Reasons Why Your Website Needs an SEO Audit

If you also have a website, it is highly recommended to go for a complete SEO Audit. Read the reasons why your website needs an SEO Audit.

In the modern world, every business has an online presence in the form of websites, blogs, discussion portals, social media channels, and news portals. Of all these platforms, the official websites are the most popular ones that are also gaining more and more popularity with the passing time. Amongst the bevy of websites, there is a huge number of websites that are users or traffic centric, such as e-commerce websites, information websites, and blogs, etc. For all these websites, and in general, as well, there are various parameters that decide its quality; ease of using; ranking and ROI or revenues. These parameters are the reasons that cause websites to gain or lose ranking and business as well.
Now, the first line of action to identify anything to everything that is wrong with a website or say, the areas in which a website is lacking is called – SEO Audit. This short term can not only help you identify the issues with the website structure but also in finding the issues with page and information flows; ease of using; copied pages; ranking issues; crawl issues and lots more!
So, all in all, an expert SEO Audit is just like a full-body check-up for humans. Just like the full-body check-up, a webmaster or technical auditor will test and check the website against a full-fledged Manual SEO Audit Checklist as well as via the audit tools. This thorough check-up leads to an in-depth analysis of the websites; the issues ailing the website; its traffic; and all the other issues.
If you also have a website, it is highly recommended to go for a complete SEO Audit so that you can optimize it and get the best value out of every single buck you invest into your business. We have compiled a list of the top reasons to do an SEO Audit for your website. Read them all and make your websites free of all types of issues now!

Reasons to do an SEO Audit for your Website

  1. Speed

  2. For every user, the website speed matters the most. Right from loading, to moving across the pages; moving across different sections; finding the information; log sessions; information submission; payment process; buying process and uploading data – the activities that the users perform on any website vary across the websites. The users should be able to do all this and anything else the website is meant for, without delays and facing the problem of slow speed. Size of media files such as images, videos, audios, gifs, and infographics can also slow down the website speed. Hosting server; redundant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, etc are the other reasons behind a slow website.
    An SEO Audit will help you get rid of the components and other things that are making your website slow. Further, you can also optimize various functionalities to increase speed.

  3. Website Structure

  4. The audit process helps you find the issues with the website structure such as interlinked pages; finding the information; browsing the various website sections; copied content and copies of your website on the internet. Correcting the website structure is one sure-shot way of increasing your ROI.

  5. Crawling Issues

  6. If your content or products don't get crawled, this means that the search engines don't know of their presence and they will not appear in the searches. This means that you have a limited audience and your efforts will go waste. Checking the crawling issues is an important task in SEO Audit Checklist and can be corrected after being diagnosed.

  7. URL Structure

  8. Short, descriptive, and meaningful and easy to remember URLs rank better and are more effective. URL Correction, changing and other related issues such as too many related URLs, etc can be identified and dealt properly via an SEO Audit.

  9. ON-Page Issues

  10. The SEO audit helps you identify and correct the various on-page issues with the website. In layman's words, the issues with the information or content present ON the website pages are called the on-page issues. A complete audit can help you in identifying and correcting issues related to:

    • Headers

    • Content such as blogs, product descriptions, and general website content

    • Internal Linking of the website

    • Meta and descriptions

  11. Backlink Issues

  12. Google is one of the most prominent search engines and backlinks are an important part of its crawl algorithm. The backlinks are the links on other websites, portals or blogs that send the readers or users from there to your website. Errors in backlinks, faulty or copied information, low PR backlinks, and other issues can be addressed via SEO Audit.

  13. Developing Content Strategies

  14. Once you have diagnosed the issues ailing your website, you can easily find the next line of action and also find out what to do to improve the user traffic and traffic quality of your website. So, a complete SEO Audit allows you and your team to form the best content strategies for better earnings.

  15. Outdated Content

  16. Deleting too old web pages is a good practice as it not only leaves space for new content but also avoids the odds of having redundant content on your website. SEO Audit can help you find too old pages that are affecting the website speed and other areas.

So, all in all, SEO Audit must be done regularly; or at least once for all the websites for addressing the issues and boosting the user experience and earnings as well. Now, instead of using the free online tools for auditing, most of which are scams and viruses, it is better to opt for some reputed firm or technical auditor for a website audit.


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