How the tourism industry can benefit from a Travel CRM?

Finding it difficult to manage all your client's requirement on an Excel sheet? Read this blog to understand how travel CRM helps you organize your business operations.

The travel industry is growing faster than ever. The love for travel has grown immensely in recent times. AS of today, there are 25 million tourists from India also and according to UN World Tourism Organization, it's said that the number will rise to 50 million by the year 2020, which means the number will multiply in barely two years.

Talking about foreign nationalities, the Indian Brand Equity Foundation says that the number of foreign tourists has increased from 8,49,000 to 1.05 million in the last two years. That is equivalent to a 25% rise in the number of visitors. With the travel industry growing drastically, it will be adding close to around 10 million jobs in the tourism industry.

The audience of the travel industry is vast. With high expectations from different audiences, it becomes difficult to cater to their needs without the help of Travel CRM Software. All of them look for customizations, they want to be treated special, the travel plan should be according to their budget and their budgets vary from INR 10,000 to INR 10,00,000.

When you're able to match your client's needs and expectations, it can be assured that they'll be continuing their business with you in the long run. Let's say hypothetically they are not happy with your work, they will make sure the world knows about how pathetic the service was by word of mouth and talking about the same on various social media platforms.

To keep up with your customer's expectations, you'll have to go digital with your business. One of the best ways to digitalize is by implementing a customer relationship management software.

Benefits of Implementing a Travel CRM

Everyone had their own choices. These choices can range from places the person who's traveling would prefer to eat, or the places they would like to visit, how they would prefer to travel and much more.

A travel agency has to be on its toes, discovering new places to visit, creating the travel plans and the itinerary, checking out the client's preferences, and much more. In addition to that, you need to respond to the customers in a short period of time and if you think that storing all this information on Word Doc or spreadsheets is going to make your work easier, then you have got it all wrong.

There are lots of customer relationship management software in the market but only good CRM will take your business to the next level.

Here are a few ways in which your travel agency can benefit from a CRM:

  • Creating an omni-channel experience

  • Advertising on multiple online channels is one of the ways you can generate leads. When you post an ad on multiple channels, you need to know where the leads are being generated from and how to improve the sites where you are not being able to generate qualitative and quantitative leads. While creating your brand awareness, you are also capturing the data. This will help you build your customer profiles which will, in turn, help your sales agents understand your audience better and sell the travel packages quicker than before. In addition to that, you can also categorize your customers better and personalize their experience.

  • Analyze the data

  • With an abundant amount of data being generated, you can analyze the data and personalize your customer's experience. With personalization, you make your customers feel that they are important. With the data analyzed, it should become easier to tailor packages for your customers. A good travel CRM takes care of all such needs. It helps you predict the pattern of your customers' behavior and helps you literally take that extra mile for your customers, thus helping you build a strong and ever-lasting relationship with your customers.

  • Keeping in touch with your customers

  • With your customers finding multiple options every second, it isn't difficult for your prospects to jump from one business to another. Most of the time they wouldn't even remember talking to you. It is important to keep in touch with your customers regularly so that they you don't lose that lead. With a travel CRM, you can automate most of your menial tasks like sending a quotation, or sending details for their requirement, and much more. It becomes easier to generate business from existing customers rather than bringing in new customers.

    The bottom line

    The CRM you implement in your company should help you stand out in the market. From streamlining your sales and service process to closing your deals faster, a travel CRM should be able to do everything. Before you go ahead and invest in a CRM, study its features thoroughly. You will not need all the features they have to offer, more features means you'll have to invest more in it. Pick the right features that are required for your business.


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