates more revenue, we will automatically grow.
Paramveer Singh Sandhu
Q11: What Digital Marketing tools you use the most?
​There are lots of tools available online but what I prefer the most are:
To check website's performance​ - Google Analytics and Google Search Console (They are Free tools)
For content updation​- Google Alert (Free)
To check plag in the content ​- Quetext (Paid version).
​To correct Grammar mistakes ​- Grammarly (Paid version)
For Keyword research ​- SemRush, AHREF, MozPro, etc (Paid)

Q12: Do You Spy on your Competitors?
​Of course, yes! But instead of using the word spy, I would rather say, I like to keep myself updated about my competitors.

Q13: ​What would you like to advise first-time investors in the industry?
​I would like to give only 3 advice to first-time investors in the industry.
  1. Don't jump for any strategy or advice getting influenced by your competitors. Run pilot projects on your own, see the response, observe data, and make decisions accordingly.
  2. Always focus on your own brand; get inspired but don't mimic.
  3. Don't try to be better than others but focus on representing things differently.

Q14: Which Digital Marketing resources you follow to stay updated about the latest trends in Digital Marketing?
​Well, to stay updated regarding the latest trends in digital marketing, I read blogs on a daily basis such as Search Engine Land, Search Engine Round Table, Moz, Backlinko, Hubspot, and Neil Patel. I also follow the Facebook group - SEO Signals Lab, and once in a while, I also go through the forums such as Quora to get the latest information.

Q15: So, do you think the growth of AI will have a negative impact on the digital marketing industry?
​No, I don't think that the growth of AI will negatively impact the digital marketing industry. In fact, I see that the growth of AI will introduce us to some new opportunities. No matter how much Artificial Intelligence grows, human intervention could never be eliminated completely.

Q16: Can you tell me how many industries you have worked for till now?
​We have worked with various industries but we specialize in the 4 industries given below:
  • Education ​- We have achieved top ranks and have generated exponential revenues for different educational institutions.
  • Medical ​- We have been creating valid traffic for or clients in the Medical Industry by using effective SEO strategies.
  • Travel ​- We specialize in using updated SEO techniques to generate effective results for Business in the Travel Industry.
  • ​E-commerce ​- We are bringing organic traffic for Ecommerce Websites & taking the business to the next level.

Q17: How should one know whether they should hire an agency or prefer in-house digital marketing? Ans: ​Interesting Question!
Hiring an agency or going for in house depends upon the resources and expertise of the enterprise. But of course, certain things cannot be outsourced, such as video content production. I believe that if you're a small company, you should outsource because if you hire a single person, he can't do everything on his own, but if you hire an agency, they will provide you more benefits within the same or even less budget. But outsource wisely, meet the representative, have a one-to-one interaction, and then decide.

Q18: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
​5 years is a very long time, and I'm not that good at predicting things, but what all I can say is we are giving our best and let's see what happens next.

Q19: Do you read books? Which one is your favorite?
Yes, I try to read good books whenever I get time. Some of my favorite books are -
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad - by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Good to Great - by Jim Collins
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - by Stephen Covey

Q20: Last question, Whom do you see as your inspiration?
​My team is my biggest inspiration. When I see them working hard, it always inspires me.

Final Thoughts on the interview with Mr.Parmveer Singh
I hope the above interview has solved lots of queries of digital marketing aspirants as well as professionals, and Entrepreneurs about the future ahead in the industry. If you still have more questions regarding digital marketing career or digital marketing industry, you can write in the comment sections which will surely be answered by Mr.Parmveer


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