5 Online Visual Merchandising Techniques To Impress Consumers

Read this article to know the tricks employed by top entrepreneurs to give the top impression of their merchandise to their customers. Know in short how you can too utilize these techniques and get better sales and visibility.

Brick-and-mortar stores use visual merchandising to make consumers feel a certain way when shopping. Ecommerce stores can now use similar tactics to improve their online shopping experiences. As an eCommerce business owner, you need to keep visitors on your site as long as possible. This is the best way for you to boost your sales. Online merchandising not only increases time on site but also boosts engagement, conversion rates and average order value (AOV). Read this post to learn the top online visual merchandising techniques to impress consumers. 

Personalize Product Recommendations

Firstly, personalize product recommendations to improve your eCommerce shopping experience. Invest in the latest smart product recommendation technology. The top solutions automatically change the products displayed based on individual preferences. They use sales trends and user activity to determine which items are the most relevant to each consumer. Such solutions recognize when the same shopper continuously searches for specific products. If a consumer looks for men's hiking boots several times, the system will notice. It will then provide that consumer with male hiking boots that they may like. You can choose to offer this information at the bottom of product pages. Consider creating an "Other Products You Might Like" section. Use this online visual merchandising tactic to impress your shoppers. 

Optimize Product Discovery 

Another great online visual merchandising technique is to optimize product discovery. The eCommerce stores with the best product discovery options drive more conversions. One of the most common ways to improve product discovery is to create banners for new items. Several consumers visit online stores solely to check out new products. Make it easy for your visitors to find the latest items with attractive banners throughout your site. Moreover, simplify the search process for consumers. Several online stores conduct Ecommerce Merchandising with InstantSearch because of advantageous search functions. With this tool, you can offer consumers relevant search suggestions as they type in the products they need. This feature keeps consumers on sites for longer because it allows them to find what they are looking for quickly.

Tell Your Brand's Story 

Moreover, tell your brand's story through eCommerce merchandising. This tactic is great for building a customer experience that resembles in-person window shopping. Window shopping persuades consumers to impulse buy products. Achieve the same level of persuasion on your online store by offering consumers more than just items on a page. Include quotes in your website that portray your company's culture and values. Tell consumers why you started your business in the first place. Consider including customer product photos next to these pieces of text. That way, you can tie your entire brand's story together through multiple forms of media. Impress consumers with this eCommerce merchandising technique. 

Stay Consistent Throughout Your Design

Many eCommerce businesses also increase conversions by staying consistent throughout their merchandising and web designs. Make it easy for visitors to browse your products by using the same layout throughout your website. Utilize white space on all of your pages and create neat rows of products. Keep similar scale photos in line with one another to avoid creating jumbled pages. More so, use the same color scheme throughout your product pages. This allows you to build an effective merchandised theme that consumers can associate with your brand. Follow this eCommerce merchandising technique to attract more consumers and keep them on your site longer. 

Create Powerful Product Presentations

Finally, create powerful product presentations to impress your online shoppers. Unlike in a brick-and-mortar store, consumers cannot touch or see your products in real life. Make up for this loss by providing shoppers with in-depth product information. One of the most common ways to showcase your items online is through quality photos and written descriptions. However, successful eCommerce shops are getting more creative with their presentations. Consider using video to showcase your products. Offer 360-degree views of your items, allowing consumers to move the items around with their mouse. This interactive experience will engage consumers and convince them to purchase your products. Keep this online visual merchandising technique in mind to impress more shoppers. 

In order to create the ultimate online shopping experience, you need to apply the best merchandising tactics. Ecommerce businesses attract more customers by personalizing product recommendations for each consumer. Optimize product discovery by creating banners for new items. Improve your search function for faster navigation as well. Additionally, tell your brand's story through customer product photos and personal quotes. Try to stay consistent throughout your design to maintain a clean layout. Furthermore, create powerful product presentations using interactive displays. Impress shoppers with these online visual merchandising techniques.


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