Pros and Cons of Using Xamarin For Mobile App Development

Let's go through the Pros and Cons of using Xamarin for Mobile App Development and see what makes this product stand out from other frameworks.

If you're into mobile app development for your business, you will probably encounter these requirements:
The type of app being developed(iOS, Android, or other platforms)
The business logic of the app being developed

Considering the above two reasons, you can either go for Native app development or Hybrid app development. Before you adopt either one of this approach, take the following factors into consideration:

Native apps are precisely crafted to take advantage of specific hardware requirements of a particular device and its OS(iOS, Android, or other platforms). Apart from that, it can efficiently make use of APIs and platform-centric optimizations, such as NFC, GPS, sensors, gestures and so on. The popular examples of Native apps include Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and even Whatsapp.

If you are about to build an app with complex animations and rich UI, Native app development will be the best choice, whereas if you are more concerned about your budget, choosing a cross-platform mobile app development framework will be the best choice.

Anyhow, there will be a plethora of cross-platform frameworks for you to choose from to build efficient and user-friendly mobile apps. They include platforms like React Native, Cordova, PhoneGap, Flutter, and Xamarin. And Xamarin is a better choice among these and you can do it cost-effectively by hiring Xamarin Developers in India.

What is Xamarin?

We can use Xamarin to build cross-platform apps for multiple platforms such as Android and iOS from a single shared C# codebase. Xamarin is integrated into the .NET framework ever since it got acquired by Microsoft.
Let's dive deeper into the Pros and Cons of using Xamarin for Mobile App Development and see what makes this product stand out from other frameworks.

Pros of Using Xamarin for Mobile Development

1. Less Development time:
Xamarin will be the best framework if you want to take your app quickly to the store. Native apps development can be sluggish when compared to hybrid app development. It could take more than 7-8 months to get developed. If you are on a tight deadline or you want to market your app faster, mobile app development with Xamarin is a better alternative. Xamarin achieves this by utilizing its code-sharing capabilities, it can be released across iOS & Android (as well as other platforms), simultaneously. Apart from that, you can easily detect possible code variances within your app by running tests through multiple devices.

2. Cost-Effective:
Choosing a cost-effective mobile development framework could significantly reduce your mobile app development cost. Hybrid mobile app development with Xamarin could cut a lot of costs that are associated with hiring iOS and Android developers. With Xamarin, we will also get the added benefit to use the same C# code for all the platforms.

3. Code Reusability:
With Xamarin, it is possible to build cross-platform solutions for multiple platforms(iOS and Android). Xamarin tops among the available frameworks that provide code reusability with near-native performance, all written in C# under the .NET platform.

4. Native Performance:
Apps that are developed with Xamarin have performance comparable to a native app. Xamarin accomplishes this by utilizing a variety of native technologies to deliver ideal results, including Overall process optimization, Native UI, and total support for native APIs.

5. Easy Code Maintenance:
It will be always a hassle when it comes to maintaining an app that has more than one platform involved. Even, the slightest functional change has to be delivered through other platforms. Xamarin comes handy in this situation, due to its interchangeability of codebase between multiple platforms. Switching to the Xamarin framework can save you a lot of time since maintaining each app for each platform separately could take long hours or even days.

Cons of Using Xamarin for Mobile Development

1. Small Community
Having a limited developer community is the biggest disadvantage of hybrid app development. Xamarin, despite being one of the top frameworks for cross-platform mobile development, doesn't keep up with the more established communities for 'pure' Android and iOS. However, Xamarin's popularity is on the rise these days. As time goes by, we can expect this platform to gain significant traction for gaining a massive developer community.

2. Delayed API & SDK Support
The major disadvantage that comes along with Xamarin is its delay in releasing new API updates. Xamarin needs to integrate the new APIs and SDKs (iOS & Android) into its ecosystem to maintain code sharing. Due to this delay, your developers won't be able to work on updated features for your mobile apps until that support is enabled.

3. Limited Access to Open Source Libraries
Native apps use plenty of open source libraries and plugins. You may not have access to all of these libraries, instead, you can use only the components provided by the framework. Apart from that, you could sometimes encounter issues while integrating third-party tools and libraries with your Xamarin app.

4. Larger App Size
Xamarin apps are on the heavy side while considering the size of the mobile app. The size of the Xamarin app can vary with different parameters such as its complexity and size.

Even if it has got some cons, Xamarin will remain as one of the versatile, extensive and efficient cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. If you are in pursuit of developing a perfect cross-platform mobile app for your business, you can get cost-effective mobile app solutions from top app/software development companies in India.

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