Top 5 Innovative Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

Having a deep understanding of the upcoming trends in mobile app development will help your developers to integrate more advanced functionalities to a mobile app. Read the top 5 innovative Mobile App Development Trends in 2021.

It's nearly impossible to think about a world without mobile apps! An average American consumes a fair share of his day on mobile apps alone.

As we have been fully dependent on mobile apps, there is a greater need to develop mobile apps that are smarter than our current technologies. The use of AI, ML, IoT, AR, and VR has made mobile apps way smarter than before.

Experts suggest that by 2022 the number of mobile app downloads will reach 400 billion. With a strong surge in mobile-based internet usage, there is a greater need to develop mobile apps that align with the latest development trends in the software development industry. Let's dive into the top 5 innovative Mobile App Development trends in 2020.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends that will rule in 2020

The demand for Cloud-based Mobile Apps will increase
Much of the mobile apps in the app store are now lighter than their previous versions. Ever wondered why? Cloud integration does this magic. It is estimated that 90% of enterprise workloads will be hosted in the cloud by 2021.

Cloud-based mobile apps benefit both mobile app developers and users equally. It helps you to access mobile apps faster and will also make the entire development project hassle-free. Apart from that, Cloud integrated mobile apps will give you a lot of other perks which we have listed below:
  • As it directly runs on the cloud, cloud-based mobile apps won't eat away your smartphone's internal memory.

  • Your phone won't crash while running cloud-based apps.

  • Cloud-based mobile apps will have more security, computing power, and most importantly "reliability".
Along with cloud technology, cloud quantum computing is also becoming a future trend in the tech world that will enable micro-processors to process data at an accelerated rate when compared to the current trend. In simple words, by combining Quantum computing with Cloud technology, businesses will be able to increase their computational power, this helps them to efficiently analyze their business process and make intelligent decisions.

IoT friendly Mobile Apps
IoT friendly mobile apps are an emerging trend in the mobile app development industry. IoT is an interconnected network of devices that communicate with each other via a mobile app interface.

By efficiently harnessing this technology, you can control a variety of equipment such as home appliances, surveillance cameras, automobiles and even heavy machinery via your mobile app.

Home automation systems are one of the best examples of IoT. Here all major utilities in your house such as air conditioning, lighting, security are intelligent which means, they are programmed to give appropriate feedback by receiving your specific commands.

Artificial Intelligence: The next big thing in mobile apps
Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence or AI plays a key role in mobile application development. AI mimics human intelligence and makes decisions in the same way humans make. Be it Software development, Cyber Security, Robotics, and IoT, each segment of the technology industry will integrate Artificial Intelligence capabilities into its processes. This includes mobile app technology.

The influence that AI has in your daily life is fascinating. It's interesting to note that the recommendation that you get from Youtube, virtual assistants, navigation, etc in your mobile device is powered by an AI. As AI makes mobile applications smarter, Integrating AI into your mobile app will improve its overall user experience.

AI can now do a lot of tasks that were once thought impossible for a computer program to perform. The best example of this is Duplex. Developed by Google, it is an AI that can fix your appointments and even make calls to humans on behalf of your appointment. In the near future, these AI programs could replace a lot of jobs in the contact center and customer support.

Beacon Technology
Beacon Technology is now becoming a trending topic among mobile app developers in Kerala. It is rapidly being adopted by industries like retail stores, healthcare, hotels, etc. We will illustrate the working of beacon technology with an example. Say for example you have a cosmetic shop. There are thousands of people who may have your mobile app on their mobile device. The moment when they will be around your shop, you can notify them about your offers.

The mobile apps that use this technology rely on Bluetooth and wireless transmitters of your device to send signals. By integrating beacon technology with the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses such as retail stores, healthcare, etc can leverage this as an important tool for their marketing.

Apps that utilize AR/VR Technology
AR and VR integrated mobile apps are now in their budding stage as few apps are using it. But in 2020, AR/VR integration will be an essential feature for most of the mobile apps. In the last couple of years, Google and Apple have added AR capabilities in their respective apps.
You can even find mobile games that use AR in the AppStore such as PokemonGo, Dino Trek and more. Integrating AR/VR technology into mobile apps can significantly uplift the user experience. A variety of verticals could get benefit from AR/VR Technology which includes manufacturing, healthcare, marketing, and many more.

With all these innovative app development trends out there, It is crucial for your business to develop a mobile app that utilizes all these technologies. Having a deep understanding of mobile app development trends in 2020 will help your developers to integrate more advanced functionalities to your mobile app. Developing a mobile app may be a tough task, and if you are new to it, you can always hire an experienced mobile app development company that will help you to identify innovative trends for your next mobile app.

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