Top 9 Marketing Automation Tools To Consider

Read this article to know the automation tools available for your online marketing campaign. Know the various features these tools offer, shortlist the ones you want and choose the right tool for your business.

Marketing automation has been embraced by more businesses online today compared to the past. According to a report by Salesforce, 67% of marketing leaders are using some sort of marketing automation platform and more businesses are considering incorporating marketing automation tools into their businesses. With the such wide use of automation tools, has inspired new tools in the market. Every business out there can find just the right marketing automation software to suit their needs and make more money online compared to before.

Kane Georgiou, owner of KG Physio Ltd and The Money Pig blog says,

"Without some form of automation, you cannot fully focus on the important side of the business, and that's growth. Whether it's customer service, email marketing, or social media scheduling. It all means more hours focusing on the bigger picture"

If you are an online business out there intending to use these tools for marketing, you must be informed of the best ones on the market and which ones meet the needs of your business the most. Here are some marketing automation tools worth considering.

1. EngageBay

EngageBay is an award-winning product for nurturing and engaging clients for their
utmost customer satisfaction. The software provides a seamless experience for customers of small and mid-sized real estate agencies. This diverse package of solutions includes small business CRM, marketing automation, a sales bay, live chat and a helpdesk.

EngageBay makes it possible to automate manual tasks, track deals and sales pipelines, provide real-time assistance that easily converts visitors into customers and prioritize and solve customer support inquiries. Starting at a monthly subscription as low as $8.99, EngageBay is feature-loaded, easy to set up and use and has complete access to the cloud. It can be integrated with many third-party applications. It has excellent lead and pipeline management. Customer support is among the finest in the industry with prompt resolutions to issues.

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This is a tool that lets you send targeted messages to your potential and current customers. The tool allows you to craft the message based on their interactions with your business. The great thing about this tool is that it integrates with your mobile app or website allows you to see live data and triggers actions by including predefined rules. In short, it makes personalized messages simple. Other features of this tool are conversion tracking, A/B testing, in-context conversations, and customer profiles. The cost of this tool is determined by the size of your email list and total email credits. For example, if your email list has 200 people that means 400 free monthly email credits. However, if your list grows to 5000 people you get 10,000 monthly emails which will cost $50 monthly. The capability is endless and it doesn't matter how many people you have there are pricing levels for everyone which is awesome.

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3. Constant Contact

This is a very efficient email marketing automation tool that has various remarkable features to take your marketing to the next level. This tool offers Facebook fan promotion, event management, and coupon and deals. The tool allows you to edit emails, use an autoresponder and many other useful features.
If you have between 0- 500 contacts, that will cost you $20 monthly for only email marketing and $45 monthly if you want access to all the other features. In this tool, the capability is beyond just 500 contacts and there are pricing levels for every number of contacts.

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4. Hubspot

This is an inbound marketing tool that has the intention of turning your outbound leads into inbound ones. It is effective when it comes to content marketing. The basic pricing on this tool is $200 monthly if you have 1000 contacts. On this basic pricing, you can get access to content creation tools, email marketing, content optimization, a social media suite, and a marketing analytics dashboard. You will also get to use salesforce integration, smart content, custom workflows, attribution reporting, A/B testing for CTAs and A/B testing for email, goal-based nurturing and a lot more. It is a tool that delivers a lot which explains its higher pricing.

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5. Pardot

This marketing automation suite is ideal for businesses keen on revenue boosting. With this tool, you will be able to increase your engagement with CRM integration, lead nurturing, email marketing, lead scoring and ROI reporting. This tool is very effective when it comes to helping sales teams shorten their sales cycles. The standard pricing for this tool is $1000 monthly and for that, you get email marketing, in-depth prospect tracking, lead nurturing, grading and lead scoring. You will also get access to ROI reporting, forms and landing pages and standard CRM integration. There are more features with higher pricing and the more you pay you will even get an IP address and phone support.

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6. AdRoll

This is a very efficient automation tool used for retargeting customers through re-engagement on Twitter, Facebook, and the web. The tool comes with cross-device and cross-platform retargeting capabilities along with flexible segmentation. You can offer customized experiences that will automatically improve your marketing efficiency. The tool has features like dynamic LiquidAds, transparent analytics, flexible segmentation, expert optimization, and conversion reporting. You will also get customized budgeting, complete control over ad spend and a free 2-week trial. A tool worth using for your small business thanks to its affordable pricing and always determined by your needs.

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7. Dialogue Tech

This tool is known for its voice-based marketing automation that allows you to boost ROI with call automation and analytics. You get the capability to optimize voice interactions with its features by measuring your success and making the necessary adjustments. It comes with features such as keyword call-tracking which is quite useful during voice interactions, caller-profile data, phone surveys, reverse lookup, conversation analytics, geolocation routing, SMS, in-call scoring and so on. The company that offers this tool doesn't publish their pricing which is why you will need to contact them for a quote directly.

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8. Marketo

This tool allows you to drive revenue using lead management, mobile marketing and a lot more. It is a cloud-based tool for both large and small companies. It has zero setup fees and it also comes with a free trial which allows businesses to find out if it's perfect for them before committing. Initially, the Marketo tool was only for lead management but over the years, it has evolved and now offers more impressive marketing features.

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9. Oracle Eloqua

This is a tool that allows online businesses to plan automated campaigns while personalizing them. Initially, the tool only offered lead generation boosting but currently it offers effective personalization across platforms such as email, mobile and video. You will get many lead management features and you can also track reports and valuable insights into a buyer's journey. Their pricing is a bit on the higher end and this is why if you have less than 10,000 contacts you get to pay $2000 monthly. Their standard plan has been known to be $4000 monthly but pricing levels vary according to needs.

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Marketing automation is a great way for businesses to make money online. With great tools at your disposal, marketing your business online becomes a piece of cake. By using any or several of the above tools, your business is bound to grow to the next level.

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