5 Types Of Security Cameras and Where They Should Be Used

Due to the high risk of security in today's world, the use of security cameras has become a necessity regardless of where you are living. To take measures to cope it, a wide variety of security cameras is available with specifications according to purposive usage.

Personal security and safety are of paramount importance in the current day and age. Recently the crime rates of the country have increased dramatically. According to the FBI, one out of every three unprotected homes in the United States is at risk of a robbery.

Theft and larceny have become the most common crimes in the US, according to the FBI, and you need to start taking some measures to deter these criminals if you want to stay safe. There are many ways in which you can improve the security of your home and workspace.
5 Types of Security Cameras and Where They Should Be Used
Among many others, one of the most common and useful security features that you can add to your property is security cameras. Implementing a comprehensive surveillance camera system can have a lot of advantages. It can help you deter crime, find evidence, maintain security, monitor employees and children and do a lot more.

Though it may seem simple, installing a security camera can be a very challenging job. There are a lot of things that you need to know before you can purchase an effective CCTV camera system. You need to figure out what your requirements are, and which type of camera will fulfil those requirements.

As there are various kinds of security cameras available in the market, selecting the right one can be a little challenging. Here is a list of some of the main security cameras types, along with their functions. Keep scrolling down to learn more.

Modern wireless security cameras

Modern wireless security cameras
Like every other electronic device, security cameras are also becoming wireless these days. Apart from getting rid of the long and annoying wires, modern security cameras have a lot of amazing and excellent features, that makes wireless security cameras are one of the best options in the market.
Here is a list of some of the fantastic features that are readily available in almost every modern wireless camera.
  1. Two-way communication: This fantastic feature allows the user of the cameras to communicate remotely through it. This feature can help deter criminals, and it can also be used for many other features. This property can also be useful if you are using cameras to monitor your children, or if you want to keep an eye on your home or office.
  2. Cloud storage: Cloud storage allows your cameras to create a remote backup regularly. The advantage of this feature is that even if someone tampers with your camera, you will be able to check the footage to find the perpetrator. By using cloud storage, you can also avoid creating a personal storage and monitoring system.
  3. Motion sensing: Modern cameras are equipped with specific sensors that allow them to detect motion. The motion detectors can also differentiate between the movement caused by an animal and a person.
  4. Built-in Alarms: These days, wireless cameras almost work as a complete security system. Along with all the previously mentioned features, some cameras also have built-in alarms that can be triggered remotely or automatically. These alarms significantly improve the effectiveness of security cameras in deterring crime.
  5. Remote monitoring: As wireless security cameras store their footage on the cloud, they can also be monitored remotely, on your phone. It doesn't matter where you are; if you have a stable internet connection, you can keep an eye on your property. This property can be beneficial when you are travelling, and you need to keep an eye on your home or your pets.
  6. Plug and play capability: Another significant advantage of modern cameras is that they are super easy to install. You don't need to create a complex connection of wires or set up a monitoring station. You can mount the camera, connect it to your WIFI, and you will be able to monitor its footage from your phone.
  7. Higher video Quality: The quality of the footage that you can get from security cameras has also improved dramatically over the last decade. These days you can get some reasonably priced wireless security cameras that are capable of recording in 4K. Any average or even low-end wireless security camera has at least 720p recording capabilities
Because of all these features, modern wireless security cameras are quite versatile, and they are perfect for being used in the home as small business areas where you need only three or four cameras. For large systems with hundreds of security cameras, these aren't the best option.

PTZ cameras

PTZ cameras
Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras, or as they are better known, PTZ cameras have a lot of advantages and uses. As the name implies, these cameras are created using bigger lenses, that give the camera the ability to be zoomed. Small automated motors also provide these lenses with the ability to be Panned and tilted.
These movement abilities make PTZ cameras one of the best tools for monitoring and surveillance. Monitoring teams can pan and tilt the camera to look at a specific frame, and even zoom on a person of interest to have a closer look.

PTZ cameras also have a significantly larger field of view than standard cameras. Most modern PTZ cameras can be tilted up to 90 degrees and can be paned full 360 degrees. It means that a single camera can be used to monitor an extensive area. Since the features of this camera make it more suitable for the outdoors, most PTZ cameras are waterproof and sturdy.

PTZ cameras can be used in many different scenarios, but most commonly, they are used for real-time monitoring in sensitive areas. Law enforcement agencies use these cameras to maintain security in crowded events like parades. The police can also use these cameras to maintain security in the case of VIP movements. PTZ cameras are also used in places like airports and bus stops for surveillance and security.

Apart from being used by law enforcement and security agencies, PTZ cameras are also very commonly used in casinos. Casino and gaming commission officials use PTZ cameras to catch people who are cheating.
If you are buying a PTZ camera, you need to make sure that it has a powerful lens. The zoom of the camera should be optical for better quality. These cameras maybe a little more expensive, but they have some incredible features that set them apart. One useful feature is that you can set these cameras to pan automatically over a large area, so that that you can cover it with a single camera instead of using multiple.

Dome cameras

Dome cameras
Like the name of these surveillance cameras implies, they are shaped like a dome. These cameras have some distinct properties that set them apart from the rest. Firstly, these cameras are very inconspicuous. Because of their unique dome shape, it is challenging to figure out where the camera is looking. This can make it harder for people to tamper with your cameras. As dome cameras are usually mounted on ceilings, they aren't that easy to damage either. Secondly, these cameras are quite affordable and easy to install on a large scale.
These cameras have a fixed lens, with a field of view of about 100 to 120 degrees. Dome cameras also have a decent, mid-range focal length and they are equipped with infrared sensors that allow the camera to see in the dark.

Most commonly, you will see these cameras used indoors. As they are quite affordable in comparison to other types of surveillance cameras, they are used in large security systems, that involve lots of cameras. Dome cameras are usually wired, but as they are mounted on the ceiling, managing the wires becomes a lot easier.
Dome cameras are one of the most commonly used types of security cameras all over the world, you can find them in offices, banks, schools, shops, hotels and almost everywhere indoor cameras are required. Though dome cameras can be used outdoors, they are preferred as an indoor camera because of their discreet design.

Many people prefer dome cameras for their home security systems because of their artistic appeal and design. Bullet cameras or any other type that is very prominent can take away from the decor of a room, while the discrete and low-profile design of dome cameras can provide security without affecting the elegant design of your home.

Like anything else, dome cameras have some cons as well. Firstly, they are more challenging to install as compared to other camera types. Secondly, they aren't that easy to reposition. Moreover, the domes can become dirty over time and cause visibility issues.

Still, dome security cameras are one of the best options for indoor surveillance, so check them out if you are thinking about installing a security system in your home or business. These cameras aren't that simple to install, and you might not be able to get them running if you don't know about security camera installations. The best thing to do is to check out some security camera installation companies in your area. If you live in Chicago, check out Imperial CCTV Chicago, which is one of the best security camera installation companies in the area.

Day/Night security cameras

Day Night security cameras
You can tell by the name of these cameras that they are capable both during the day and night, but what is it that sets them apart from regular cameras with infrared sensors? Well, both standard cameras with infrared sensors and Day/Night cameras may perform the same job, but day/night cameras are a lot more reliable and competent.

The drawback of using infrared for night vision is that it can be tampered with very quickly. All you have to do is shine a bright light at a camera working with infrared sensors, and its footage will be distorted.
On the other hand, day/night cameras use a different technology which makes them more productive and very hard to tamper. Instead of relying on infrared illuminators, these cameras use smart imaging chips to provide a clear image in the dark.

Hence, the image of day/night cameras isn't distorted because of glare from the sun, and neither can it be tampered with using light beams. Therefore, these cameras are perfect for outdoor usage where the environment has to be monitored in the dark.

Day/night cameras can be found in different shapes. You can get both dome and bullet cameras with the image sensing technology used in day/night cameras.

Bullet cameras

Like dome cameras are super conventional for indoor application, bullet cameras are unbeatable in terms of popularity as outdoor security cameras. Bullet cameras are very widely used because of their resilience against harsh weather conditions and reliability.

The lenses of these cameras are usually placed in a casing that makes it impervious to rain and dust and other environmental factors. Because of the robust housing, which is generally made of metal, these cameras are difficult to tamper. And unlike dome cameras, these devices are mounted on the walls. It makes it easier to install and reposition them as well.

You will most commonly find these cameras in outdoor areas like parking lots, alleyways and yards. The weatherproofing and sturdiness of these cameras also make them the perfect candidate for use at construction sites with a lot of dust and debris that can damage other unprotected cameras.
As bullet cameras are conventional for outdoor use, the lenses of these cameras are also designed accordingly. Bullet cameras typically have a significantly more extended range than dome cameras, which is why they are the perfect choice for long hallways and corridors.

As far as the price is concerned, bullet cameras are slightly more expensive than dome cameras. However, they are still the most affordable and perfect choice for a quality outdoor surveillance system.

Here was a list of some of the commonly used camera types that are available in the market. The specific purpose and strengths of each camera type were also mentioned, along with their drawbacks. Therefore, this post will help you make the right choice for your security systems according to your specific requirements. We hope that you found this post helpful and informative, and now you are capable of buying the best camera for your needs. That's all and have a great day.

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