Reasons Why Organizations Should Rethink About Internet Security

Let's have a look at the different reasons why internet security is so important in the digital world of today. Also, there are a few long-term solutions that organizations can adopt, to not only enhance their security, but also, to build their credibility among their prospects.

Last year in 2018, a security breach at Facebook affected its user-base of around 50 million. Before that in the year 2017, a security breach at FriendFinder's websites stole more than 400 million user accounts. These are a few of the reported incidents that some renowned tech giants have faced due to a certain vulnerability in their database systems. It is often due to these vulnerabilities, a malicious entity enters to exploit and misuse the data, due to which the industry across the globe suffers. Such massive cybersecurity failures gets us up and close with the real-time insights about the criticality of such breaches.

The Nature Of Cyber-attacks Have Changed

Cyber-attacks have become more complex and need a lot of manpower to manage. To make a successful breach or attack, attackers use cutting-edge technologies and a very sophisticated algorithm. Given the different nature of modern attacks and a large amount of information to document an attack, it has become a little too much for cybersecurity teams to process everything within a possible timeframe. Response teams who specialize in responding to such breaches should improve their detection and reaction skills to enable human cybersecurity teams and focus on adopting a more strategic approach towards such threats.

Organizations Look For More AI-based Cybersecurity Solutions

Automating cybersecurity has been in the pipeline for years now. However, with more complex and sophisticated attacks, the number of security breaches occurring around the world has reached a quite alarming level. Threats that are of high severity get buried deep down somewhere, where there are many irrelevant alerts. In this case, organizations have to spend a lot of money, time and effort to use manual ways to filter through such alerts or deploy customized and automated security solutions. These automated solutions are quite expensive. This is where AI-based technology becomes a helping hand and proves to be very cost-effective for companies to identify the most critical threats. This increases there threat detection capacity and response times. Organizations today tend to rely on AI-based technologies to detect breach attempts. This might be one of the reasons for budget increases to implement AI in cybersecurity in the year 2020.

One more solution is that they can use some highly secure internet services like the ones by Spectrum that provide users with a secure and reliable internet service.


It is a common practice where an attacker introduces a bug to buy some time while the attacker or a group of attackers do their thing. They introduce a legacy code that, with the existing vulnerability point, enables the attacker to exploit your digital assets. No matter how strong or automated your countermeasures are or the rules that you have in place, a single mistake can take down your digital assets or the entire organization in an instant.

Use of Diverse Applications

You can find different platforms including mobile devices, web servers, application servers and many other sources. These can be in-house sources, COTS or Commercial Off-the-Shelf and other third-party sources. One other trend that the industry has observed is that enterprises today have been able to protect the network layer and its endpoints. The application layer remains vulnerable to a very high extent. This means it is difficult for malicious elements to breach into an organization or its digital assets.

Poor Codes Are Just As Dangerous

A code that is not strong enough or is not written properly, is the one that becomes a vulnerability in itself. The components it interacts with get exposed to risk as well. Even a minor flaw can become a vulnerable point that might damage, or lead to a loss. This can result in a financial loss or a loss to your organization's infrastructure.

Security is not just another layer over business applications but this should be inherently built into it as part of the development workflow. Application backdoors, malicious codes and other security loopholes need to be addressed when it is in the development stage.

Cyber-attacks now have become more complex and more sophisticated than they used to be. The defensive measures and methods that used to work a few years ago have now become obsolete. Luckily, in the current digital age, there are a few advanced solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies to detect intrusions and respond to incidents in time.


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