Top 20 websites for Apple fans

With so many new websites hunting on visitors, it may be hard to find a really useful information resource if you a novice Apple lover. Read this post and learn about the top 20 online outlets every Mac and iPhone aficionado should know about.

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It's an honor to be part of the Apple universe. Whether you own a MacBook, an iPhone or other awesome devices from this legendary brand, there are perks that make you feel privileged. These include premium quality that won't let you down when you need it the most, top-notch technologies at your fingertips and the sense of being a valued customer. Plus, the Apple logo has become an element of lifestyle for millions of users.

It comes as no surprise that numerous Apple fans want to stay tuned for industry news, get the software and feature reviews, read how-to guides, and share their experiences with others. Furthermore, Macs are being increasingly targeted by malware and therefore, people often need security advice to address their issues.

Thankfully, there are plenty of websites that provide the entirety of this information and opportunities. I have compiled a list of the top 20 online outlets every Mac and iPhone aficionado should know about.

  1. MacRumors

MacRumors is a one-stop source of information for Apple addicts and regular users who want to stay on top of the news from their favorite company. Not only does it cover predictions about feature tweaks and new product releases (as the name might suggest), but it also contains helpful how-to's, in-depth reviews of iOS and macOS based devices, a buyer's guide, and user forums providing answers to a plethora of questions.

  1. Reddit

This service hosts one of the most comprehensive discussion hubs for Apple enthusiasts. It encompasses a handful of subreddits dedicated to Macs as well as all types of handheld (iPhone, iPad, iPod), wearable (Apple Watch, AirPod), and non-computing (Apple TV) gear from the brand. The top-level subreddit, r/Apple, has 1.2 million community members and provides a combo of news, opinions, tech support, and useful links.

  1. Cult of Mac

The name speaks for itself. This website is a reputable, one-size-fits-all resource giving you the lowdown on all things Apple. In addition to highlighting the relevant news along with device and software reviews, Cult of Mac contains awesome how-to's that can really make your day. It also includes sections providing deals and buyback options with ecologically clean recycling at their core.

  1. Macworld

If you are looking for video reviews of the latest iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook, Apple TV box or other gear and accessories, then Macworld is one of the best sites to visit. In fact, there is so much more to explore on this blog, from newsmaking events in the industry to hot deals and product comparisons.

  1. OS X Daily

OS X Daily helps you keep tabs on Apple news, recent software releases, insightful gadget reviews, jailbreaking, and tips and tricks you won't find elsewhere. Don't be misled by the name – its materials cover areas way beyond Macs alone. The troubleshooting section on OS X Daily is particularly worthwhile as it contains a bevy of easy-to-use tutorials with illustrations.

  1. 9to5Mac

This website embraces a remarkable knowledge base about Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, as well as TV and music devices with the Apple logo. It is very well structured and, therefore a pleasure to navigate and find information of interest. 9to5Mac is one of the most trusted technology resources engaging its visitors via breaking news, interesting videos, and a considerable social media presence.

  1. The Mac Observer

The Mac Observer blog stands out from the crowd in a way. Its average article is a one-minute read or less, which makes the content easy to digest and informative at the same time. The site provides important Apple news and includes podcasts, reviews, tutorials, editorials, columns, deals, quick tips, and more. Ultimately, this is one of the few resources you can read on the go and get the details you need.

  1. iLounge

This is another great website that bridges the gap between users and hot news in the Apple world. Launched in 2001, iLounge is one of the oldies in this niche. Aside from the news section, it contains numerous reviews of devices, accessories, and software. You can also browse daily deals and peek into the forums once in a while to see what the community members are discussing. From where I stand, the section with tech humor news is particularly entertaining.

  1. iDownloadBlog

The popularity of this website stems from its vast information coverage ranging from Apple news and deals – to rumors, app reviews, and jailbreaking issues. Newbies who just got their first Mac or iPhone will also appreciate the tutorials on iDownloadBlog that explain the very basics of using these amazing devices.

  1. Apple Support

Nobody knows a product better than the people who designed it. The official Apple Support website is where experts and regular users get together. No matter what device you own, the appropriate subsection will guide you through the ins and outs of leveraging its features and dodging common issues. Furthermore, you can find user manuals and ask the support community a question if you run into a problem.

  1. Apple Newsroom

Apple Newsroom is the right place to get first-hand information from the brand. It contains press releases covering iOS and macOS updates, product announcements, quarterly financial reports, investment projects supported by the Cupertino-based company, and more. Some of the materials may appear a bit academic, but the site is highly informative overall.

  1. AppleInsider

To get on the hype train and quench your curiosity about what's new and what's coming up in the Apple environment, consider visiting AppleInsider. It brings reviews, deals, price guides, and podcasts to your fingertips. By the way, the reviews span both Apple products and various compatible gear and accessories. Also, go to AppleInsider forums to know what the talk of the town is currently about.

  1. iMore

Whereas the iMore website is an all-in-one outlet about Apple products and services, its main focus is on the company's mobile devices in general and iPhones in particular. It keeps the community aware of the industry news and product releases while shedding extra light on cool new games, top deals, and accessories that will make your device one of a kind.

  1. MakeUseOf

Among other things, this site provides user-friendly walkthroughs to boost the performance of your Mac or iPhone and safeguard it against malware. Although MakeUseOf isn't an Apple-only source of information and reviews, it has dedicated sections with extensive tutorials and tips that will definitely take your user experience to a whole new level.

  1. iPhone Hacks

The lure about iPhone Hacks is that it provides unique tips to help you make the most of your iOS device. And no, this doesn't only boil down to jailbreaking. There are tons of how-to's about customizing your gadget and maintaining its health. It's a helpful and easy-to-navigate resource for both experienced and new users of Apple products.

  1. MacSecurity

This website was masterminded by seasoned professionals who know how to repair stuff and can probably remove any malware from a MacBook with their eyes closed. MacSecurity website contains comprehensive DIY guides with photos to address common adware/malware issues and provides a vast range of software troubleshooting techniques.

  1. Ask Different – Stack Exchang

The Ask Different section within the Stack Exchange online community network is one of the most dynamic discussion environments dedicated to Apple hardware and software. Although it was originally intended for power users, every Apple fan can get tech assistance there to tackle their issues, including the most brain-twisting predicaments with Macs, iPhones, and other devices.

  1. iPhone Life

Unlike websites that try to maximize their reach by covering all popular Apple gear, iPhone Life fully lives up to its name. Its content is entirely about iOS devices and apps. This online magazine allows you to take a dive into iPhone and iPad news, daily tips and tricks, accessories, how-to's, and more. The podcast section is amazingly instructive, too.

  1. MacSales

MacSales is the perfect site to visit if you are up to giving your Mac a tune-up. You can order a brand-new SSD, external drive, or extra memory for your MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini in a few clicks without having to go anywhere else. If you are low on budget, there are plenty of used Macs to choose from.

  1. The Loop

This blog gives you insights into Apple news from a regular user's perspective. The editors' first-person writing style and friendly tone, practical product reviews, and the informative podcast instill trust and make you want to visit The Loop over and over.


Some of the above websites encourage discussion and collect opinions. Some are designed for tech support and hardware upgrades. Others focus on Apple news, product reviews, useful tips, how-to's, and deals. Guess what? You probably need a little bit of each to be in the know. Keep these websites close at hand and stay current with the rapidly evolving Apple ecosystem.


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