Advice to Parents on Controlling Modern Children

Are you worried sick with what your child access on the internet and want something to help you keep a watch on his/her online activity? Want to use a spy app but don't want you kid to know about it? In this article we discuss how you can accomplish all this and keep your child safe.

Are you a parent and planning to install a spy app for Android on your kid's smartphone? Your concerns are right and logical. Given today's digital world circumstances, advanced Internet technology environment, along with a progressive fall of high-tech gadget prices, it's become easy to access and possess such devices. Today, children use superior-tech gadgets such as smartphones, PCs, laptops and the like. All this has made it easy to communicate, has made learning and teaching easier, simple and other benefits. However, the negative aspect of all these developments is the potential of access to age-inappropriate or getting trapped in schemes designed to fool young children.

Parents are beset with concerns as long as children away from home - whether it's the school or elsewhere. Therefore, they look for means to protect children from all the negative effects of the Internet. This article veers around protecting children who use devices designed to access the internet.

Why do we protect children from our world?

Any parent or parents feel their children are rare assets, unlike other assets that can be lost or regained. Parents contribute their essence for the birth, and growth to adulthood. All the time parents play a committed role to build the character of the child.

By controlling children, parents help them in building their character. By this, children will become sociable, responsible and responsive citizens in the society. For this all to happen, parents should control children and protect them from the ill effects of the social and technological environment. A spy app for Android is a great and effective instrument to do it.

As usual, parents protect their children

Parents are responsible to bring up children in a responsive manner. That is, parents make sure to create an environment that helps shape children's character by helping them to hone their social and other skills.
However, the advent of new and faster technologies and high-speed gadgets has posed a challenge for parents. It's challenging for parents to control children given the developments in technology. It's become hard to control children. In this context, adopting new ways seems to be sensible.

The role of spy programs in parental control

Today, the rapid growth of software applications has led to inventions of new programs for spying as part of parental control. By this, it's become easier for parents than before to control children.

A few spy programs such as Hoverwatch enable parents to watch children and monitor their activities by watching them in the stealth version. By this, it's become easier for parents to take necessary and preventive measures to protect their children.

What are the top spy programs on the market?

Today, many software programs work as a spy app for Android as parental control. These include Hoverwatch, Norton Family Premier, Qustodio, a few to mention. These spy apps are compatible with diverse platforms and devices.

The best quality spy app for Android smartphones can help parents track kids, know who kids are calling, emailing, chatting on social media networks. When parents know about this, they can take protective measures.
Parental spy app dashboard
Many of the apps enable to track children in stealth mode. In other words, parents can keep on monitor children without having to let them know that they are doing it.

Further, parents can disable either the device or any applications on kids' smartphones.

They can also locate kids and their devices when they are away from home.

The main useful functions of the programs

When you choose a spy app for Android to install it in your kids' smartphones, you reap multiple important benefits. A spy program like Hoverwatch can bring you the following functionalities:

Recording calls and SMS

Parents need to know who kids are talking to on phone, who they are sending SMS and receiving from. This is important because parents can decide what steps they need to take.

Internet browsing history

Parents should be aware of what kids are doing online: what websites they are visiting, what sort of videos they are watching, and how much time they spending on the Internet. Unless properly guided and controlled kids are likely to waste time browsing the Internet.
Children could also be exposed to explicit content which they should be protected from.

Remote camera tracking

This is among the most important features. As the target phone has a front camera, it will enable you to take a photo secretly and send it to parents. This happens each time when your kid or anyone else unlocks the phone home screen.

Calls on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook

Kids want phones as they want to send their friends messages. They do it via regular SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.

Kids may not like to share many things with their parents. Therefore, this feature in major spy apps like Hoverwatch helps parents track their messages in audio and video format.

Tracking the location of the phone

GPS tracking for children smartphone
Tracking the location is important when your kid is out of the home. If you're wary about the whereabouts of your kid, this feature will be immensely useful.

Tracking SIM card

You can know when your child changes the SIM card in their phone or if they replace it. However, Hoverwatch continues to work even then.

Tracking the location of the phone

Tracking the location is important when your kid is out of the home. If you're wary about the whereabouts of your kid, this feature will be immensely useful.

Tracking SIM card

You can know when your child changes the SIM card in their phone or if they replace it. However, Hoverwatch continues to work even then.

Hidden GPS tracker

Spy apps alike Hoverwatch can be kept completely hidden. Your kids cannot know that they have Hoverwatch installed on their phones. This is a great feature because it enables parents to take the right taste at the time.

What do you need to know to install the program?

Be aware that to install Hoverwatch on a phone, you need to have the phone in hand. You cannot install it remotely.
Installing the Hoverwatch spy app is easy and simple.
To install the program do as follows:
  • Make the target phone ready
  • Go to Settings ------> Security
  • Enable Unknown sources
  • Open an Internet browser and visit Hoverwatch website:
  • Create your Hoverwatch account with an email id and password.
  • Sign up free
  • Download
  • Tap APK of the app to begin the installation.
  • Install
  • Open
  • Choose installation/li>
  • Ok
  • Hide/Don't hide according to your icon.
  • Accept legal terms
  • Type account user name and password
  • Activate 'Allow usage tracking'.
  • Tap back to Hoverwatch app
  • Tap Yes
You're ready to use Hoverwatch.

How legitimate is it to use such a program?

It's important to consider the legality of using a spy app for your kid. You're legitimate in spying your kid's activity on the Internet. However, make a second thought before you move ahead. As a parent, it's your responsibility to make them act in the way that's expected of them.
Monitor children smartphone call logs
Do speak to your kids about the ill consequences of using social media networks, Internet browsing, etc. Make them feel that you're here to do good for them. Share your feelings, apprehensions and your love with them. Let them understand your concerns and know that you're monitoring them and should monitor them.


Using a good quality parenting app is important because today technology is influencing the everyday life of people to a large extent. Technology has created many good things as well as evil consequences in its wake. Happily, many new software applications have been rolled out to combat the harmful effects of the Internet. Use a spy app for Android on your kid's smartphone and rest assured of their security.


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