Technology and The Workforce: How Things are Changing

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We rely on technology to improve our lives at home and at work. From GPS maps to keep us from getting lost to hotspots on our phones to self-driving vehicles, it seems like there is a new advancement every time we turn around. Because of the ever-advancing world of technology, it can be hard to keep up with the frequent developments. With that in mind, we have listed four of the tech trends that we think will change the face of our workforce. 

Machine Learning

Did you know today's intelligent machines do not have to be programmed in order to complete a task? It's true. It's called machine learning and it is the idea that a machine can learn new behavior by experience. If you have ever been on a website and noticed all the ads on the site are showing products you've been looking at recently, it's not a coincidence. These real-time ads are the result of machine learning tools. The machines are essentially learning what you like by watching what you do when you're online. This technology is being used all over the world to boost business intelligence. Business analysts can examine the data collected by machine learning and discover a great deal about their business operations. Machine learning is creating countless jobs for data analysts. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not a new buzz word, it has been around for some years now, but what is new is how quickly the technology is advancing. Artificial intelligence is made up of computers that are designed to imitate human behavior and thinking. They are advanced enough to react to images and speech and in addition to things like smartphone assistants and ridesharing apps, artificial intelligence is finding its way into the workforce. The bad news is that USA Today reports that by 2030 more than 73 million jobs will be replaced by automation that uses AI. However, don't despair. According to the same report, there should be enough additional job growth created by these advancements to offset the projected job loss. 

Virtual or Augmented Reality

Virtual reality or VR is not just for gaming. This amazing technology is already being used by the military to help train their personnel. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to how people can be trained using augmented reality. From physicians to pilots and more, augmented reality will ensure the workforce is trained in real-life situations that mimic reality.

Article by Tony John
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