AppValley - An Alternative App Store with Amazing App Mods

Read this article to know how to install App mods with AppValley, if this is a safe way to have other apps working on your iPhone, if you have to pay anything to get such apps and how to start using AppValley on your device.

The biggest problem faced by iPhone users is that they cannot download specific apps on their phones, and the apps that they have do not have the feature that they wish to have. iPhone users cannot get customized apps on their mobile phones even if they wish to have it. Using tweaked apps on an iPhone requires the users to root their phone. Jailbreaking an iPhone can cause the person to lose the warranty on the phone. This is why most users hesitate in doing this. If you wish to customize your iPhone without losing the warranty, then the solution to your problem is AppValley. It is an alternative app store that has a collection of different apps with mods. You can even get your favorite games with mods on AppValleyand enjoy playing them for free.

Features of AppValley

AppValley features
AppValley comes with many different perks that you do not get while using the app store. It not only has a collection of great apps but also has many other features that make it the perfect choice for all iPhone users.
  • You can easily follow the tutorial for installing AppValley. The app has a tutorial that can help you in downloading the app and installing it.
  • iOS 7 and above support Appvalley. This means that all the iPhone users with phones that have IOS7 or above can enjoy using the app.
  • The app not only works on iPhones, but Android devices also support it. However, it has limited support for Android devices.
  • The app is safe to use. The user can enjoy the app without worrying about his safety.
  • Appvalley is highly reliable.
  • Regular updates are provided by app valley. This means you can get the latest versions of the apps that you need.
  • This also allows users to install different games and apps that cannot be downloaded from any other sources. This makes it easier for users to enjoy apps that they could not download on their devices earlier.
  • Apps that have in-app purchases and other features are provided for free. This allows the users to save a lot of their money that they would have spent on in-app purchases.
  • Appvalley is free. The user does not have to pay a single penny to download or use the app.

How You Can Download AppValley On Your iPhone or iPad

Downloading AppValley can be a bit tricky as it is not available on the app store for download. Specific steps should be followed to download the app. The steps to download the app are mentioned below.
  1. You must visit the official site of AppValleyon your browser. You can do so by simply searching for AppValley on your browser, and you will find the official website quite easily.
  2. Once you have reached the website, you would be asked to enter your IOS version. Appvalley is only supported on iOS 7 and above versions. If you have a lower version, then the AppValley would not be supported by your device.
  3. After completing the second step, you must click on the configuration profile 1. If this does not work, you can choose the configuration profile 2.
  4. You would get a pop up asking you for permission to download the configuration profile. You must click on allow, and your download would begin.
  5. After the download is completed, you will again get a pop-up telling you that the download has been completed. You must click on the close button on this pop-up.
  6. Now, you must go to the setting of your device, and there you must click on profile downloaded.
  7. After you click on it, you would see an option on the screen that says install. You must click on this install button.
  8. You might be asked to enter your passcode. If you are asked to enter your passcode, then you should enter it.
  9. After completing this step, you must click on the install button. You'll be asked to click on the install button twice. Once you do it, the installation process would begin.
  10. Once your install is completed, you must click on the done button.
  11. After completing all the above steps, the app gets installed on the device. Now you must visit the home screen, and there you would find AppValley. You can now easily open and use the app.

  12. It is very important to use the Safari browser while downloading AppValley. If you use some other browser, then you can encounter a lot of different problems that would result in the app not being downloaded on your device.
    Appvalley is a great app that allows users to get app mods and free versions of apps easily on their devices without jailbreaking it. Tweaked versions of various apps are available on AppValley and can be downloaded at no cost. This makes it a great alternative to the app store. The best part about using AppValley is that it can be used on both Android and iOS device. This makes AppValley truly convenient and user-friendly for everyone if you wish to enjoy tweaked apps, and other mods on your devices.

    Appvalley For Android

    Appvalley can be downloaded even on android devices. All you must do is lookup for the .apk of AppValley and download it on your android device. Once the download is complete, then you can select it from the download manager, and you would be asked the permission to install AppValley. Once you permit to install the app, the app would get installed on your android device. Once the install is finished, you can open the app and use it to download various mods and free versions of apps.


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