How to make your Android smartphone faster in 2019

Having a smartphone which hangs all the time is frustrating. If you don't have the money to upgrade your smartphone, then try out the following steps to make your Android phone faster.

It is 2019 and people have finally learned that downloading extra ram for your device will not help them in playing PUBG Mobile lag-free. The only way to get PUBG Mobile completely lag-free is to maybe upgrade your phone or decrease the graphics and stuff after rooting your device. But if your phone is slow and you just want it to be fast and smooth for daily use then these are things that can actually make a difference to the feeling of the phone.

1) Tweaking Developer Options

I know what all of you must be thinking, the same old trick from years ago which you saw in YouTube videos. Sadly I had to add this too because this affects day to day usage a lot.

Note: The following given settings can be found on Developer options which can be enabled by tapping the Build Number(in About section) 7 times. If you are using a Xiaomi device then go to About phone and tap the MIUI version 7 times, then you can find Developer options in the Additional settings option.

Setting your animation scale to a lower value will reduce the load on the GPU and CPU giving you a lot of room to work with. Restricting background apps from standard limit to one or two will also give a lot of room for your CPU to work with. But do keep in mind that many apps will be running in the background and this is only to be used if you are using a phone with a limited ram.

2) Uninstall Apps You Never Use

One thing that I can guarantee for every smartphone user is that: You will always have at least one app on your phone that you never use. With the latest smartphones supporting up to 512 GB of internal storage, we have now got to a point where we forget what all apps we have on our phone.

Uninstall Apps that you never use like photo filter apps and scanner apps which personally I use very less so when I need it, I just install it from the Play Store. Take time to delete the leftover files that those apps leave on your phone. They clutter up real fast and it can get pretty messy in no time.

If your using a bloated phone try to get rid of the bloatware(The third-party apps that come preinstalled in your smartphone) as it will give you space and processing power which will keep your phone smooth. Depending upon your phone uninstalling bloatware is different but yes it is possible in some phones without root.

3) Stop Clearing Cache and Ram

Unless you are using a phone with very little storage, do not clear cache as it actually helps to load stuff faster and clearing them frequently just uses more processing power to start the app. Clearing ram is another mistake often seen. If your phone comes with 4 GB or more then I would recommend keeping all the apps you use frequently in the background.

Unlike old phones, the new ones are smart and will consume less charge so it is worth keeping apps open and using the ram. This will save a lot of time in the long run and a lot of processing power. Stop swiping away apps it might be satisfying but it is better to keep apps open.

4) Go Lite

Lite apps are all over the place now and I guess it is time to get economical too. Most of the Lite apps make a lot of sense and they do not consume the same amount of power the real apps do. They even use less storage to produce less cache and use less RAM. They might be lacking some features but some of them do just fine and if you can make the switch it is worth to juice out that bit of extra power.

5) Stop Downloading Outside Playstore

Though some sites are reliable I would highly recommend you stay away from downloading apps outside Playstore. We cannot be sure if it is malicious or not and it might be spyware that will use up your resource. And also try to use apps that are from reputable developers and stay away from sketchy apps.

6) Speed Boosters Do Not Work

It is 2019 and still, people are using one-click RAM cleaners and they still do not understand how harmful it is for your phone and how much resource it pulls from your background. The best solution is to leave storage and RAM management to your phone which is smart enough to handle it. These Speed Boosters are filled with ads and they are a threat to your privacy especially the ones with a vault for your photos and videos.

7) Install a Custom Launcher

Phones are becoming more and more heavy in terms of bloat and some phones have really unoptimized launchers that are filled with ads, having no features and sometimes outdated icons. The best solution is to use a custom launcher which not only looks cool but is also lighter and faster than the stock launcher. Personally, I use Nova on all the phones I use and it is considered to be the easiest to use the Android launcher in the Play Store and which has almost all the features you require for day to day use.

8) Check Storage Space

We all have the issue of not taking care of the storage properly. We download stuff and forget about it. We usually never take time to delete WhatsApp videos and memes which pile up really quick. When storage space gets filled up the phone starts to slow down exponentially. It is always advised to keep more than 20 percent of the total storage free at all times.

9) Battery remaining

I do not know if you have noticed it before but the phone slows down when your battery percentage drops down a lot. Basically, phones are a lot smarter now they clock down the processor to save energy when the battery percentage is running low. In older phones performance was consistent at any percentage but on newer phones, the low battery might be the reason your facing slowdowns.

Bonus Tip

Usually, in the end, everyone says "If all else fails just factory data reset your phone" and I can confirm that it does not work. Once you install all your stuff back it slows down again or even before that you will notice the lag.

The only thing that is sure to work is a custom ROM and a custom kernel. There are a lot of videos on reviews of these ROMs which offers high performance or battery life. Since they are lighter than the stock OS, it will be a big boost to your phone's performance. Factory data reset does not necessarily make your phone fast like the day you bought it. It is meant to do that but it doesn't from what I have tested.

I hope these tips help you to narrow down why your phone is slowing down and this could help you make your phone more usable and smooth for at least till your next upgrade.


Author: Shyamal Datta14 Oct 2019 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 5

Android smartphones mostly suffer due to lots of applications that are installed on this phone which are using its memory. Uninstalling this type of application may lead to the faster of the phone. Unnecessary installed applications are the main reason for the slowing of your smartphone. Transferring your files into some external drive will also help your phone memory to be vacant and reduce the working load on the phone.

Regularly delete the cache memory and temporary files will lead to a faster response of the phone. Your internet browsing experience may improve if you clear the cache memory and temporary internet files. Increasing your internal memory may help you to speed up the response of the phone.

Last but not least it is very important that you must download your apps from google play or any other trusted verified play stores. This type of application use your phone memory unnecessarily and leads to a low speed of your phone.

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