Top 7 Energy IoT Platforms in India

The last few years have witnessed the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) as a powerful tool that delivers great opportunities for energy reduction through the accurate monitoring and management of a wide variety of energy-related systems in buildings. The article points to some of the top energy IoT platforms in India that produce the best IoT solutions for energy management.

While analysing the energy sector, you can understand a massive transformation taking place, especially with the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). Right from the generation of energy to its transmission and distribution as well as the interaction between the energy companies and their customers, the energy sector is changing drastically. The advancement of energy IoT platforms in India has lead to the development of new services, enhanced productivity in industries, solving critical issues and improved decision making, resulting in innovative business experiences. Energy IoT solutions can be defined as intelligent platforms meant for the planning and management of your energy consumption in commercial & industrial sectors. Centralized energy management solutions take complete administration of your energy data while reducing your energy costs.

Energy IoT Solutions Providers in India

The world is expecting a tremendous increase in global energy consumption in the coming decades and this raised the need for more intelligent and smarter energy solutions at an all-time high. A lot of companies started to develop more efficient energy management solutions and the latest advancement is the IoT in the energy sector. The growing demand for improved operational efficiency, enhanced visibility, and automated solutions has driven most businesses to explore IoT solutions for energy management.

Given below is the list of top energy IoT platforms in India that deliver optimal quality energy management solutions to make commercial, residential, and industrial areas energy efficient and productive.


Kalkitech is a centralized data acquisition software platform for energy IoT applications. The cloud-based energy data acquisition solutions of Kalkitech render centralized remote device monitoring and management along with data acquisition improving system reliability while reducing the frequent visits to sites. Kalki energy IoT solutions address the issues concerning increased energy consumption with highly competent energy IoT solutions, thereby connecting the energy assets with the customers and integrating them into the existing IT infrastructure. Centralized data acquisition enabled with the system enables you to take smarter and intelligent decisions regarding energy services. Meter data pack, device data pack, solar data pack the three major SaaS applications of Kalki.


WebNMS is an IoT company empowered by Zoho Corporation, a privately held company with more than 4,500 employees. The IoT platform of WebNMS renders edge-to-cloud solutions that are competent to connect, monitor, and manage energy assets at remote places. The major highlighted features of WebNMS Energy IoT solutions include automated business operations, optimized operation, remote access, intelligent utilization of energy, asset management, and controlling of your business environment.
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Zenatix is a data-driven energy management company, which uses advanced machine learning-based models to render vital energy savings for big commercial consumers of electricity. The IoT solutions of Zenatix enable automated energy monitoring and management in a very flawless manner. Zenatix IoT products support preventive and predictive maintenance while providing better operational energy efficiency through intelligent monitoring and automated management.WattMan and WattMan Lite are the two products of Zenatix that renders efficient energy management solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors.


Intel is one of the leading Indian companies which provides IoT solutions for energy management in commercial and industrial sectors. To address the issues in energy consumption, Intel, along with Wind River and McAfee delivers integrated, scalable solutions uniquely designed to satisfy various market needs. These energy IoT solutions seamlessly integrate into existing energy infrastructure to improve reliability, security, and efficiency. Intel energy management IoT solutions will incorporate facilities that support a wide range of markets such as industrial control and energy, where machines perform in domains with excessive temperature and safety requirements.


Founded in 2004, Elmeasure is a leading company which provides IoT-based solutions for advanced metering & utility billing, autonomous street light controlling, and several other industries. Elmeasure energy IoT platforms can be integrated into SaaS, Cloud, and on-premises to make energy consumption more efficient with the same set of tools, features, and customizations. What makes Elmeasure products different from other similar business are their modular, scalable, and highly adaptable applications that are suitable for any geography, site configuration, and purpose.

Tata Consultancy Services

TCS' energy management solution facilitates businesses and diverse enterprises to acquire data in different formats from geographically-distributed buildings, data centres, and infrastructure. The IoT solutions of TCS is highly scalable as well as flexible and adapts to the changing weather, new consumption, and occupancy patterns. The IoT and AI-empowered energy management solutions of TCS help to collect and analyse energy consumption data from diverse sources for the perfect management of energy generation, transmission, and distribution in real-time, which in turn supports prompt decision-making.


Ecoprosus is a division of ELPRO Energy, an intuitive technology-oriented company founded in 1999. Eco-smart Energy Efficiency Solutions(EEES) of Ecoprosus offer energy-efficient solutions integrating sustainability in all sectors, thereby resulting in 30-40% cost reduction. Eco-smart is a robust tool, which utilizes low energy sensors and networks to gather, measure, analyse and monitor data, and control the systems, enabling low-cost automation, automatic control of system, data analysis etc. The major advantages of Eco-smart solution include predictive analysis, real-time monitoring, optimized energy usage, smart control of devices and more.

So, if you are planning to explore the possibilities of IoT energy platforms for productive energy management, make sure to partner with a reliable and experienced energy IoT solutions provider.


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